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Many investigators have long realized the more than coincidental connection between UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle. For instance, the years 1945 to 1948 yielded an unusual number of Triangle disappearances, and every UFO buff knows that UFOs really began to make headlines around the world in 1946. Similarly, the years 152, 1966 and 1973 yielded major UFO flaps, and in these same years, the Triangle took a large toll of planes and ships.

The disappearances themselves suggest UFO involvement. In the cases of the Avengers, the Star Tiger, the Star Ariel, the DC-3, and numerous others, there were reports of strange "lights" or "flares" soon after the disappearances. In one case, that of the Star Ariel, the object reported was a "floating object that reflected moonlight"! Since an inspection of the suspected areas turned up nothing, who can say that these "strange lights" were not really UFOs?

The case of the Avengers is particularly mystifying. Art Ford, who investigated this disappearance for over three decades, discovered some very interesting facts about the Avengers in the National archives at Washington, DC. One of them was a transmission from the head of the flight, Ltd. Taylor. As a search plane was going up to find the Avengers, Taylor radios: "They look like they're from outer space -- don't come after me."

Other disappearances are downright ghastly; some are actually terrifying. For instance, an F-4 Phantom Jet Fighter took off from Homestead Air Force Base on Sept. 10, 1971. The plane was tracked for 85 miles until it reached a position southeast of Miami. Then it disappeared from the radar screens. An air-sea hunt sent out to find the F-4 didn't turn up a scrap of evidence from the plane, even though it vanished in waters only 30 feet deep.

Some pilots have reported inexplicable magnetic aberrations and large, dark shapes which hovered over their craft. Ships have reported the same phenomena. One outstanding case occurred in 1966, when Capt. Don Henry's 160-foot tugboat Good News experienced magnetic aberrations and a strange, deadly tug which tried to pull the vessel backwards. At one point, a barge it was towing was engulfed in an eerie cloud, yet it was a clear and sunny day. It is my belief that this vessel and its crew came within a hairsbreadth of becoming Triangle victims.

It is my belief that the Triangle victims were pulled into the sea by means of a high-intensity traction beam. The following case supports my suspicions. In October 1971, a four-engined Super Constellation took off from Miami, FL, with a cargo of frozen beef. As it neared Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas, it passed over the research ship R/V Discoverer. Suddenly, the plane was apparently pulled out of the sky, and it crashed into the sea. The Discoverer was at the scene of the crash a few minutes later, yet there was no debris or wreckage from what should have been a devastating crash.

But why should the craft have been pulled into the sea? Simple. The ufonauts must have an underwater base in the Triangle. My suspicions are confirmed by Berlitz's report of "domes rising out of the ocean" and the reports of UFOs diving in and out of the waters of Moselle Reef in the Bahamas.

There are so many different aspects to the Bermuda Triangle mystery it would be impossible for me to describe them all in detail here. However, one important case does stand out above all the others, yet it did not occur in the Triangle, but over 1,000 miles away, in Ashland, Nebraska. In December 1967, Patrolman Herbert Schirmer was taken aboard a UFO and communicated with its occupants. Under hypnosis, Schirmer said the following:

"There are definitely UFO bases in the US. There is a base located beneath the ocean off the East coast of Florida which is a big thing.... this would be used for their benefit and ours...."

What could be more proof than that?

Alexandre de Costa
Fort St. Lucie, Florida

When we first began our organization Herb Schirmer came to our meetings. He was a policeman in Tacoma, WA then.

Another experiencer that was regressed remembered being taken to an underwater base off of Florida also. He drew pictures under hypnosis of what he saw there.

Jorge Martin's book describes many underwater activities off of Puerto Rico.

Wendelle Stevens published a book by the name of UFO CONTACT FROM UNDERSEA. The book UFO CONTACT FROM IARGA also took place at sea.

Then there is another book, WE WERE FOLLOWED, which describes UFOs tracking a vessel all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.

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