Monday, June 2, 2008


By Ann Ulrich Miller
The Star Beacon

Niara Isley is an artist,certified body-centered life coach and writer living in
Durango, Colo. She is also an experiencer andresearcher of extraterrestrial
phenomenon. “I feel like I’ve been in a process of spiritual inquiry since very young,” she disclosed recently in a radio interview with Dana Shino of The Purple Phoenix ( “The spiritual inquiry has formed a sort of ‘container’ that has helped me.”

Niara was brought up in a dysfunctional home,
with an alcoholic father and a very codependent

Early experiences as a child included a
nightmare when Niara was four years old. She woke
up screaming. In her dream, she remembered being
left under a street lamp. Her sister had left her there
and told her she’d pick her up later, but she didn’t.
“It was dark everywhere except under the street
lamp,” Niara said.

It wasn’t until many years later, under regressive
hypnosis, that it came out as an abduction by
the Zeta Reticuli. Niara recalls saying in a child’s
voice under hypnosis, “Well, it’s nighttime and it’s
dark outside... but my bedroom is full of light.”
The beings, she said, were scary looking with
big heads, big eyes and spindly bodies. As a child
she had found their appearance frightening.
In her early childhood she had ongoing
abductee/contactee experiences with the Grays, and
as she grew older, her feeling was that the Zetas
were trying to save their race, and she felt that was a
valid concern for them in picking people up and
doing some of the things they have done.

“One of the things the Zeta Reticulans are working
on is sexuality and sexual response,” Niara said.
"They’ve bred out all
emotion and the ability
to reproduce as
couples. They didn’t
want anything to do
with it because (long ago) their own passions
destroyed their world.”
She believes she was being used in sexual
experiments the Zetas conducted. Although hard for
her to talk about, she disclosed that it was very difficult
to realize just how much sexual stimulation was
given to her by the Zetas so that they could study
sexual response. “Sex feels wonderful, and when
you’re feeling those feelings, you want to surrender
to them. But when you’re with a being that is so far
from a human being... it doesn’t feel right. It was
really a difficult thing to feel the feelings with
beings that were not human beings.” She drew the
analogy of “pushing the accelerator” while at the
same time “stepping on the brakes.”

Lacking both sexuality and emotion
Niara found that the Zetas “use the means at
their disposal to study human sexual function and
response. Under hypnosis, I experienced a clear liquid
or gel applied to my genitals as a very young
girl, arousing sexual feelings in me that at the time I
was not prepared for, both pleasurable and frightening.
I read about this clear liquid or gel in a book as
an adult years later, cited by another experiencer.
The Zetas did not appear to me to have any sexuality
or much in the way of emotions.”

Later on in life, physical evidence emerged
from visiting doctors. Every time Niara went in for a
pelvic exam or pap test, she was told her uterus was
enlarged. The doctors wanted to know if she was
pregnant. She would explain that no, that wasn’t
possible as she hadn’t been with anybody. A couple
of times, she said, they ran pregnancy tests just to be
sure. “It was frustrating to hear this every time I got
near a doctor,” she commented. She feels she may
have been pregnant many times during her childbearing
years and that the fetuses were harvested
from the womb by the Zetas through a needle
through her belly button.

At one point she went in for a tubal ligation
and, under general anesthetic, when she was opened
up, she was still awake, and the doctor said her
abdominal cavity was full of adhesions. To her
knowledge, she hadn’t had any other procedures
done. The Zetas had been harvesting fetuses all
along through the needle in her navel.
Niara spoke a bit about hypnosis as a tool for
retrieving lost memories. She said it is important to
find a skilled facilitator who doesn’t ask
leading questions. Hypnosis has been
effective as evidence in a court of law.
More recent development has given it
less credibility because of “false memory
syndrome.” But upon investigation, she found that
people with connections to the CIA were on the
board who decided this, and it was due to so many
embarrassing and damaging memories people were
coming out with against the government, so they had
to try and discredit any memories brought forward.
Involvement between the Grays
and our government.

Niara recommends that interested readers listen to
Alfred Labramont Weber’s talk on the Exopolitics
Web site (
It discusses former President Eisenhower’s meeting
with ETs, which was covered in the December 2006
issue of The Star Beacon (“Ike and the Alien Ambassadors”
by Peter Carlson, The Washington Post).
Niara had a science background and entered the
Air Force as an electronics person. She believes the
government or military knew she was an abductee,
which predisposed her into being pulled into certain
things that happened to her in the military.
“Dan Sherman, author of Above Black: Project
Destiny, was inducted into a special intuitive communicator
program because the military knew he
(and a superior told him so when drafting him for
the program) was specially adjusted by ETs while in
the womb, making him a candidate with the special
skill and talent to be an intuitive communicator. In
this program, Sherman communicated telepathically
with ETs providing information to the military.”

She believes that a technology exchange
occurred between the Grays and our government.
“Zeta Reticulans can pick people up throughout the
population, at will, for their genetic experiments,”
she said. Also she believes that name swapping was
going back and forth, which predisposed her.
In the Air Force, Niara went into radar electronics,
working with auto-track radar, which is war-time
surface-to-air missile or anti-aircraft artillery radar.
“My first duty station in the Air Force was at
Nellis Air Force Base at North Las Vegas, Nevada,
working every other week out of Tonopah Electronic
Warfare Range for the first three months there,” she
explained. But 10 years later, she remembered that
during her entire time at Tonopah (in 1980), she only
had the most general memories of being there. “I
knew I worked there, but didn’t remember the people
I worked with, or where I slept at night. Hardly any
details whatsoever.” She basically had missing time
for three months out of her life.

An event wiped from memory

Through hypnosis with Budd Hopkins in 1994,
she discovered the following story: “I was standing
on the deck of the radar van in the middle of the
night, seeing saucer-shaped craft in the sky. We had
tried to track them earlier while inside the radar van,
but they could not be tracked.” Everyone was
dressed in fatigues, with no rank or insignia, and
they were warned not to speak to each other. “Up in
the sky there were at least nine saucer-shaped craft,
one so close that I could see it glowing orange on
the bottom.” She remembers feeling so scared,
because she thought she was seeing something that
was way above her security clearance.

A short time afterwards, Niara and the people
she was with were put on a bus and taken to a medical
facility, which she believes was probably Area
51. She can’t think of any other facility they would
have been taken to. “We were put in a waiting room,
in chairs that ran diagonally from one corner to the
other, with backs to the hallway with double doors
and lights from the hallway, but no lights in the waiting
room.” Then, one by one, they were called into a
little room.

She got called and was told to go in. There was
a guard with a sidearm standing there. She was told
to lie down on a stainless steel table. She was fully
clothed and laid there for a long while, feeling
scared. Finally, a man came in wearing a white lab
coat. He walked past the guard and up around the
table and kept saying to her in a deadpan voice,
“Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.”
“When he got up on the right side of my head,
he then injected my neck with a hypodermic needle,”
she revealed. And at that point in the regression
session, Niara spontaneously came out of hypnosis
and sat bolt upright on the couch with an excruciating
headache that lasted for three days.

The information that came to Niara during that
session prompted her journey to understand it. “This
plunged me into a completely different world than
the one I had supposed I grew up being part of,” she
wrote in her January 2008 essay, “Exopolitics Comes
of Age” (found on her Web site, http:// “I have delved
into this, feared the ridicule myself and, because
there was so much I couldn’t get answers to, tried to
push it out of my life.”

Finally, she had to undertake the healing journey
that allowed her to integrate her experiences productively
into the whole of her life. “I have resisted coming
forward as yet another ‘voice in the wilderness’
for a long time,” she proclaims, “and yet, now it
seems to be necessary, and my journey has well equipped
me to present what I feel I have to offer on
this subject, from a place of heart and conscience.”

Niara feels there is absolutely nothing to be
feared of these extraterrestrials who are visiting us.
“Their technology can help us.” The beings are here,
visiting the planet, and they are interdimensional.
2012 is coming up, and the shift in evolutionary consciousness
will take us into the 5th dimension and
“enlightenment of the entire human race.”

Once a month Niara hosts a group of locals in
the Durango area and they share information and
films on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials.
She notes that sightings have increased exponentially
on a global basis, and that people need to be prepared
for open contact.

Niara’s blog at http://durangoexopolics.blogspot.
com, was initiated to share news of exopolitical
events and ET disclosures, because “while I heartily
applaud all the groups worldwide coming forward to
address this issue, I feel that a huge piece is being
left out — extraterrestrial technology that our government
has had since the Roswell crash and perhaps
much more, as research in this area bears out. This
technology could hold important keys to solving our
current and expanding environmental crisis by providing
clean, free energy and removing the need for
dangerous and polluting sources of energy — oil,
coal and nuclear energy.

“And if extraterrestrial technology, and perhaps
even open contact with ETs themselves, can help us
avert a global environmental crisis — if it can help
humanity survive, thrive, and have the chance to
evolve into the beautiful and magnificent potential I
believe we as a species have, my time working to
bring it into the mainstream public domain is time
very well spent.”

As a certified Body Center Life Coach, Niara
focuses on feelings in the body for healing purposes,
and accepts donations for her work. You can learn
more about it at Niara
may be contacted at Her
exopolitics article can be read at American Chronicle
Used by permission of Ann Ulrich Miller, Editor of
the Star Beacon -

Thank you Ann!

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