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Thanks to Albert Rosales for these reports

Location. Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Date: January 2008 Time: 2000-2100

The witness, L. Davis, (involved in other encounters) reported encountering a medium height dull darkish gray creature glide from the lounge to the bathroom in her mother’s house. She saw only its side and only from the mid chest up and only for a moment. She said that it was not a “friendly” being and began to become aggressive once it had been spotted. It continually made its presence felt at times and remained in the house for about 3 days and then it was gone. The witness claims she had been 5 months pregnant at the time but the baby or fetus disappeared. She remembers having a very odd “dream” where she gave birth in an open paddock on a medical table during the day. There were many strange human-like people around. They took the baby girl away for some time and then let the witness nurse her and then took her away again. She didn’t realize that there was something wrong until a few days later.

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Location. Seattle, Washington

Date: January 3 2008 Time: 1500

A husband and wife had been falling asleep on the sofa bed in their living room when the husband woke up and looked at the VCR which read 1441. There was an odd buzzing noise and a strange light pattern on the ceiling above them. He then heard scuffling sounds in the kitchen behind his head and became intensely afraid. Just as he was about to investigate, three distinct figures with huge heads and small bodies “glided” into the room. The room was dark but he could plainly see that they were not human. There is a light from the street that comes in enough to where he was able to make out a face. The creatures were wearing dark coveralls that were tight and showed off their skinny bodies. They also wore masks of some kind and he could see as far as faces was their huge black eyes surrounded by patches of light skin in the eye slits of the masks. Their belt lines were about level with the bed so he guessed they were about 4’ tall. The witness was convinced that he was not asleep or dreaming. He was immediately terrified out of his mind and tried to scream but could not even move. One of the creatures stood at the foot of the bed and the other two were on his side. His wife remained sleeping. The creatures were making strange noises as if breathing through ventilators; he could also hear mechanical sounds. Almost immediately he was lifted into the air a foot or two from the bed, as if by magic. He could still feel the skin of his wife’s shoulder under his hand and the blanket on top of them as well as open space and cool air below. He sensed movement all around and the room seemed to wobble and spatially distort. He attempted to kick at them but could not move, so he tried to lean from side to side in the air. He called out mentally for God and Jesus Christ to save him and instantly he was back on the bed and the beings and the strange glow were gone. The witness is convinced that divine intervention saved him from the creatures.

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Source: NUFORC


Location. Texas, exact location not given

Date: January 5 2008 Time: 0600am

The witness woke up at 0600am because he had to be at his son’s house at 700am to take his dogs to the vet. He remembers feeling a bit shaken about what he had just “dreamed”. He had never experienced it before. He dreamt that he was standing on the bottom of the ocean with 2 men who looked like normal human men. He couldn’t figure out why he could still breathe air normally as he was on land. The men also breathe normally. He didn’t feel the water or any other pressure surrounding his body and was somewhat afraid because he knew that he needed scuba gear to go into the ocean. However the men made him feel safe, they hold him (in his mind) that they were 4,700ft below the ocean on the floor. It was dark except for the light that came from the immediate area where the men and the witness were. One of the men handed him an almost perfect circle that was light green with an indentation in the center. It had a blue ring that hugged the circle or almost circle because it had a straight end to it, resembling the round weights used on a bench press bar. The man told him, “This is argon. Take this to your scientist. It will provide energy to light cities for 1000 years. The use of argon for energy will save the planet’s resources”. He took the circle in his hands and began to go up but became afraid and let it go saying to the man, “if I go up too fast I’ll get the bends." He said to the witness, "Don’t be afraid, you will go to the surface slowly." When he surfaced he saw a city with a lot of industrial buildings. It was difficult to describe it because he felt displaced. The surface of the water was dark. He saw himself taking the object to a scientist who asked him “Where did you get this." He woke up at this point.

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