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Many years ago I lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I looked for like minded persons like myself. Only found one and soon we became friends. His name was Bill Allen. He had been a teacher in Calgary, finally retired and moved to Kelowna, BC where I visited him after I moved back to Seattle. This case was investigated by Bill Allen. Some of you may have heard it before but the newer ones to UFOlogy I am sure haven't. So this is the David Seewaldt case which took place on November 17, 1967. This was written up by B. Ann Slate in the April 1976 UFO Report.

It was 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 17, 1967 in Alberta, Canada. Thirteen-year-old David Seewaldt ran through the front door of his home and raced upstairs like someone was after him. He was late coming home so his older sister, Angela, was alarmed and followed him upstairs. There she found him trying to hide under his bed. David was in a state of shock and mortal terror. Angela also noticed that he was wearing only one shoe. She grabbed her brother and shook him, asking what was wrong.

David was trembling violently. He was staring past her glassy-eyed dazed, his eyes reflecting the inconceivable horror he had just experienced.

"I.... I was chased by a flying saucer!" the teenager stammered. But even then, David Seewaldt couldn't remember the entire incident.

His missing shoe was later found in the middle of the road outside his home. David had left his friend's house just before six p.m. It was only a three minute walk home if he cut across the vacant field, but David, who was always on time, couldn't account for those lost 30 minutes. The boy's usually placid, easy going manner was replaced by an unusual nervousness and tension the rest of that weekend. When pressed further about his experience with the UFO, David Seewaldt couldn't remember any details -- just that something had followed him.

Five months later, in April 1968, David had a nightmare. In his sleep, he struggled violently with his younger brother who was finally able to wake him up. "Call Dad," David said hoarsely, sinking back onto his pillow. "Now I know what happened when I was chased by the UFO!"

David remembered being taken aboard the flying saucer and subjected to a physical examination by aliens; aliens so different from Man that he referred to them as "monsters."

His parents, after hearing their son's incredible statement, became quite concerned and called in UFO researcher-investigator W. K. Allen of Kelowna, B.C., they had heard Allen discuss flying saucers on a radio talk show. Allen went to the Seewaldt home on Sunday, November 19th to interview David but no new information was learned. All the boy could recall was that a UFO had chased him as he walked home across the empty field.

Because of the untiring efforts of Bill Allen, a series of hypnotic regression sessions were arranged with a leading dental surgeon. The preliminary sessions produced such states of terror in David, who trembled, perspired profusely, and wrung his hands, that the dentist-hypnotist had to proceed very slowly. Each time he inquired about what happened after David had "looked up and saw this big thing," the hypnotized boy could not audibly reply. His fear caused his legs to start shaking violently.

When David regained his composure, the doctor repeated the same question which caused another spasm of terror.

Bill Allen, who attended the hypnotic sessions, was convinced by David's reactions that the boy had indeed undergone a terribly traumatic experience. David was not inhibited. When under hypnosis, the dental surgeon suggested that perhaps he'd been late that winter evening because he was up to some mischief with his friend and devised the UFO tale as a cover-up. David's reaction was extremely violent and hostile. The youngster was adamant that he was telling the truth.

After many trial sessions the dentist changed his approach and discovered a way to circumvent David's horror of reliving the confrontation.

"Do you watch television?" the dentist asked. David said he did.

"You've never been hurt watching television have you?" The dentist asked and when the hypnotized boy agreed, it was suggested that David recount his experience in terms of viewing it on a television screen - a drama that couldn't possibly harm him.

As the experiment proceeded, Dr. Masson, a psychologist form the University of Alberta was called in. The following are selected portions from his questioning of David under deep hypnotic recall.

Dr: Now David you feel very well. I would like you to see yourself on the 19th of November last year. You can visualize that, you can see yourself there. All right, will you tell me where you are?
David: I'm in the empty lot.
Dr. All right, look around and tell me everything that you see.
David: I see an object in the sky above me.
Dr. What color is the object?
David: Silver-grayish. It has a colored band of lights around the middle of it. All colors... green, yellow, blue, orange, red, pink.
Dr. What happens next?
David: They put an orange beam on me.
Dr. Where does the beam come from?
David: The ship.
Dr. What part of the ship?
David: The middle... on the bottom.
Dr. How did you feel when the beam touched you?
David: I was sort of in a trance.
(Earlier David had stated under hypnosis that when he saw the beam coming down, he felt frightened. Now he was describing a second reaction after it touched him and he was being pulled up into the ship.)
Dr. Did the beam grab hold of your arms or did it grab hold of your body... what does the beam do to you?
David: It just brought me up in the ship.
Dr. How did it bring you up, like you were going up in an elevator?
David: No.
Dr. Did you feel a funny sensation as you were going up?
David: No.
Dr. Were you frightened?
David: No, I was in a trance.
Dr. Did you scream?
David: No.
Dr. All right now what's going on, keep telling me what's going on.
David: The beam is bringing me in the ship now. I see a monster.
Dr. Tell me all about the monster.
David. It has a scaly skin. It has holes for its nose and holes for its ears and it has a slit on its face for a mouth. It's brown.
Dr. How many monsters do you see?
David: Two
Dr. What made you think that the skin was scaly? What was there about the skin that made you think it was scaly?
David: It looked like a crocodile's skin. It's sort of rough all over.
Dr. What did their backs look like? Did they have a crocodile back too?
David: I never saw their backs.
Dr. Did they have any clothes on?
David: No, just that sort of skin.
Dr. Were they smiling?
David: No
Dr: Were they angry?
David: No
Dr. Were they happy?
David: No, they didn't show any expression.
Dr. Tell me everything that's happening now.
David. They put me on sort of a cot. He's looking at my body
Dr. What about your body?
David: He's studying it. He took all my clothes off.
Dr. All right David, now what is happening?
David: They're bringing me... through a hallway into another room.
Dr. What does the other room look like?
David. It has all sorts of bright lights in it...
Dr. What else do you see?
David: Theres another table there. They put me on that table.
Dr. And now, David?
David: He's lifting my head up. Hes lifting it up! (His voice is extremely frightened and plaintive as if wanting to escape from something.) He looks at my hair and my eyes and my nose... (Now David's breathing rises and falls with gasps and sobs as he relives that terrifying moment.)
Dr. How many are looking at you?
David: Four
Dr. What are they like?
David: They all look the same.
Dr. Can you tell me something more about their face?
David: It's sort of scary.
Dr. What about their head?
David: It's round.
Dr. How many hands do they have?
David: Two
Dr. Are their hands very similar to yours?
David: No. They're like... real rough.
Dr. How many fingers do they have?
David: Four
Dr. Do they have a thumb as well?
David. No
Dr. How big are these beings?
David: About six feet.
Dr. What are they wearing?
David: It looks like they're not wearing anything. They have a brown sort of scaly skin-like.
Dr. How many feet do they have?
David: Two. There's nothing on their feet.
Dr. How many toes do you see on their feet?
David: Four
Dr. What else do you notice about them that's unusual?
David. They only have four fingers. They have holes for their ears and nose and a slit for their mouth.
Dr. Are they saying anything to you?
David: I can't understand.
Dr. Why can't you understand?
David: It's a... it's a strange language
Dr. He's not speaking in English?
David: No.
Dr. Imitate the sound these beings are saying.
(David makes a long buzzing or humming sound much like a giant bee or some type of machinery. Dr. Masson asks him to repeat it in case they could detect a pattern which might be deciphered.)
Dr. And who is saying this?
David: Just one of them. He's telling the others.
Dr. What is he doing while he is saying this?
David: He's looking at my body.
Dr. Have you ever been on a table like that before?
David. Yes.
Dr. Where?
David: In an operating room.
Dr. What's going on now? You're on the table....
(David pauses, breathing heavily, as if not wanting to remember. The psychologist repeats the question, telling the hypnotized boy that he will be comfortable and not frightened by anything that he sees.)
David: They put this other thing over me.
Dr. What other thing? What does it look like?
David: It's a grayish color and they just throw it over me and then this great big, huge, orange-colored light comes down and is shown on me. Then one of them took sort of a needle. It's gray, it's small. He sticks it in my arm.
Dr. Were you awake all the time when you were in this room?
David Yes.
Dr. Did they give you anything to eat or drink?
David: No, I was sort of in a trance.
Dr. How did you feel in that trance state?
David: Sort of... I felt funny. I felt numb.
Dr. And what goes on now?
David: Then they put my clothes on again, they wheeled me out and they beamed me down.
Dr. Where do you get down?
David: In the empty lot.
Dr. Just before you saw the ship, what are you doing?
David: I'm walking.
Dr. Do you hear anything?
David: Yes, a high pitched sound.
Dr. What do you do when you hear it?
David: I look up and I see this great silvery-grayish object.
Dr. How big is the object?
David: About as big as a house.
Dr. And how far is it off the ground?
David: About 30 to 40 feet.
Dr. What do you notice about this object?
David: It has colored lights around the middle which melt together.
Dr. Do you feel any wind? Any vibration?
David: Just a wind.
Dr. What reaction do you have?
David: I'm frightened.
Dr. You ran?
David: Yes, but then the beam short down on me.
Dr. And what did the beam do when it shot down at you?
David: It brought me into the ship.
Dr. Now I would like you to come back to the time just before you see the ship and before you hear that high pitched sound. What are you doing, how are you feeling, what are you thinking?
David: I was coming from my friend's house. I felt great! I wasn't thinking about nothing.
Dr. Now, right after the beam has pulled you up and everything, we're right back and the object has disappeared. Now what's going on?
David: I start to run for home.
Dr. And how do you feel as you run home?
David: Frightened.
Dr. Is there any other feeling that you have?
David: I'm scared... frightened, I feel sort of numb all over.
Dr. Is there any part of your body that feels different from any other part of your body?
David: Yes, my head, like it was twirling around.
Dr. And how do your legs feel?
David: Numb.
Dr. I'm going to wake you now. You're back at the present. After you wake up, you'll be wide awake, you'll be alert, you'll be confident, you'll feel fine...

All the hypnotic regression sessions with David Seewaldt were videotaped but efforts to obtain copies of transcripts of the experiment have been denied.

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