Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Last evening Frosty Wooldridge was on Coast to Coast am (August 11, 2008). He told about how overpopulation is depleting earth’s resources which will hinder us as humans. He agreed that the earth would survive long after man has vanished off this planet. The Earth has its own way to deal with what is taking place and it will continue on. You can see this for yourself if you watch what is happening on the weather channel or see documentaries on overpopulation in India and China. India is becoming wall to wall humans. They have had a hard time feeding their populace for years but now and in the future it will become even worse.

We have been warned about global warming. Some don’t believe it but from what we hear about the glaciers melting that have never melted before it would seem to stand to reason. Bare land at the north pole has been claimed by Russia. Bare land had never shown up there before because ice covered it. What I am leading up to by saying this are three books I have just read by Dr. Hank Wessleman. The first was “Spirit Walker”, the second “Medicine Maker” and the last, “Vision Seeker”. These were eye opening books.

Hank Wessleman is an anthropologist with a scientific mind. Through a series of paranormal experiences which happened out of the blue to him he somehow connected with his descendant 5,000 years in the future. I know that sounds fantastic but eventually he was able to experience what his descendant saw, felt and heard through connecting with his mind. Ultimately his descendant was able to communicate with him. But what he learned was mind boggling. This is the point I am making.

5,000 years in the future all of California’s Inland Valley was ocean. It was ringed by hills to the east. People had come from Hawaii in double hulled canoes of large size. The people had to leave there because of cataclysms. They brought their native plants wrapped in Ti leaves placed in mud. They had to make sure they made it without dying so when it rained the plants got watered before the people had anything to drink, even though they were parched. The Hawaiians started villages around the inland sea and their plants began to grow.

The descendant of Hank Wessleman became a Kahuna. He told about a journey of going out away from the villages to see if he could find people. The land had become tropical with birds that previously you would only see in the jungle, as were the monkeys, lions, elephants and only animals we have heard of living in Africa.

Over the mountains to the west were great plains where horses roamed. On his quest he met people that had come from what we would consider back east in Canada. They were Acadians mixed with very primitive stock. They were hunters and gatherers and kept moving. He became friends with them and learned the way of the Shaman from the leader. The leaders daughter became his wife. Those were the only persons he ever found. It was a case of reverting back to the original inhabitants of the planet as there were no machines of any kind and it was primitive.

Hank’s descendant referred to ancient English that was spoken before “The Great Fall” of the planet before everything changed. All we know is that there was approximately a 5,000 year time gap by the time he discovered his descendant. We do not know what happened that caused The Great Fall or when it happened. I was hoping he would discover that. The most important point is that something did happen due to a great catastrophe but we don’t know what caused it, whether it was global warming, nuclear annihilation, or a pole shift. Whatever it was caused California (the only place he observed) to become tropical with wild animals that were not native to that area. He thought perhaps these were animals that had been in zoos and when the catastrophe happened had escaped to survive on their own. How else could they be there?

Back to Frosty Wooldridge’s article on over population; as I said the earth will survive but the humans won’t. Perhaps they would have if they had listened about over population, containing the resources, and preparing for any eventuality.

For your own discernment find the books by Dr. Hank Wesselman and see for yourself what he experienced. He said we can do the same if we practice.

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