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NOTE: This is from Bill Hamilton, re: yesterday's blog.

Argon is present in the Earth's atmosphere at slightly less than 1%, making it the most common noble gas on Earth. Its full outer shell makes argon stable and resistant to bonding with other elements. It is inert and scarce so again we have a story where the aliens are attempting
to mislead us -- I guess we are smarter than they think.

Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network
All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
Galileo Galilei

These cases were sent in by Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts, thank you Albert!


Location. Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan

Date: January 5 2008 Time: early morning

An unidentified flying object might have fallen in the Belaya River in the May district in the Pavlodar region, northern Kazakhstan. A source with the regional emergency situations department told Interfax referring to an eye witness. The chief of the local police department saw a shining flying object falling in the river in the early hours, the source said, adding that the policeman “reported about it to higher authorities.” According to the emergency situations department, divers examined a 15 meter air hole in the ice and officers of the local sanitary and epidemic office took water samples. “Divers plunged four times, but no objects were found. Water samples are normal,” the department said. A local Ufologist, Lyubov Rybalko stated that it was possible that a UFO had splashed down in the Belaya River and then left.

HC addendum



Location. Malta, Illinois

Date: January 7 2008 Time: late night

The witness (involved in other sightings) woke up feeling a sharp stabbing pain in her finger. A figure about five feet, three inches tall was standing right next to her. The entity had a syringe like implement and needle and was taking blood from the finger. It was light enough in her room that she could completely see all that the entity was doing. The entity was gray in color, with a large head and large black eyes, and his mouth was wide open, breathing. It had black gums and no teeth and the first thing the witness noticed was the awful smell of the entity’s breath. After taking the syringe full of blood, he quickly walked away from her and right through the closed window. The witness says she was not paralyzed during the encounter. A few nights before this encounter she had found herself levitating above her bed and before has had strange needle marks on her stomach and arms.

HC addendum



Location. Suurbraak, near Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa

Date: January 10 2008 Time: 2330

A group of friends enjoying a ‘braai’ on the banks of the Buffelsjags River have reported spotting a legendary mermaid-like creature, known locally as the Kaaiman. Local resident Daniel Cupido said he and a group of friends were relaxing next to the river last weekend when he heard something which sounded like someone “bashing on a wall.” Cupido walked toward the sound. At a nearby low water bridge, he said he saw a figure, “like that of a white woman with long black hair thrashing about in the water”. Thinking to save her, he waded toward her, but said he stopped in his tracks when he noticed a reddish shine in her eyes. The sight sent “shivers” down his spine, yet he was pulled forward as if hypnotized. He called for his child, Deidrian, 13 and his nephew, Werner Plaatjies, 11, to help him, breaking his trance. He then shouted to his friends to take a look as well. Martin Olckers said he saw a female figure swimming, first on one side of the low water bridge, then on the other, and then standing on the bridge before diving back into the black water. He said the figure made the “strangest sound” like a woman crying. His mother, Dina, said the figure sounded so sorrowful, “my heart could take it no more”. Her husband Martinus said their parents had warned them about the Kaaiman but they never believed it existed. Some people believe that the Kaaiman is responsible for drownings.

HC addendum

Source: Aldo Pekeur Herald Correspondent January 15 2008

Comments: Mermaid like creatures have been reported in South Africa before.


Location. West of Homestead, Florida

Date: January 13 2008 Time: 1630

A couple was driving in far western Dade County in the rural areas where strawberries and tomatoes are grown. They were looking at the last field, a 4 or 5 acre patch of planted strawberries, with a small house and barn towards the back, and beyond that the Everglades. They pulled to the side of the road to observe a bright light that was approaching silently from the WNW. It was very bright. It finally came to a stop and hovered over the farm house. With a sharp hissing noise, a beam of light shone directly on the roof of the house for a few seconds, and then disappeared. At this point, once their eyes had adjusted to the intense glare, they could see black spots (maybe windows?) along the widest point of the oval. Suddenly there was a strange distortion developing in the sky over the house as the object became darker and appeared to shrink in on itself. It was a kind of swirling distortion that appeared to increase in size and seemed even to distort the sunlight and clouds as it did, and the object became even darker and smaller. Then there was an audible, low pitched popping sound, almost like one can make by pulling a finger out of one’s puckered mouth and the object disappeared altogether. The distortion effect subsided, and then disappeared after a few seconds more. They then approached the house by passing through the gate and going up the driveway, and detected a strong smell of ozone, like from a strong electrical gadget, as well as an organic kind of repugnant odor. They looked up at one of the windows and saw a grayish reptilian being staring at them. Terrified they made a U-turn right through a flower field and left the area.

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Location. St Louis, Missouri

Date: January 15 2008 Time: 2300

The witness was walking his dog on his late night jog when all of the sudden he saw a large circular object overhead. He ignored it at first and just kept walking when it suddenly swooped down and landed about ½ mile in front of the witness. The witness kept walking and got up to it. The object was about 50 yards across. The witness claims he was just going to walk by it when he was suddenly “sucked in”. Undescribed beings reportedly “probed” the witness and his dogs with “sticks” and red probes. He then apparently blacked out. His next memory was of walking back home, the object gone. It was now only 2305 but it had seemed like hours to the witness.

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC

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Location. Near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Date: January 20 2008 Time: 0500am-0600am

The witness woke up to see a black figure standing next to his bed, about 5foot 5inches tall. The witness was apparently able to see through the black figure, which was human in shape. He could not see any real features, like a face, but it had legs, arms, hands, neck and a head. It touched the witness but he is not sure where. Several seconds later the witness fell back to sleep and did not see the figure depart.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Thanks to Albert Rosales for these reports

Location. Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Date: January 2008 Time: 2000-2100

The witness, L. Davis, (involved in other encounters) reported encountering a medium height dull darkish gray creature glide from the lounge to the bathroom in her mother’s house. She saw only its side and only from the mid chest up and only for a moment. She said that it was not a “friendly” being and began to become aggressive once it had been spotted. It continually made its presence felt at times and remained in the house for about 3 days and then it was gone. The witness claims she had been 5 months pregnant at the time but the baby or fetus disappeared. She remembers having a very odd “dream” where she gave birth in an open paddock on a medical table during the day. There were many strange human-like people around. They took the baby girl away for some time and then let the witness nurse her and then took her away again. She didn’t realize that there was something wrong until a few days later.

HC addendum



Location. Seattle, Washington

Date: January 3 2008 Time: 1500

A husband and wife had been falling asleep on the sofa bed in their living room when the husband woke up and looked at the VCR which read 1441. There was an odd buzzing noise and a strange light pattern on the ceiling above them. He then heard scuffling sounds in the kitchen behind his head and became intensely afraid. Just as he was about to investigate, three distinct figures with huge heads and small bodies “glided” into the room. The room was dark but he could plainly see that they were not human. There is a light from the street that comes in enough to where he was able to make out a face. The creatures were wearing dark coveralls that were tight and showed off their skinny bodies. They also wore masks of some kind and he could see as far as faces was their huge black eyes surrounded by patches of light skin in the eye slits of the masks. Their belt lines were about level with the bed so he guessed they were about 4’ tall. The witness was convinced that he was not asleep or dreaming. He was immediately terrified out of his mind and tried to scream but could not even move. One of the creatures stood at the foot of the bed and the other two were on his side. His wife remained sleeping. The creatures were making strange noises as if breathing through ventilators; he could also hear mechanical sounds. Almost immediately he was lifted into the air a foot or two from the bed, as if by magic. He could still feel the skin of his wife’s shoulder under his hand and the blanket on top of them as well as open space and cool air below. He sensed movement all around and the room seemed to wobble and spatially distort. He attempted to kick at them but could not move, so he tried to lean from side to side in the air. He called out mentally for God and Jesus Christ to save him and instantly he was back on the bed and the beings and the strange glow were gone. The witness is convinced that divine intervention saved him from the creatures.

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC


Location. Texas, exact location not given

Date: January 5 2008 Time: 0600am

The witness woke up at 0600am because he had to be at his son’s house at 700am to take his dogs to the vet. He remembers feeling a bit shaken about what he had just “dreamed”. He had never experienced it before. He dreamt that he was standing on the bottom of the ocean with 2 men who looked like normal human men. He couldn’t figure out why he could still breathe air normally as he was on land. The men also breathe normally. He didn’t feel the water or any other pressure surrounding his body and was somewhat afraid because he knew that he needed scuba gear to go into the ocean. However the men made him feel safe, they hold him (in his mind) that they were 4,700ft below the ocean on the floor. It was dark except for the light that came from the immediate area where the men and the witness were. One of the men handed him an almost perfect circle that was light green with an indentation in the center. It had a blue ring that hugged the circle or almost circle because it had a straight end to it, resembling the round weights used on a bench press bar. The man told him, “This is argon. Take this to your scientist. It will provide energy to light cities for 1000 years. The use of argon for energy will save the planet’s resources”. He took the circle in his hands and began to go up but became afraid and let it go saying to the man, “if I go up too fast I’ll get the bends." He said to the witness, "Don’t be afraid, you will go to the surface slowly." When he surfaced he saw a city with a lot of industrial buildings. It was difficult to describe it because he felt displaced. The surface of the water was dark. He saw himself taking the object to a scientist who asked him “Where did you get this." He woke up at this point.

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Steve Allen is haggard.

He's hardly sleeping and his mug is becoming familiar on news programs all over the world.

Still, he's not given up on his quest for video or photos of what he says was an unidentified flying object he saw with friends on the evening of Jan. 8.

The sighting was so odd it defies explanation, and he's been heard to say over and over, “It definitely wasn't from these parts. The military only wishes they had something like that.”

“Videos are starting to come out,” Allen said. “I've gotten about ten but only two are worth anything.”

Allen said the video aired by Channel 11 News Wednesday night is “just a snippet” of the 14 minute film he now has in his possession from a source not wishing to be identified, and it comes closest to being what he, Lance Jones, and Mike and Claudette Odom saw on that life changing night.

“It's not exactly what we saw, but it was changing shapes,” Allen said. “I think this is it.”

He is receiving phone calls and e-mails from all over the globe. Allen said he can hardly run his businesses because of the international interest in the sighting. He said all he wants is to get to the bottom of it - he wants to know where it came from - and exactly what the government knows about it.

“Tokyo is very interested in interviewing all of the witnesses,” Allen said after he received a call from a news source in Japan. “They are interested in purchasing the video. I expect a plane load of them over very soon. The Japanese say all of the countries are trying to get together a consortium of countries documenting UFOs and paranormal activities. Mexico recently released film of F-16s in pursuit of a UFO. Everybody is beginning to open their books and disclose to the public except for the U.S. And I have a message for Mr. Bush, ‘Please Mr. Bush, the jig is up - the cat's out of the bag - tell us what is going on.'”

Angelia Joiner is a staff writer for the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 254-965-3124 ext. 238 or

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Frisco, Colorado
November 19, 2007

By Gary Lindstrom


When I was a police agent working in Lakewood, there was a report of a sighting above the power lines on South Table Top Mountain near Golden. The witnesses said that the saucer-like craft hovered above the power lines for about five minutes and then lifted straight up into the sky. In Summit County in the early 1980s, we had a report of an aircraft hovering above the Dillon Reservoir. It was black and had red, blue, yellow and green lights. It did not make any sound.

When it left it shot straight up into the sky out of sight.

A couple of days later we had the same report of something above the landfill near Keystone. Some campers were disturbed while sleeping and they woke up to see this "ship" above the landfill.

The classic local event actually made the front page of the National Enquirer. I will not use the real names because one of the witnesses still works and lives in Summit County.

I was living on Straight Creek Drive in Dillon Valley. The sheriff at the time lived on Straight Creek Drive also, but at the other end. We always left our radios on at home just to monitor what was happening in the county.

All of a sudden, the communications center broadcast that a strange aircraft had been sighted above Silverthorne and they dispatched one of our deputies. A high-ranking elected official at the time also monitored the police radio and started in that direction, too. The sheriff and I decided not to respond.

The deputy drove north to about Ute Pass Road, where they encountered the UFO hovering in the sky. They watched it for a time until it left and they went back home.

The National Enquirer picked up the story and ran it the next week with a photo of the deputy in uniform pointing to the sky. The sheriff and I to this day are thankful we did not respond.

When I was in the Air Force, there was a major government project tracking sightings of UFOs. It was tagged "Project Blue Book," and I remember reading many accounts of Air Force pilots and ground personnel seeing UFOs in the air and on the ground. It is reported that there were more than 12,618 UFO reports from 1947 to 1969.

Reports indicate that the CIA in 1987 tried to hush up the sighting of a huge lighted ball four times the size of a jumbo jet. Around the same time, the Summit County Communications Center received calls from the Frisco area about a bright object racing down Ten Mile Canyon on Interstate 70 at a high rate of speed. Witnesses in Copper Mountain had the same sighting and reported that it continued up to the top of Vail Pass. Eagle County Dispatch received many calls as the lighted object continued west. The last reports of sightings came from Glennwood Springs.

Talk about being bipartisan, it has been reported that Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter both have seen UFOs. The strangest story that I remember was when a man was kidnapped in the winter by a group of men dressed in full white uniforms and then was tied up and hung from a tree in Monte Cristo Gulch south of Breckenridge.

That may or may not be a UFO story but it certainly happened and was strange. The victim could not have tied himself up and then hung himself from a tree.

He was not harmed and was rescued by a local resident passing by his location.

We always knew that Army Rangers sometimes did night training in the snow in Summit County, so that might account for the men in white uniforms. Of course, the Army denied having anyone in the area. Another Army tie-in. The Army High Altitude Helicopter training center is at Eagle County Airport in Gypsum. They fly over Summit County all the time. The only problem with that is I have never heard a quiet helicopter.

Maybe I witnessed some of this stuff. Maybe not. My lips are sealed. I might want to run for president someday.!

Gary Lindstrom has lived in Summit County since 1974 and is a retired police officer and a recovering politician. He can be contacted at

I wonder what the man hanging from the tree remembered about how he had come to be put there?

I can't remember the year but this happened in Washington state: One morning a nurse was on a road that cut across the southeast corner of Ft. Lewis army base on her way to work. She noticed what looked like cocoons hanging in a tree. She notified the authorities. When they cut them down there were people in them! - Sunshine