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Many years ago I lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I looked for like minded persons like myself. Only found one and soon we became friends. His name was Bill Allen. He had been a teacher in Calgary, finally retired and moved to Kelowna, BC where I visited him after I moved back to Seattle. This case was investigated by Bill Allen. Some of you may have heard it before but the newer ones to UFOlogy I am sure haven't. So this is the David Seewaldt case which took place on November 17, 1967. This was written up by B. Ann Slate in the April 1976 UFO Report.

It was 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 17, 1967 in Alberta, Canada. Thirteen-year-old David Seewaldt ran through the front door of his home and raced upstairs like someone was after him. He was late coming home so his older sister, Angela, was alarmed and followed him upstairs. There she found him trying to hide under his bed. David was in a state of shock and mortal terror. Angela also noticed that he was wearing only one shoe. She grabbed her brother and shook him, asking what was wrong.

David was trembling violently. He was staring past her glassy-eyed dazed, his eyes reflecting the inconceivable horror he had just experienced.

"I.... I was chased by a flying saucer!" the teenager stammered. But even then, David Seewaldt couldn't remember the entire incident.

His missing shoe was later found in the middle of the road outside his home. David had left his friend's house just before six p.m. It was only a three minute walk home if he cut across the vacant field, but David, who was always on time, couldn't account for those lost 30 minutes. The boy's usually placid, easy going manner was replaced by an unusual nervousness and tension the rest of that weekend. When pressed further about his experience with the UFO, David Seewaldt couldn't remember any details -- just that something had followed him.

Five months later, in April 1968, David had a nightmare. In his sleep, he struggled violently with his younger brother who was finally able to wake him up. "Call Dad," David said hoarsely, sinking back onto his pillow. "Now I know what happened when I was chased by the UFO!"

David remembered being taken aboard the flying saucer and subjected to a physical examination by aliens; aliens so different from Man that he referred to them as "monsters."

His parents, after hearing their son's incredible statement, became quite concerned and called in UFO researcher-investigator W. K. Allen of Kelowna, B.C., they had heard Allen discuss flying saucers on a radio talk show. Allen went to the Seewaldt home on Sunday, November 19th to interview David but no new information was learned. All the boy could recall was that a UFO had chased him as he walked home across the empty field.

Because of the untiring efforts of Bill Allen, a series of hypnotic regression sessions were arranged with a leading dental surgeon. The preliminary sessions produced such states of terror in David, who trembled, perspired profusely, and wrung his hands, that the dentist-hypnotist had to proceed very slowly. Each time he inquired about what happened after David had "looked up and saw this big thing," the hypnotized boy could not audibly reply. His fear caused his legs to start shaking violently.

When David regained his composure, the doctor repeated the same question which caused another spasm of terror.

Bill Allen, who attended the hypnotic sessions, was convinced by David's reactions that the boy had indeed undergone a terribly traumatic experience. David was not inhibited. When under hypnosis, the dental surgeon suggested that perhaps he'd been late that winter evening because he was up to some mischief with his friend and devised the UFO tale as a cover-up. David's reaction was extremely violent and hostile. The youngster was adamant that he was telling the truth.

After many trial sessions the dentist changed his approach and discovered a way to circumvent David's horror of reliving the confrontation.

"Do you watch television?" the dentist asked. David said he did.

"You've never been hurt watching television have you?" The dentist asked and when the hypnotized boy agreed, it was suggested that David recount his experience in terms of viewing it on a television screen - a drama that couldn't possibly harm him.

As the experiment proceeded, Dr. Masson, a psychologist form the University of Alberta was called in. The following are selected portions from his questioning of David under deep hypnotic recall.

Dr: Now David you feel very well. I would like you to see yourself on the 19th of November last year. You can visualize that, you can see yourself there. All right, will you tell me where you are?
David: I'm in the empty lot.
Dr. All right, look around and tell me everything that you see.
David: I see an object in the sky above me.
Dr. What color is the object?
David: Silver-grayish. It has a colored band of lights around the middle of it. All colors... green, yellow, blue, orange, red, pink.
Dr. What happens next?
David: They put an orange beam on me.
Dr. Where does the beam come from?
David: The ship.
Dr. What part of the ship?
David: The middle... on the bottom.
Dr. How did you feel when the beam touched you?
David: I was sort of in a trance.
(Earlier David had stated under hypnosis that when he saw the beam coming down, he felt frightened. Now he was describing a second reaction after it touched him and he was being pulled up into the ship.)
Dr. Did the beam grab hold of your arms or did it grab hold of your body... what does the beam do to you?
David: It just brought me up in the ship.
Dr. How did it bring you up, like you were going up in an elevator?
David: No.
Dr. Did you feel a funny sensation as you were going up?
David: No.
Dr. Were you frightened?
David: No, I was in a trance.
Dr. Did you scream?
David: No.
Dr. All right now what's going on, keep telling me what's going on.
David: The beam is bringing me in the ship now. I see a monster.
Dr. Tell me all about the monster.
David. It has a scaly skin. It has holes for its nose and holes for its ears and it has a slit on its face for a mouth. It's brown.
Dr. How many monsters do you see?
David: Two
Dr. What made you think that the skin was scaly? What was there about the skin that made you think it was scaly?
David: It looked like a crocodile's skin. It's sort of rough all over.
Dr. What did their backs look like? Did they have a crocodile back too?
David: I never saw their backs.
Dr. Did they have any clothes on?
David: No, just that sort of skin.
Dr. Were they smiling?
David: No
Dr: Were they angry?
David: No
Dr. Were they happy?
David: No, they didn't show any expression.
Dr. Tell me everything that's happening now.
David. They put me on sort of a cot. He's looking at my body
Dr. What about your body?
David: He's studying it. He took all my clothes off.
Dr. All right David, now what is happening?
David: They're bringing me... through a hallway into another room.
Dr. What does the other room look like?
David. It has all sorts of bright lights in it...
Dr. What else do you see?
David: Theres another table there. They put me on that table.
Dr. And now, David?
David: He's lifting my head up. Hes lifting it up! (His voice is extremely frightened and plaintive as if wanting to escape from something.) He looks at my hair and my eyes and my nose... (Now David's breathing rises and falls with gasps and sobs as he relives that terrifying moment.)
Dr. How many are looking at you?
David: Four
Dr. What are they like?
David: They all look the same.
Dr. Can you tell me something more about their face?
David: It's sort of scary.
Dr. What about their head?
David: It's round.
Dr. How many hands do they have?
David: Two
Dr. Are their hands very similar to yours?
David: No. They're like... real rough.
Dr. How many fingers do they have?
David: Four
Dr. Do they have a thumb as well?
David. No
Dr. How big are these beings?
David: About six feet.
Dr. What are they wearing?
David: It looks like they're not wearing anything. They have a brown sort of scaly skin-like.
Dr. How many feet do they have?
David: Two. There's nothing on their feet.
Dr. How many toes do you see on their feet?
David: Four
Dr. What else do you notice about them that's unusual?
David. They only have four fingers. They have holes for their ears and nose and a slit for their mouth.
Dr. Are they saying anything to you?
David: I can't understand.
Dr. Why can't you understand?
David: It's a... it's a strange language
Dr. He's not speaking in English?
David: No.
Dr. Imitate the sound these beings are saying.
(David makes a long buzzing or humming sound much like a giant bee or some type of machinery. Dr. Masson asks him to repeat it in case they could detect a pattern which might be deciphered.)
Dr. And who is saying this?
David: Just one of them. He's telling the others.
Dr. What is he doing while he is saying this?
David: He's looking at my body.
Dr. Have you ever been on a table like that before?
David. Yes.
Dr. Where?
David: In an operating room.
Dr. What's going on now? You're on the table....
(David pauses, breathing heavily, as if not wanting to remember. The psychologist repeats the question, telling the hypnotized boy that he will be comfortable and not frightened by anything that he sees.)
David: They put this other thing over me.
Dr. What other thing? What does it look like?
David: It's a grayish color and they just throw it over me and then this great big, huge, orange-colored light comes down and is shown on me. Then one of them took sort of a needle. It's gray, it's small. He sticks it in my arm.
Dr. Were you awake all the time when you were in this room?
David Yes.
Dr. Did they give you anything to eat or drink?
David: No, I was sort of in a trance.
Dr. How did you feel in that trance state?
David: Sort of... I felt funny. I felt numb.
Dr. And what goes on now?
David: Then they put my clothes on again, they wheeled me out and they beamed me down.
Dr. Where do you get down?
David: In the empty lot.
Dr. Just before you saw the ship, what are you doing?
David: I'm walking.
Dr. Do you hear anything?
David: Yes, a high pitched sound.
Dr. What do you do when you hear it?
David: I look up and I see this great silvery-grayish object.
Dr. How big is the object?
David: About as big as a house.
Dr. And how far is it off the ground?
David: About 30 to 40 feet.
Dr. What do you notice about this object?
David: It has colored lights around the middle which melt together.
Dr. Do you feel any wind? Any vibration?
David: Just a wind.
Dr. What reaction do you have?
David: I'm frightened.
Dr. You ran?
David: Yes, but then the beam short down on me.
Dr. And what did the beam do when it shot down at you?
David: It brought me into the ship.
Dr. Now I would like you to come back to the time just before you see the ship and before you hear that high pitched sound. What are you doing, how are you feeling, what are you thinking?
David: I was coming from my friend's house. I felt great! I wasn't thinking about nothing.
Dr. Now, right after the beam has pulled you up and everything, we're right back and the object has disappeared. Now what's going on?
David: I start to run for home.
Dr. And how do you feel as you run home?
David: Frightened.
Dr. Is there any other feeling that you have?
David: I'm scared... frightened, I feel sort of numb all over.
Dr. Is there any part of your body that feels different from any other part of your body?
David: Yes, my head, like it was twirling around.
Dr. And how do your legs feel?
David: Numb.
Dr. I'm going to wake you now. You're back at the present. After you wake up, you'll be wide awake, you'll be alert, you'll be confident, you'll feel fine...

All the hypnotic regression sessions with David Seewaldt were videotaped but efforts to obtain copies of transcripts of the experiment have been denied.

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UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

Release Date: June 6, 2008

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Hunter Valley, NSW Australia Numerous Amazing UFO Encounters

Date: Multiple dates.

Pleased to meet you Brian, I found this story interesting because I and my 2 sons have also seen a number of oddities in the sky over a number of years here in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Back in the 1960's I was only young and I was woken one night by a bright light lighting up my bedroom. I thought next door had turned their back light on so didn't investigate. When we arose the following morning the radio and TV was abuzz with a UFO report from 2 Police Officers from the Charlestown Police Station, about 4-5klms from my home. The two Officers said that the object had shone a bright light towards the ground as it passed over my house! The Charlestown Police Station have the News clippings and photos of these two officers, and have had police displays at Charlestown Square Shopping Centre where they had the clippings on display.

Williamtown RAAF Base is a few klms from Newcastle where we live and I have spoken to people here who have seen 'things' both around the city and suburbs and up the valley and also in close proximity to the RAAF Base. One was a nurse who works at the Stockton Mental Hospital a few klms from the Base. A few years ago they were carrying out exercises for the 'Gulf War' and she was entering the hospital grounds when she noticed something move just above the tree-tops near the entrance,above her. She said it was an enormous triangular aircraft she had never seen before and it was hovering and seemed to be watching the Base.

My sons and I have seen a huge silver ball near Chichester Dam further up the Hunter Valley, this was reported to the local radio, TV stations and the RAAF Base and the Base tried to pass it off as a weather balloon! Just how big are these weather balloons? This thing was huge! This was about 1983-84. In about 1989 my younger son and I arrived home from late-night shopping. As I parked the car in our drive-way, my son drew my attention to a 'machine' above us. I told him to take notice of its shape and see if he could see any gaps between the circle of lights and a body as it could be an advertising aircraft, but there appeared to be no gap and it was mechanical underneath and made no sound that we could hear. It was maybe 100 feet up above us and was heading towards the RAAF Base which is 34.97klms from my home at Jewells.

My son and I watched the 'craft' until it flew behind houses and trees and I ran inside and rang the RAAF Base. They kept transferring me from department to department until I found myself back where I started at reception. The receptionist then asked if I would like them to investigate and report back to me. I said "No don't bother its probably gone past you by now" and I hung up. I was told that was what they wanted me to do! Oh Brian, there are other sightings that I could tell you about but I don't want to bother you or have you thinking I am whacko. Is it normal for 1 person or a family to have so many sightings? Regards,
PS. 'Orange Floaters' and white lights also sighted by us and friends also.

Thank you to the witness for sharing these fascinating reports with me and everyone else. The witness is going to be writing up the events and will pass them along to me.

HBCC UFO Research -


U.S. Navy Serviceman Witnesses Glowing Silver UFOs

Date: May 6-12, 1977
Time: Approx: 4:00 p.m.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was home on leave from the U.S. Navy between May 6-12, 1977. While home near Kinder, Louisiana, I went and met a couple of friends that were fishing in an irrigation canal about a mile North of town on Green Oak Road around 4:00 PM in the afternoon. My friends were in a boat fishing about 100 yards from the road as I started walking down the canal levy to meet them. About half way to them, my friends started yelling like crazy for me to look up in the sky. They were pointing in the sky to the North of the canal, but I was unable to see anything because of trees growing nearby. I yelled back and ask what it was, and they were yelling that it was a UFO!

At that time, I started running toward them and looking through the trees for an opening. As I neared my friends, I saw the object in the sky that had them all excited. It appeared to be a perfectly round silver sphere glowing against the cloudless blue afternoon sky. Again I ask my friends what it was, and again they said it was a UFO as they paddled to the bank and told me to get in the boat to have a better look at the object. As we paddled away from the bank and sat in the middle of the canal watching the object for a few minutes it appeared to be getting somewhat closer like maybe it was drifting toward us slightly. I thought that possibly it could have been a weather balloon at that point, except for the fact that it was perfectly round and not long like a weather balloon and the silver glow of the object seemed far more intense that any weather balloon that I have ever seen reflecting the sun. The object became very stationary again and appeared to be the size of a quarter held at arms length. Without any reference to the size of the object, I was unable to determine if it was the size of a basketball and was just above the grown pine trees, or if it was a mile across and two miles away. At it closest most stationary point, I remember remarking to my friends that there was something larger and transparent behind the glowing sphere in the sky. It was difficult to see, but there appeared to be a much larger transparent possibly saucer shaped object on top of the sphere. You could see the sky through the larger object, but you also see the outline of the larger shape above it as if you were looking through a clear glass object.

About five minutes into the sighting, a smaller very intense red ball of light appeared at the bottom on the silver sphere that looked very much like a lit road flair without any smoke coming off of it. Very slowly the intense red ball of light started to lower from the silver sphere and appeared to be held in position by a very fine dark line in the sky. The much smaller intense red ball lowered a distance about four times the diameter of the larger silver sphere and then stopped in the sky and remained stationary as the dark line that appeared to be lowering the object appeared to turn into ashes and fall from the sky. The lowering of the red object took 1-2 minutes.

Over the period of the next five minutes, the smaller red ball of light started expanding and collapsing in size getting lighter in color as it expanded and redder as it collapsed. Each time the red ball of light expanded and collapsed it remained larger each time and lighter in color until it was finally identical in size and color of the larger silver sphere in which the much smaller ball of light descended from. Now the identical silver spheres of light sat stationary one above the other for another five minutes.

After five minutes, suddenly both spheres moved far across the sky to the West so fast that the eye was unable to see the movement. The objects were simply here and then all of sudden they were sitting far across the sky at a dead stop with a fine dark line in the sky from where each object was sitting connecting to were each object now sat. Again, the fine dark lines in the sky appeared to turn to ashes and fall from the sky in a couple of seconds. Both objects repeated these rapid unseen to the eye movements 4-5 times over the next five minutes leaving the fine dark line each time they moved back and forth widely from the East and West across the sky. Each time both objects stayed perfectly spaced one above the other.

After five minutes of unbelievable and unseen movement and instant stops that lasted about a minute each, one sphere darted quickly out of sight behind the trees to the North and the other quickly cleared the Eastern horizon in approximately two seconds. At least this time they were moving slow enough to actually see them move across the sky.

During the entire 20 minutes or so that we observed the object (s) moving or sitting stationary in the sky there were no noise whatsoever heard form them.

After both objects left the area, we quickly loaded up the boat and headed toward the home of one my friends in the boat that lived two miles North of our location. Upon pulling up at my friends house, his younger brothers and sister came running up to the truck all yelling "daddy saw a UFO, daddy saw a UFO". My friend said, "let me do the talking" and then asked his dad what he saw. His dad said, "that he had saw a UFO straight above his property for nearly ten minutes and that it sprayed spider webs every time it moved."

When asked what he meant about it spraying spider webs, he said "every time it moved it sprayed spider webs that fell on his property and completely covered his ten acre pasture so that it looked like it was totally covered by white frost". He said that he tried to gather the spider webs up in his hands and it would melt in his hands as soon as it touched the skin. By the time we had made it to my friends home all of the "spider webs" had melted off of the ten acre pasture.

I then headed to town (Kinder, LA) to see if anyone in town had seen the "UFO". I met nearly a dozen different people shortly thereafter that I knew and they all asked, "did you see the UFO" before I would even have a chance to ask them. With so many people seeing the UFO, I figured that it had to be on the evening news so I headed home to watch it. Nothing was mentioned during the newscast, but at the start of the weather the weatherman announced that 200 people had called the TV station (KPLC) and reported seeing a UFO between Kinder and Oakdale, LA (a distance of 30 miles). However, the weatherman then announced that it was not a UFO. He stated that the National Weather Service had called the station and said that it was only a "special weather balloon that was equipped with rockets".

Two days after the above sighting while riding with my brother on Hwy 165 South of Kinder. My brother ran his brand new Ford LTD II off the road, jumped out of the car and unto the hood yelling, "I saw it, I saw it". Thinking he had nutted up, I ask him, "you saw what". He said that he had just seen one of the silver spheres on the East side of the highway and that it had crashed into the rice field between the 3rd and 4th levy (maybe 100 yards) from the road. He then attempted to enter the field, but I persuaded him not to enter the field as it was planted with young rice about 6 inches high and flooded with water. I assured him that if the object had crashed, we would have been able to see it from the road. I asked him if he had seen any water or mud come up from the ground when it crashed and he said, "actually it did not look like it crashed, it looked like it went into the ground".

I was just wondering if anyone else had seen a "weather balloon" that could move across the sky in excess of 30,000 mph and stop and go in an instant without making any noise. I have been looking for another one for over 30 years without any luck.

Thank you to the witness for an excellent report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Salmo, British Columbia Red Saucer Shaped UFO

Date: August 1981
Time: Approx: 6:20 p.m.

It was the August 1981 when a the witness left work and drove home. Not a few minutes passed after arriving home when he turned around in the yard and looked towards a small open field when he saw, above the trees and at the far end of the field a bright glowing red craft. It's shape was saucer-like but it also flared out on all sides.

The object was stationary in the sky and not a sound was heard. There were no lights of any kind, just the glowing red craft which was approx; the size of a pick-up truck. He man said he watched it for approx: 2 or 3 minutes, (which to him felt like a life time). The object moved slowly towards the northeast and the fellow lost sight of it due to the trees which blocked view.

Thank you to the witness for the report and I will be speaking to him again as we were rushed at the time of taking the report.

HBCC UFO Research -


East Yakima, Washington A Round Silver UFO

Date: May 3, 2004
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: East Yakima.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects:

Full Description of event/sighting: I saw it last evening about 6:30 or so.

It was round, silver in color and had two pulsating red lights on each side. There was no noise heard, no propeller, jet exhaust or wings. It had to be propelled and held aloft by anti-gravity means and the speed was about the same as a Horizon plane as it came into landing on a airport runway. The height was about 400 feet off the ground just west of the Terrace Height overpass and it never wavered up or down or sideways because of the brisk wind. Direction from northwest to southeast.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


San Jose Hills, California Done With Unknown Object

Date: May 5, 2008
Time: 6:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: 1 orange-juice squeezer drone and one large craft.
Weather Conditions: Clear overhead; both vehicles were moving in and out between clouds.

Description: Clouds typically come from the west, not east. I was walking my dogs and noticed a straight strut sticking out from a cumulus cloud at the top of the hill. I watched the strut emerge from the orange-juice-squeezer-type drone that was reported frequently in spring of 2007. Then behind the drone as it faded back into these unusual clouds, a very large and typical saucer-type craft appeared behind and to the right of where the drone had been.

TV/Radio: No.



Over the Trigo Fire, McIntosh, New Mexico UFO (Photos And Audio Interview)

Date: May 3, 2008
Time: 9:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: V- shape with wing shapes.
Weather Conditions: Cool and clear.

Description: I live in McIntosh NM. That's about 15-20 north of where the object was sighted over the fire area. That evening I went out to see if I could see the glow of the fire and see if it was getting any worse. I was looking up at the stars and noticed that one of them was flashing alot, and very colorfully, thought maybe a helicopter, until it moved very quickly about an 1" in the sky, at that point I went for my camera, it's only a 5 megapixal with a 3x zoom. I zoomed all out, and set the camera on the moon light setting and set the camera on the car roof to steady it. I centered the object in the middle of the screen and started shooting.

I watched it for at least another 45 minutes. It didn't move during that time. I was getting cold and went inside to see what I might have. Only one of maybe a 100 shots came out, and it was a really good one I think. You can see for yourself. I did report it to MUFON, but they haven't even posted on the sightings on the web, why I don't know, so until it is recognized for what it is a UFO, I'm not going to stop trying to let it be known that there is a totally new UFO out there. Don Burleson, was baffled by it, puzzled, and not a clue what it might be, except that it was an "Unidentified Ariel Vehicle" and Metallic. Here you are what do you think?

TV/Radio: Couldn't seem to download it to Koat 7 so nobody really knows at all! MUFON knows, but no response on the web for the other UFO people to view, and You guys!

Additional Information:

This is (name removed), I sent you the UFO report yesterday, I thought you might like to see the newest UFO shape, it had MUFON stumped! The first one you can blow up yourself, to see how far I had to bring it in with my computer. The rest are for you to see, if you can't. Just trying to cover all the bases.This is no gag, this is a real photo of what was over the Trigo fire, May 3rd. It's such a completely different look , it really is hard to believe!! Let me know what you think?

No mistake, I did send in the report on the sighting on May 3rd. Sure hope the photo's made it through too. Somehow I didn't have the very first shot that was never enlarged at all, only telephoto out 3x on camera to center the object, I had to reload it into my computer from the camera.I'll attach it now. This really is a completely new shape isn't it! The first don't enlarge title was for me as a reminder,as not to play with and enlarge and save and lose the original, you do what you like to it. Thank You. McIntosh NM. This sighting hasn't even been public yet! This really is way to a beautiful a craft to go noticed for so long!

Photos © MWH 2008

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

Telephone interview by Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research.

Clip #1 Mike describes his sighting in this audio report. The event took place over the Trigo Fire, McIntosh, New Mexico.
To listen to the audio interview:


Artic Ocean Barrow, Alaska Bright Lights - Grey Bluish Ball

Date: May 7, 2008
Time: 11:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Artic Ocean Barrow, Alaska
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Baseball shape, bright headlight looking lights and round grey bluish ball.

Full Description of event/sighting: About a mile and a half out on the open lead (open water between landlocked ice and drifting ice). Out of all my pictures this one is unexplainable. It was taken about 11:00pm just when the sun set for the night. It was pretty windy with gusts 20-25 mph blowing from the northeast, the ice was also floating by in this direction, choppy water and no boats or lights were present. There was indeed a few bowhead and beluga whales swimming by, along with a few seals. I can't figure out what these "Bright Lights/Grey Bluish Ball" are near or on the floating iceberg. The only odd sighting that evening was a weird looking object/UFO to the left of the setting sun that seemed to be multiplying in thin air. Seen what appeared to be an exhaust plume of some sort. As for the two bright lights/grey bluish glob, that was not seen until I viewed my photos a few days later.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Parkland Region, Manitoba A Orange/Red UFO With Incredible Speed

Date: May 31, 2008
Time: 2:00 a.m.

Clear sky/calm conditions.
Witnesses: 2
Description: (1) Orange/Red Object with incredible speed.

Hi Brian..hope you are well...
My buddy went out to the lake last weekend...I decided to stay at home.

We were talking today about the lake and I quizzed him about if there were any strange things in the sky last weekend..He quickly responded, having forgotten to mention it when he returned.

This is the report form both witnesses whom I have talked to separately.

Saturday night my friend and his girlfriend spotted an object at 2:00 am as they were out side the cabin for some fresh air. They both quickly noticed a bright object off to the western horizon..As soon as they spotted it the quickly noticed the obvious speed of it. It was traveling at speeds much faster then any other craft (Jet or satellite) they have seen. The orange/red object preceded in an easterly direction almost above..but was not going in a straight line from west to east..It was arching..towards the north. The object was seen from virtually horizon to horizon..and it spanned the distance in-between in a matter of 12 to 15 seconds.

The object appeared to both friends as having an orange/red hue to it. There were no trails to it or other lights..and it stayed a constant intensity the whole time. The color did not change.

As stated by the witnesses:

- "It was not a satellite or meteor..They are a very common sight above the lake..It did appear to be moving in controlled fashion."

- "The speed this object was traveling was faster then any jets that we have, can go. It was pretty high up., but it was big enough to see clearly in the night sky."

- "There was no sound from it."

Brian both of my friends descriptions of the sighting were identical, so I combined them.

If I have missed anything, feel free to ask. I will relay any responses. Take care!

Thank you to the person for relaying his friends sighting.

HBCC UFO Research -


Naugatuck, Connecticut Bigfoot Or Something Else ?

Date: June 3, 2008
Time: 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.

Message: I don't want to sound fanatic and hopefully there is a good explanation to all this. I live in Connecticut and not sure what I heard last night at approx. 1:30 a.m. The backyard of my home faces the woods. My backyard is several yards from a sharp ravine that slopes down to into the woods and to a stream. Not too far from the stream is a reservoir located in a wooded area. With my window open last night, I heard what was like a whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop sound coming from the woods in the back of my house. At the same time, I heard a loud pitch screeching noise more near my house that nearly shook me out of bed. It seemed liked the screeching sound was closer to my home than the whooping sound. I know the woods could house many wild animals due to the stream in the back.

I haven't got the foggiest clue what I'm hearing back there. Another time, my husband and I heard sounds in the wee hours of the morning what sounded like sounds coming from a jungle (almost like a large bird). But it seemed like there were two of these things communicating with each other. Do you think these are animals instead of birds. I don't know of any birds awake at 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. Thanks for your help.

Additional Information:

Thank you for your response. My county is Naugatuck. The woods is adjacent to our stretch of homes in the back of our park. Unfortunately, I didn't have a recorder handy, but neither was I expecting this type of event. I asked my neighbor if she heard anything last night (June 3, 2008) but she heard nothing. She did say at times she hears strange animal noises but not to this liking. I would like to explore the ravine for footprints, but it's so steep and dangerous. Do you think a large animal similar to Bigfoot could be present in the area? It's kind of strange, but the whooping sound almost sounded mechanical instead of humanlike. I know we have a water treatment plant in back of the stream, but I don't think the sound came from the plant. I will keep a tape recorder handily just in case another sound pops up.

Also, just another piece of information, a couple of weeks ago, I heard some strange noises (between a clicking and cawing, different sound, but hard to explain) coming from woods in my backyard. This happened same time around 1:30 -2:00 a.m. It sounded like these two 'things' were calling out to each other from a distance. I really didn't pay much attention to these noises, but since last night's episode, I'm rather curious now. Hope I'm not alone hearing these things. Please let me know. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Chagford, Devon U.K. Bright Light

Date: May 28, 2008
Time: 10:41 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Light point.
Weather Conditions: clear.

Description: A very bright light moving at a constant speed from North West West to South East East, directly over Chagford. Period of viewing was about 2 - 3 minutes. I came outside to see what i originally thought to be a bright star in the west. It slowly moved across the horizon directly overhead. It's brightness gained in intensity whilst overhead which leads me to believe it was quite low. From no angle was the light obscured in any way (as would an aircraft with its fuselage) as it moved off into the eastern horizon. There was absolutely no sound. The object was far brighter than any other star in the sky and easily brighter than any satellite I've ever seen. Basically, I'm a rational person but have never seen anything I'm not equipped to explain. This has left me utterly confused.

TV/Radio: N/A.



Victoria, British Columbia Witnesses See What They Believed To be A UFO

Date: May 28, 2008
Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Parking lot of Craigdaroch Castle in Victoria, BC.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Like a very bright satellite.

Full Description of event/sighting: It was a cold night on May 28, 2008, at approx. 2300 hrs, as I, my sister, my mother, and our friend stood outside the Craigdaroch Castle, listening to the stories of the security guard on duty. Story time was just finishing up, so I looked up to take one last look at the beautiful piece of architecture that stood before me. An unusually bright star caught my attention just to the left of the building. At a closer glance the star appeared to be moving slightly, so I assumed that it nothing more than an exceptionally bright satellite.

So I turned back to hear the rest of the never-ending tale of our new friend. Just then, my sister, who was also looking up at the sky at the same time, said, "hey, where did that light go?" Someone said, "what light?" to which she replied, "the satellite that I was watching just disappeared" I said, "say what?" I looked back to the spot where I last saw this "satellite", and sure enough, it had vanished! I looked all over the night sky and saw no sign of anything moving! I am convinced that what both me and my sister saw was, in fact, a UFO!

Now, whether it was of alien origin, or one of the government's test objects, that is up for debate.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Vernon, British Columbia Large White UFO Flashes Red Then Disappears

Date: May 30, 2008
Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Over Okanagan Lake heading East.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Bright white light.

Full Description of event/sighting: Three of us saw a bright white light heading East over the lake. We were on a boat in the lake looking up at the stars. This was larger and brighter than a satellite and made no noise. It wasn't flashing like a plane would be. It went East and we followed it with our eyes until it suddenly started getting dimmer and dimmer until it flashed red and disappeared completely. It wasn't anything we could identify with.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Reno, Nevada Star Bright UFO Seen In The Daylight Sky

Date: June 1, 2008
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Reno.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Looked like a large Star the size of the ball on a ball point pen.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was glancing up at the sky above Rattlesnake Mountain looking east when I saw a bright star-like object in the sky. I first thought it was a bright star in the clear blue sky until it moved to the right about a few centimeters. Then it stopped for about a minute or so as I continued to watch closely. I was at work near IGT and I asked my co-worker if he could see it and he said yes. Then after a minute it moved in the opposite direction to the left. After that I was pretty sure it was a UFO. After watching it idle, it still was so far into the galaxy that it was a size of the ball in a ball point pen shinning, still shinning bright like a star, until it slowly started to move to the left again slowly and I mean slowly. It got smaller and smaller until it was the size of a grain of salt. The total duration of all of this must have been about 5 minutes. I have never seen something stay in one general area like that and slowly grow smaller and smaller as if it were hauling butt out into the galaxy. It made my eyes water as it got so distant and my 20/20 vision really helped. And to see something like that in the middle of the day was great. Let me know if anyone else saw the same thing.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Basin, Wyoming A Wing Shaped UFO

Date: June 2, 2008
Time: 10:50 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Back Yard in Basin WY.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Wing shape.

Full Description of event/sighting: Was in the hot tub, my wife came out to have a smoke and I seen something move thought sky no lights. Just think ground light reflected back on object. It was pretty low in the sky and flew east then changed direction north behind some trees. I told my wife to look, but by the time I got her eye on it, it moved east, north, back to east and she finally saw it briefly head back north and it was gone. It may have been higher than I thought and was the shape of a wing, maybe a little bigger than a man. I've seen this same object before told my wife about it but it is almost translucent and only catches ground light I believe, not sure on that one. Well there it is, had to tell someone.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


McCreary, Manitoba Bright White Object Turns Blue In Color

Date: June 2, 2008
Time: 11:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Our house, north of McCreary, Manitoba.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round.

Full Description of event/sighting: We had stepped outside to let our dog pee before bed, and I noticed a large white light above our tree-line on the south side of our house. I told my girlfriend about it, and when she saw it she went into the house to get her camera.

As I watched it, it traveled in what appeared to be a southwest direction as it got smaller (appeared to be moving away, not across the sky). I read a few reports today and saw one description as "fading away like a light bulb turning off". It certainly got smaller and eventually went from solid white to a blue color and then disappeared from sight.

It didn't blink at all, which ruled out aircraft and probably satellites, but I did think I could check on satellite positions. I can't seem to find much information on that, but I thought I would report the light anyways in case a number of other people had seen it as well, or if there was an explanation for it. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


St. Catharines, Ontario UFO Makes Erratic Movements

Date: June 5, 2008
Time: 11:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Pin point.

Full Description of event/sighting: My husband was on our balcony, attempting to photograph some chain lightning during a low-laying storm. I had gone back in, when he called be back, saying "You've got to see this, quick!" I ran out, and he asked "Do you see that light over there?" I told him I did. He asked me what it was doing, and when I focused on it. I could see that it was moving erratically, and quickly. Like right, left, forward, left, right, back. And in a flash-like motion. Like it was instantly leaving one spot and reappeared in another.
I couldn't answer him fast enough, and he pretty much answered his own question by re-iterating what I'd just seen. We watched it for about 10 seconds more, as it flashed back and forth, then it was gone. It didn't 'fade', it just disappeared.

What followed were Goosebumps and "What the heck was that?", and "Did you see that too?".

So, we don't know if this was a UFO sighting, but it sure looked like one to us. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

HBCC UFO Research -


Fernley, Nevada Bright White Round Object

Date: June 5, 2008
Time: 10:04 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Fernley Nevada.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Bright white round object
Full Description of event/sighting: Looking up into the Southeastern sky in Fernley, my husband and I witnessed a round, bright white light about the size of a dime (if you were to hold it in your fingers at arms length). At first we thought the object was a low flying airplane. We noticed that the size was unusual and thought it might be the space station.

There was no airplane noise. It was quiet, except for the light breezes. No other noises were witnessed. It moved relatively fast, slight twitching left to right in movement, still moving southeasterly until it faded to a pinprick suddenly and disappeared. It had still been traveling in the southeasterly direction.

There was a satellite heading northerly that looked much higher up, but yet intersecting the larger white object. The small satellite looked, in comparison, like a much slower moving pinpoint.

Thank you to the witness for their report.


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By Melinda Green
Cortez Journal
June 3, 2008

"I still keep the old seeds to grow, so I keep the traditional varieties alive."
Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, Director of Cultural Preservation Office for the Hopi Tribe

Corn may seem like an impossible dryland crop for the Four Corners region. With an annual rainfall of 13 inches and soils full of clay, it's certainly not Iowa. Yet the early Ancestral Puebloans successfully grew enough corn, beans and squash without irrigation in a short growing season to support populations that equaled today's population in Montezuma County (where we live - Aileen).

How did they do it? That's the answer being sought by a Pueblo Farming Project at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center northwest of Cortez.

Last week, descendants of the early Pueblo nations returned to plant a summer crop of corn, beans and squash, donating some of their traditional seed. Drawing on planting techniques and advice of modern Pueblo people, the project is experimenting with traditional dryland farming in three different gardens to better understand the Ancestral Puebloans who raised corn in the area from 600 to 1300 A.D.

Nine leaders from the Hopi, Ohkay Owingeh (formerly San Juan Pueblo) and Jemez nations met May 27 and 28 for a two day working conference with Crow Canyon staff, to learn from each other about agriculture both in the past and today.

"There is the scientific aspect -- how the ancient people farmed, what crop yiels they had in the past, what techniques they used. There is also the educational aspect. The gardens are part of our curriculum as we teach about the way they planted. They had sustainable agriculture for 700 years," explained Mark Varien, vice-president of programs for Crow Canyon.

"Understanding how the people made a living on the landscape is fundamental to understanding the archeology," Varien said. "How did the population grow its crops, how many could it support, and how did that affect their lives.?"

Summing up the key factors for traditional dryland farming, Varien said there were three important factors: planting seeds deep, planting in clumps, and spacing the plants far apart.

"The Hopi plant (corn) deep -- at least 12 inches," explained Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, Director of Cultural Preservation Office for the Hopi Tribe in Kykotsmovi, AZ, east of Tuba City. "A commercial planter might go three inches deep, but here in the Southwest, it has to be deep." Corn is planted about nine feet apart in clumps of 10 to 12 plants, and weeds removed to prevent competition for moisture.

In the old days, planting would be a communal affair, Kuwanwisiwma said. One person would make a hole with a wooden digging stick and others would come along to loosen the soil at the bottom, put the seed in and tamp it down, he said.

For the Crow Canyon garden, three varieties of corn seed donated by the Hopi were planted. When the plants emerge, the weakest in each clump will be thinned. In each clump, the outer corn plants will be weak, but are left to protect the inner plants from wind, Varien said.

"The best corn would have been saved for next year's crop, so the stock kept getting stronger. Over the millennia, the Pueblo people were gradually developing varieties especially adapted to growing in that environment. They were practicing genetic selection," Varien said.

Kuwanwisiwma brought 13 different varieties of Hopi corn to show, including the most popular white and blue corn, as well as varieties called yellow, greasy, gray, orange, sweet, purple, speckled, red and mixed red and yellow.

"I still keep the old seeds to grow, so I keep the traditional varieties alive," Kuwanwisiswma said. He is concerned about genetic tainting on his reservation, as there has been an influx of different types of corn from outside sources.

Corn figures prominently in Hopi culture and religion. Kuwanwisiwma said, "Once you plant the corn, it is intended to grow. They're our children."

The Hopi don't irrigate their mesa-top farms and instead rely on rainfall and planting techniques that conserve soil moisture. "When the clouds come, we get water in sacred ways," he explained. "If you water the corn, you've ruined it. With this kind of farming, it's a matter of faith." The Hopi have ceremonies for planting, for blessing with moisture, and for the sun, moon and seasons.

Kuwanwisiwma explained that it was important to plant and tend the crops with the best intentions. "When children laugh and play, the corn laughs and plays. When the men go out and sing, the corn plants are our children and it makes them happy," Kuwanwisiwma explained.

After the harvest, corn stalks are left laying down, which stops soil erosion, and also collects snow in the winter to retain moisture, Kuwanwisiwma explained. The next year's crop would be planted in a new row beside the previous year's, letting the ground lay fallow in between crops.

In the fall, after the corn harvest, women elders from the Pueblo nations will be invited to Crow Canyon to talk about what happens to the corn after it is harvested, including how it is stored, processed and prepared, Varien said.

The agriculture ecology will be taught to the 3,000 students a year who visit Crow Canyon, Varien said. In addition, educational materials will be created to teach the principles of sustainability and farming in this area, he said. A group of teachers from the Jemez, Tesuque, Acoma, Laguna and Hopi nations also are invited to a workshop to develop a curriculum for students, incorporating the farming project.

It is estimated that each early Pueblo family would have planted six to eight acres of corn, in addition to beans and squash, Varien said. That would have been enough to feed the family and its turkey flock for one year, plus allow for storage of enough corn to last for two additional years, in case of drought.

Between AD 600 and 1300 Montezuma and Dolores counties become the population center of the Mesa Verde region, as they began growing corn, beans and squash to supplement hunting and gathering, which allowed population growth to an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 people in the peak years of 1225 and 1250, he explained.

I hope you found this article informative. I like to bring you anything that teaches something new (in this case something old!) that enriches our minds. - Aileen

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


On my recent move back to Colorado the U-haul truck stopped dead in Iowa. We were eventually towed to Storm Lake, Iowa. The landscape on the way there is all farms and flat land. At the time of year we were there no corn had been planted so it was all "dirt!" Storm Lake was an interesting little town which we enjoyed touring. When I saw this article I knew I wanted to reprint it. Amazingly it is from 1969! Hope you enjoy it. It was printed in Collector's Edition Official UFO, Fall 1976.

By Kevin D. Randle

Common forms of UFO physical evidence are the burns, depressions and crushed vegetation resulting from landing UFOs. This is something that all parts of the United States and involves all kinds of people. And the problem in Iowa may be symptomatic of a much larger situation.

Many low flying UFOs and burned areas are now being reported. In the last six years only a few sensational cases have hit the national press, even though there have been thousands of sightings and hundreds of landings. In Iowa there has been at least one major sighting each year. One that received statewide coverage. If the Iowa situation is a symptom of a larger trend, then the 10 landings in the last six years can be multiplied by the number of states. That would mean that there have been over 500 UFO landings in the United States in those last six years.

On July 13, 1969, one of the most dramatic of the Iowa physical evidence cases occurred. Patti Barr, of Van Horne, (approximately 40 miles west of Cedar Rapids) was getting ready for bed when she heard a loud roar that sounded like a plane was about to hit the house. Patti ran to the window and outside she saw a large, orange, oval object with a double row of windows.

Patti yelled to her cousin and they both watched the UFO flying toward the north, cross a road and then disappear. Both said that the object winked out and didn't fade into the distance. One second it was there and the next it was gone.

The next morning, Warren Barr laughed at the girls' story. He was sure that they had seen an airplane or that it was a figment of their imagination. Out in the field, not far from the house, he stopped laughing. There he found a circular burn about 40 feet in diameter. All the soybeans in the burn were wilted, as if exposed to intense heat. Barr said that he had been in the field the evening before and had not seen anything strange.

Investigators came to study the burn, take soil samples and interview the witnesses. Newsmen, along with the curious descended on the Barr farm and were so obnoxious that Barr refused to allow anyone near his daughter to discuss the sighting.

The soil samples revealed almost nothing. They did show that lightning hadn't caused the burn and that an intense heat had been present for some seconds. No one had any ideas why the beans wilted and died or why they had only wilted in a circular pattern.

Less than a month after the Barr sighting, a continuing series of landings were reported in northwestern Iowa. A farmer and his family, who wanted no publicity then or now, claimed that UFOs had landed on their farm several times.

For about two years, the farmer had seen strange things hovering above the horizon. Some were red lights, seen to streak across the sky while others would stop briefly and then flash away. Many farmers in the small valley had seen the lights and not one believed that they had seen airplanes. The lights were seen in the worst weather, times when most pilots would be flying the coke machines at the airport waiting for the weather to clear. If any were airborne, they would certainly be flying at high altitudes, not the nape of the earth as the UFOs were reported to be doing.

Finally, in the spring of 1969, one of the UFOs stopped close to the farm house. It was red, dome-topped and about 10 to 15 feet in diameter. The farmer's sons tried to get close but the UFO flashed a beam of red light at them. No one was hurt or burned, but everyone fled into the house.

After that, landings became commonplace. The farmer's wife said that the objects usually landed about five p.m. but it wasn't a strict rule. "On one occasion," she said, "jets scared the UFO away." They were watching a hovering disc when military planes appeared overhead. The red glow faded until the planes were out of sight, then it brightened and disappeared.

Like the Barr landing, there was physical evidence of the sightings. The farmer had pictures of landing sites that showed the circles of blown down grass and imprints of the landing gear. He said that the grass always grew back greener inside the circles. Maybe it was because the grass in the landing site was cleaned out and the new could grow better. He just didn't know.

During the summer of 1969 and into the fall the sightings continued. The farm family began to keep notes about the UFOs activities. They even managed to take some pictures of it and once caught a glimpse of the small, humanoid occupants. By the spring of 1971 most of the sightings were over. In June, the farmer's wife said that it had been several months since they had seen a UFO.

In July, 1972, Mervin Teig, a farmer near Story City, Iowa, found a strange, burned depression in one of his soybean fields. Looking at it he could see that there were four lines of wilted plants radiating outward like the spokes of a wheel. In the center of the depression the plants were dead and crumbling to dust.

A local newspaper picked up the story and Teig was quickly bombarded with phone calls and visitors. One of the callers was Don Slaikeu of Goldfield, Iowa. He had found a shallow depression and burned area in one of his soybean fields. His description matched that given by Teig. The only noticeable difference was the orientation of the spoke-like lines. He found a strange grey dust inside the burn. Teig hadn't noticed any dust until Slaikeu brought it to his attention.

Jerry Dean of Laurens, Iowa also called Teig and also claimed that he had found burned areas. There were two burns, each about 3 feet across but with wilted plants covering a much larger area. In the center of the largest burn was a hole two inches in diameter and three feet deep. The earth in the depression had been pressed as if by a large curved surface. He found the grey dust and it is believed that all four burns were related.

At first no one could find any UFO sightings that were related to the burns. It seemed that something had sneaked into the fields, burned them and sneaked away. Dean's wife, however, said that she had been working in the kitchen in the early evening of July 6, when there was a sudden glow, the lights went out and there was a loud crash. A few minutes later, the lights came back on. It was the next day that her husband found the burns.

Leslie Poling of Boone, Iowa also came to see the burn and reported the fifth depression. It was about the same size as those found on the other farms. Near the edge of the burn was an inclined hole, 22 inches deep with a smooth bottom as if something had been pushed into the ground at a shallow angle. Poling measured the depth with a yardstick and when he pulled it out, it was discolored for 22 inches. Spread throughout the site was more of the grey dust.

The major problem with the cases were that they could not be linked to UFOs or any other phenomena. No one seemed to have heard or seen anything. Then, after Mrs. Dean reported the noise and lights, Mrs. Bole came forward with a story. She had only been asleep for a few hours when a crash woke her up. She lay awake listening for another sound but heard nothing. There were no strange lights and she thought that she had been awakened by a dream. When she tried to move she noticed a strange tingling throughout her body. The tingling frightened her, but strangely, she went back to sleep. (A possible abduction case.)

A few hours later she awoke again, remembered the crash and the tingling. As she sat up, Mrs. Bole felt shaky and laid back down. After waking a third time, she got out of bed but still felt shaky. The next morning she remembered the incident as one might remember a dream and thought nothing more about it. At least not until talk of the strange burn was reported. Her bedroom is only 250 yards from the burn in Teig's field and it was found two days later.

Another man from a western Iowa town not only saw a strange object land but saw the occupants as well. He was working in his cornfield when a flash of light caught his eye. In the distance he could see a silver sliver and thought it was an airplane. From time to time he looked at the plane and isn't sure when it struck him, but he suddenly realized that the plane had no wings. As he watched, the object grew in size, stopped over the field and he could see the definite egg shape.

The UFO descended toward the field and just before it touched the ground, three legs "grew" from the bottom. A port opened near the bottom and "some people" got out. From 300 yards, the farmer couldn't see what they were doing but they walked around in the corn for several minutes. Soon they got back into the object and took off.

As the UFO blasted off, a blue flame shot out of it and the legs retracted. There was a slight roar as the ship shot into the sky and disappeared quickly. The corn shocks in the area were blown around as if caught in an incredible whirlwind. No burn was left but the vegetation looked like a rotary lawn mower had blown it down.

The creatures from the UFO were humanoid. The farmer thought they were wearing one piece "flying suits" and the clothes had a metallic sheen, but from 300 yards he couldn't be sure. He didn't see much detail and was afraid to try to get closer.

For months after the sighting, the farmer kept quiet. He didn't want others to laugh at him or to think that he was crazy. Finally, after the series of landings in Iowa, the farmer told his brother, one of the men who reported a burned area, and the case eventually reached investigators. That he was afraid of ridicule and reluctant to talk of the sighting shows how public pressure can influence people.

Iowa wasn't through with UFOs, however. A year later, almost to the day that the first landing was reported, Howard Groves found a burned area in his soybean field. He wasn't sure what it was or what to do, but remembered the burns from 1972 and went to call the Wright County Sheriff. Three of the 1972 burns had been in Wright County.

Like several of those depressions, neither Groves nor any of his neighbors had seen or heard anything strange. The burned area was larger, almost 40 feet across but there was evidence of the radiating lines. In the center of the burn was a larger hole, about two feet in diameter and it was surrounded by four smaller holes. It looked like something with a four legged landing gear had touched down. When it took off, the blast from it caused the larger center hole. He said that he also found the grey dust.

The Iowa landings differ from those in other parts of the world because they seem related. The size of the burns, the time they were found, the locations and the grey dust all suggest that they are related. All were found in July. It may have been July of different years, but it was July.

More important that that is the grey dust. It was reported in all the landing sites except that of the Barr's. There it may have been overlooked. Samples of the dust were gathered in the rest of the sightings. In all cases it was the remains of the organic compounds after they had been subjected to intense heat. In other words, all the organic material was burned from the soil. Since the dust was found in all the depressions and because at least in one case, a UFO was seen, then it can be assumed that UFOs were in each of the fields before the burns were found.

In addition to the grey dust, another discovery was made at the Clarion burn. Soon after it was found, the Wright Country Farm Agent went to the Grove's farm with his Geiger counter. There was no unusual radiation but he did find something else in the soil samples. All the phosphorus had been burned from the ground near the shallow hole. He couldn't explain why the phosphorus was gone and he didn't try to explain the burn.

Samples of all the material, grey dust, soil and bean plants were sent to Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) scientific consultants for analysis. They confirmed that the burns were not the results of lightning strikes. The soil inside the burns showed an absence of fulgurites, which is the fusion of sand and is found in most lightning strikes. In fact, no fulgurites were found in any of the Iowa landings. Spectroscopic analysis and other tests revealed only that intense heat had been present for a short period of time. The depth of the burning extended only a few inches below the surface.

Other explanations were tried but all fell short. None of the burned areas showed evidence of standing water that might have killed the plants. Chemical spills were ruled out because traces of the chemicals would have been found. The lack of certain expected chemicals, such as the missing phosphorus, added mystery to the cases. Hoaxes were ruled out for the same reason that chemical spills were dismissed. There would be traces of the chemicals used to produce the heat.

Groves could not think of a way to burn such a large portion of his field. He claimed that after the discovery, he held a blowtorch on one of the bean plants. It took almost ten minutes of direct contact before a similar effect could be produced. Whatever it was, it had to be hotter than a blowtorch.

But the sightings and burns aren't limited to Iowa. A few cases in other parts of the world have been linked to Iowa. In September, 1972, only eight weeks after Teig made the first report, an Australian farmer reported that he had found two burns on his land. The surface was burned clean and there were no signs of landing gear impressions. When he dug for samples, he found a strange, grey dust. The description of the dust and the circumstances surrounding its discovery were very similar to the Iowa cases. How many more such finds have been made with no reports being given?

Iowa has had dozens of UFO reports in the last few months. Like other areas, they are only reported in the local newspapers and then are forgotten. Many states have had similar cases. The rest of the country thinks that flying saucer have disappeared with the Air Force investigation of them. That just is not true.

Remember that was back in 1969 and 1972, what would they think today!

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By Ann Ulrich Miller
The Star Beacon

Niara Isley is an artist,certified body-centered life coach and writer living in
Durango, Colo. She is also an experiencer andresearcher of extraterrestrial
phenomenon. “I feel like I’ve been in a process of spiritual inquiry since very young,” she disclosed recently in a radio interview with Dana Shino of The Purple Phoenix ( “The spiritual inquiry has formed a sort of ‘container’ that has helped me.”

Niara was brought up in a dysfunctional home,
with an alcoholic father and a very codependent

Early experiences as a child included a
nightmare when Niara was four years old. She woke
up screaming. In her dream, she remembered being
left under a street lamp. Her sister had left her there
and told her she’d pick her up later, but she didn’t.
“It was dark everywhere except under the street
lamp,” Niara said.

It wasn’t until many years later, under regressive
hypnosis, that it came out as an abduction by
the Zeta Reticuli. Niara recalls saying in a child’s
voice under hypnosis, “Well, it’s nighttime and it’s
dark outside... but my bedroom is full of light.”
The beings, she said, were scary looking with
big heads, big eyes and spindly bodies. As a child
she had found their appearance frightening.
In her early childhood she had ongoing
abductee/contactee experiences with the Grays, and
as she grew older, her feeling was that the Zetas
were trying to save their race, and she felt that was a
valid concern for them in picking people up and
doing some of the things they have done.

“One of the things the Zeta Reticulans are working
on is sexuality and sexual response,” Niara said.
"They’ve bred out all
emotion and the ability
to reproduce as
couples. They didn’t
want anything to do
with it because (long ago) their own passions
destroyed their world.”
She believes she was being used in sexual
experiments the Zetas conducted. Although hard for
her to talk about, she disclosed that it was very difficult
to realize just how much sexual stimulation was
given to her by the Zetas so that they could study
sexual response. “Sex feels wonderful, and when
you’re feeling those feelings, you want to surrender
to them. But when you’re with a being that is so far
from a human being... it doesn’t feel right. It was
really a difficult thing to feel the feelings with
beings that were not human beings.” She drew the
analogy of “pushing the accelerator” while at the
same time “stepping on the brakes.”

Lacking both sexuality and emotion
Niara found that the Zetas “use the means at
their disposal to study human sexual function and
response. Under hypnosis, I experienced a clear liquid
or gel applied to my genitals as a very young
girl, arousing sexual feelings in me that at the time I
was not prepared for, both pleasurable and frightening.
I read about this clear liquid or gel in a book as
an adult years later, cited by another experiencer.
The Zetas did not appear to me to have any sexuality
or much in the way of emotions.”

Later on in life, physical evidence emerged
from visiting doctors. Every time Niara went in for a
pelvic exam or pap test, she was told her uterus was
enlarged. The doctors wanted to know if she was
pregnant. She would explain that no, that wasn’t
possible as she hadn’t been with anybody. A couple
of times, she said, they ran pregnancy tests just to be
sure. “It was frustrating to hear this every time I got
near a doctor,” she commented. She feels she may
have been pregnant many times during her childbearing
years and that the fetuses were harvested
from the womb by the Zetas through a needle
through her belly button.

At one point she went in for a tubal ligation
and, under general anesthetic, when she was opened
up, she was still awake, and the doctor said her
abdominal cavity was full of adhesions. To her
knowledge, she hadn’t had any other procedures
done. The Zetas had been harvesting fetuses all
along through the needle in her navel.
Niara spoke a bit about hypnosis as a tool for
retrieving lost memories. She said it is important to
find a skilled facilitator who doesn’t ask
leading questions. Hypnosis has been
effective as evidence in a court of law.
More recent development has given it
less credibility because of “false memory
syndrome.” But upon investigation, she found that
people with connections to the CIA were on the
board who decided this, and it was due to so many
embarrassing and damaging memories people were
coming out with against the government, so they had
to try and discredit any memories brought forward.
Involvement between the Grays
and our government.

Niara recommends that interested readers listen to
Alfred Labramont Weber’s talk on the Exopolitics
Web site (
It discusses former President Eisenhower’s meeting
with ETs, which was covered in the December 2006
issue of The Star Beacon (“Ike and the Alien Ambassadors”
by Peter Carlson, The Washington Post).
Niara had a science background and entered the
Air Force as an electronics person. She believes the
government or military knew she was an abductee,
which predisposed her into being pulled into certain
things that happened to her in the military.
“Dan Sherman, author of Above Black: Project
Destiny, was inducted into a special intuitive communicator
program because the military knew he
(and a superior told him so when drafting him for
the program) was specially adjusted by ETs while in
the womb, making him a candidate with the special
skill and talent to be an intuitive communicator. In
this program, Sherman communicated telepathically
with ETs providing information to the military.”

She believes that a technology exchange
occurred between the Grays and our government.
“Zeta Reticulans can pick people up throughout the
population, at will, for their genetic experiments,”
she said. Also she believes that name swapping was
going back and forth, which predisposed her.
In the Air Force, Niara went into radar electronics,
working with auto-track radar, which is war-time
surface-to-air missile or anti-aircraft artillery radar.
“My first duty station in the Air Force was at
Nellis Air Force Base at North Las Vegas, Nevada,
working every other week out of Tonopah Electronic
Warfare Range for the first three months there,” she
explained. But 10 years later, she remembered that
during her entire time at Tonopah (in 1980), she only
had the most general memories of being there. “I
knew I worked there, but didn’t remember the people
I worked with, or where I slept at night. Hardly any
details whatsoever.” She basically had missing time
for three months out of her life.

An event wiped from memory

Through hypnosis with Budd Hopkins in 1994,
she discovered the following story: “I was standing
on the deck of the radar van in the middle of the
night, seeing saucer-shaped craft in the sky. We had
tried to track them earlier while inside the radar van,
but they could not be tracked.” Everyone was
dressed in fatigues, with no rank or insignia, and
they were warned not to speak to each other. “Up in
the sky there were at least nine saucer-shaped craft,
one so close that I could see it glowing orange on
the bottom.” She remembers feeling so scared,
because she thought she was seeing something that
was way above her security clearance.

A short time afterwards, Niara and the people
she was with were put on a bus and taken to a medical
facility, which she believes was probably Area
51. She can’t think of any other facility they would
have been taken to. “We were put in a waiting room,
in chairs that ran diagonally from one corner to the
other, with backs to the hallway with double doors
and lights from the hallway, but no lights in the waiting
room.” Then, one by one, they were called into a
little room.

She got called and was told to go in. There was
a guard with a sidearm standing there. She was told
to lie down on a stainless steel table. She was fully
clothed and laid there for a long while, feeling
scared. Finally, a man came in wearing a white lab
coat. He walked past the guard and up around the
table and kept saying to her in a deadpan voice,
“Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.”
“When he got up on the right side of my head,
he then injected my neck with a hypodermic needle,”
she revealed. And at that point in the regression
session, Niara spontaneously came out of hypnosis
and sat bolt upright on the couch with an excruciating
headache that lasted for three days.

The information that came to Niara during that
session prompted her journey to understand it. “This
plunged me into a completely different world than
the one I had supposed I grew up being part of,” she
wrote in her January 2008 essay, “Exopolitics Comes
of Age” (found on her Web site, http:// “I have delved
into this, feared the ridicule myself and, because
there was so much I couldn’t get answers to, tried to
push it out of my life.”

Finally, she had to undertake the healing journey
that allowed her to integrate her experiences productively
into the whole of her life. “I have resisted coming
forward as yet another ‘voice in the wilderness’
for a long time,” she proclaims, “and yet, now it
seems to be necessary, and my journey has well equipped
me to present what I feel I have to offer on
this subject, from a place of heart and conscience.”

Niara feels there is absolutely nothing to be
feared of these extraterrestrials who are visiting us.
“Their technology can help us.” The beings are here,
visiting the planet, and they are interdimensional.
2012 is coming up, and the shift in evolutionary consciousness
will take us into the 5th dimension and
“enlightenment of the entire human race.”

Once a month Niara hosts a group of locals in
the Durango area and they share information and
films on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials.
She notes that sightings have increased exponentially
on a global basis, and that people need to be prepared
for open contact.

Niara’s blog at http://durangoexopolics.blogspot.
com, was initiated to share news of exopolitical
events and ET disclosures, because “while I heartily
applaud all the groups worldwide coming forward to
address this issue, I feel that a huge piece is being
left out — extraterrestrial technology that our government
has had since the Roswell crash and perhaps
much more, as research in this area bears out. This
technology could hold important keys to solving our
current and expanding environmental crisis by providing
clean, free energy and removing the need for
dangerous and polluting sources of energy — oil,
coal and nuclear energy.

“And if extraterrestrial technology, and perhaps
even open contact with ETs themselves, can help us
avert a global environmental crisis — if it can help
humanity survive, thrive, and have the chance to
evolve into the beautiful and magnificent potential I
believe we as a species have, my time working to
bring it into the mainstream public domain is time
very well spent.”

As a certified Body Center Life Coach, Niara
focuses on feelings in the body for healing purposes,
and accepts donations for her work. You can learn
more about it at Niara
may be contacted at Her
exopolitics article can be read at American Chronicle
Used by permission of Ann Ulrich Miller, Editor of
the Star Beacon -

Thank you Ann!