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I recently read her book on predictions her guides gave her as to what will happen to Planet Earth. There were many pages about the Shift they predicted. This book was written in 1999. Since then Ruth has passed on. What I was interested in was what they said about the president, assuming it is the candidate that is running now.

By Ruth's Guides

"Approximately five years ago the Guides said that they now foresaw a delay in the shift, explaining: "We have always told you that we could not tell you its exact time, because that is in God's hands. But we have also foreseen a Walk-in American president in place before then, preparing jobs and housing in safe areas. Since we do not now see a Walk-in president during this last decade of the century, we feel certain that the Shift will be delayed."

Inasmuch as no Walk-in candidate is yet in sight, this would indicate that no shift will occur before 2010 or 2012, since four years elapse between our presidential elections, and the then-president would require a few years to put his plan into operation after his election.

Readers of my previous books are aware of the Guides' prediction that a Walk-in will become president of the United States before the Shift occurs, and will be extremely helpful in preparing our nation, as well as others, with sage advice.

For those unfamiliar with the term, the Guides define Walk-ins as high-minded entities from the spirit plane who are permitted under certain circumstances to take over the unwanted bodies of other human beings, who then depart into spirit.

The motivation for the Walk-ins must be humanitarian, to help others and benefit humankind. The exchange cannot be made for selfish purposes, and it bears no resemblance to the many documented cases of possession, in which multiple egos, or malevolent spirits invade an inhabited body, creating havoc for all concerned.

The Guides have consistently refused to make known the identity of the Walk-in president. They indicated that the transferal of egos occurred rather recently and that the current occupant of that body is not yet fully aware of his destiny, "although he has been through a traumatic experience that will awaken him to that awareness."

The Guides said the Walk-in has already "come to some prominence, although he is not currently viewed as a savior of the nation. He will providentially appear and announce such sensible plans for rescuing the economy and feeding the starving people that both parties will listen to him. (It is) one who has held a public office before he became a Walk-in.'

Describing the Walk-in president as "a dedicated, spiritual person," they declared that he will be a "godsend not only to Americans and Canadians, but to others throughout the planet, as he advises their governments and gives counsel to many."

In the 1991 message they further wrote: "The Walk-in whose name is already familiar to many but not to all Americans will undergo the transformation within the next two or three years, and thereby be ready to assume the helm. His reputation will already have been established under the present identity, but many will remark the alteration in him shortly thereafter."

The following day they declared that "during the next few years there will be tremendous alterations in the weather patterns, so that these recent years will be regarded in retrospect as idyllic." Continuing their predictions of earthquakes, floods, and "tornadoes that will rip through the heartland of America," they added: "That is when the Walk-in will become exceedingly prominent, as he will by then have undergone a revolution from within. His candidacy will be announced, and he will be overwhelmingly elected, as he advises people on safe moves and prepares to set up government-endorsed housing and businesses in Sections of America that seem most likely to survive the Shift. Meanwhile, leaders in Europe and Asia will be casting about for similar projects and seeking advice from this American president."

From time to time I sought to know the identity of the promised Walk-in, but the Guides have consistently refused to divulge it. They did occasionally drop hints, as if we were playing a guessing game on Jeopardy! In May of 1993 they said that the individual "is already in office, in a rather unpublicized position, and will be assembling a fine set of solutions before his presidential race."

In January of 1994 the Guides were still reporting that the mysterious president-to-be had not completed the soul exchange. Referring to the body's present identity, they said: "the future president is now prominent but has not yet become a Walk-in. That will occur when he suddenly awakens to the futility of politics and the power game and will surrender his soul to the spirit plane, making way for his own replacement. When that occurs, many will be amazed at the alteration in his personality and goals. Some will scoff that it is for political purposes, but it will actually be the Walk-in who has taken over and who plunges into the task of preparing people for dramatic alterations in Earth and weather patterns."

Another day they tantalized me by writing: "His advent into body will occur shortly, so watch for hints of a rather radical change in a fairly prominent man. The Walk-in will be full of ideas and plans as he enters the new body that is already well established politically. He foresees from this side what needs to be done to alert people and prepare the safe areas for habitation by large numbers."

The exchange of the souls had apparently occurred between the Walk-in president-to-be and his predecessor, because in July 1998 they wrote: "Now for the Walk-in. His name is recognizable to you, although you do not know him. He has been in the government in some very good spots heretofore, and now that he has become a Walk-in he will begin to energize that body and formulate plans for meeting the crises facing America and the world. The substitution of ego has occurred, although not in a particularly dramatic way. His predecessor in that body was dispirited and sick of politics for the sake of playing games, and was ready to depart. Since he was in a good position to step forward through name recognition, he was willing to let another take his place, and that has been effected. He is still adjusting but will be heard from more dramatically as the time approaches for the nominating conventions. He is neither liberal nor conservative, as those terms are used today. He is sensible and aware, and has great sensitivity to the needs of others. He will be nominated and elected. All for now.


Later they contributed another "progress report." Reminding me that the Antichrist is now in a "somewhat minor position in government," they added: "But he will begin to rise as he realizes his full potential for evil. Let us emphasize that he is not Satan, but a longtime disciple of that rebellious one, and has had many previous Earth lives. He is fairly young still, but on the borderline of becoming eligible for the presidency at the turn of the century. That will be his ambition, and after the Walk-in president is installed in office, the Anti-Christ will try to move forward, making waves and attracting attention.

"As the Shift approaches he will begin to propose logical-sounding propositions to solve the problems and will attract followers, as he is a compelling speaker with what will seem to be a pleasing personality. He cares nothing for truth, so he will promise everything to everyone and say that he is the one person who can lead them out of the miseries of this decade. He will not be elected in 2000, but he will move into the turmoil immediately following the Shift, calling on all to follow him, and many will do so for a time, until he is unmasked for the evil incarnate that he is.

At a later date the Guides added: "The Antichrist will make his real grab for power after the Shift, when people are beset by problems and frantic for solutions, and he will soon attempt to become a dictator with powers to regulate all human activities. This will awaken thinking people to the perils of following such a person. His true colors will be seen, and he will eventually meet physical death through violent means. We do not wish to say more about him at this time."

Does that sound like anyone you know? Be aware. Be very aware.

Thursday's Child


Chris said...

You know I was thinking about Ruth's prediction and the recent presidential election in the US. I found your blog and thought, hmmm, maybe I am not the only one thinking about these things.

louise elizabeth said...

and yet some of us are awake at odd hours of the night thinking and researching this issue

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I am so glad I found this blog because I have been searching my memory to recall where I read this predition years ago. No, Chris, you are NOT the only person thinking about this. I'll bet all those who read Ruth's predictions long ago as I did are all thinking the same thing. I'm going to do more research...then begin TALKING! This is no time for any of us to be silent.

indigomom said...

Is anyone out there still thinking on this? I would love some more dialogue with others on it.

Jackie said...

Looks like Paul Davis Ryan fits the bill. Born Jan. 29, 1970. He WAS too young to run for President then. He did not get married until Dec. 2000. I think by that time he knew what he is about. Presidents must have wives and children. As VP, people will know who he is thus positioning himself to be of great "help" after the shift.

People insist the anti is Pres. Obama because Nostradamus mentioned the "dark one". "Dark one" does not only mean skin color, but could also be hair color or a dark "evil" person. From his policies, Ryan seems to fit both. Nostradamus did refer to the anti's followers as the "sons of darkness".

Yep. All the chess players are in place for the great shake-up!

Charlotte King said...
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Charlotte King said...

I knew Ruth personally and we spoke of this prediction from time to time about the WI President. She never named him and I did not ask, we just talked in general terms. Personally I believe the WI President will be Obama. I believe that its possible that Romney or Ryan will be shown as the dark ones they are. I receive many reports from government, political and channeled information and all of them tell us that OBAMA is the next President and he needs to be in place when the changes happen. That tells me he will be the WI President, I believe his energy is pure and he cares deeply about all people. I also believe that he is in a position to best help us if and when things change. I do not believe he is aware yet of who he is or his mission, as I do not believe that the soul migration has taken place as yet. Based on experience there has to be a event that will bring in the WI or push him to walk out, as I have found out it no longer has to be a NDE, but once he the change has taken place, he will wake up with full knowledge of what he is supposed to do. Just my opinion. WI from Sirius, Charlotte King, Author Ruth Montgomery Aliens Among Us 85'

Charlotte King Walk In X 9

Jackie said...

Hello, Charlotte King! I have been searching the internet for feedback since Pres. Obama's re-election. I was thinking that maybe I misread, or my research was faulty, about Ruth's book, The World To Come (TWTC). I, too, believe Obama is the WI. But others who said they read her book came up with something else. I Googled Obama's accomplishments and they lined up with what the Guides said he would do. Almost EVERYONE is so concentrating on Obama being the Anti that they are overlooking the other guys. One has to be at least 35 years to run for Pres. of the U.S. of A. Paul Ryan was 30 in 2000. As the Guides said, Ryan was too young then. Obama was not, he was 39.

I also believe Superstorm Sandy is where the "building shelters inland" ideas will come from. As more and more intense disasters leave increasingly large numbers of people jobless and homeless in the U.S., they will have to go somewhere. I don't see the Tea Party preparing to "...set up government-endorsed housing and businesses..." anywhere any time soon.

But, I don't understand why people can't see the differences between Obama and Ryan. The 2012 Presidential election was not between Obama and Romney, but Obama and Ryan. Both men have started making names for themselves at about the same time. Most Americans still equate a black man with "evil" (sigh). We have been told to be "aware" or "vigilant" of the Anti's coming... not told he would be so obvious. With the New Madrid Fault shaking and the ground rising in Yellowstone National Park, I don't think we have much time left to elect another Pres. in 2016 who will be a WI. Everything seems to be speeding up, happening one after another.

One person wrote, that Ruth said Obama will be assassinated. I don't remember reading that. In the TWTC - page 116, the Guides said in Chapter 10, The Aftermath, that "Leaders in various countries ... will exchange information with the American Walk-in President." So, Pres. Obama will still be alive AFTER the Shift. I would very much like to hear from you about this.


desert03knits said...

By now, it should fairly evident that the world Shift did not occur in anyone's sleep and did not happen prior to now! So we are looking for events of this nature to occur in the future. Simply because a President is black and simply because he embraces those who believe that they were born gay does not make a person the Antichrist. What will be best for all the earth will be a helpful, loving and non-judgmental nature. Let's start practicing that now!

Charlotte King said...
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Charlotte King said...

You are correct the Shift as we expected it did not occur but based on the timeline that " the guides " gave Ruth, I am beginning to believe that YES it did occur but it was a "Shift in Consciousness", not a physical shift as many thought it would be. As for the WI President, I do believe that it was/is OBAMA. I believe with the work he did previous to becoming President set him in the position that the Guides told Ruth about. As for the Antichrist, I believe that was the previous administration.. we have been lead down a primrose path first by his father and then by the son and now they are talking of a 2nd Son running for President. Not a good thing for this country.
Anyone who can be part of the attacks of 911 in my book is as evil as you can get. But I also believe that at some level he was a good soul who came into this body/incarnation to help teach us right from wrong, to think for ourselves. As they say I am not sure of the exact wording " and by their works you shall know them " and that applies here. I am anxiously watching Obama to see when the changes happen. Will he just " awaken" as I have done with several of my WI's or will he have a fall, an accident of some kind, also as I have done. I do not believe that he will be assassinated, that does not seem to be part of the plan that Ruth and I talked about. " We truly do live in interesting times" These are totally my own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of others who read this blog.