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Mr. UFO!
From UFO Universe

I ha a close encounter with a UFO on 9 June 74. This happened while I was stationed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. I had attended an ESP course at the local education center and my ESP teacher Paul Clements had me hypnotized to recall what I had seen. I still have the cassette that was made that night by a friend that attended the class with me. To this day I cannot reproduce the drawing that I had done under regression. I had been seeing a psychiatrist for migraines, Col. Tom Guyden, and he hypnotized me too. Both my ESP teacher and psychiatrist could not find out how I returned to the barracks that night.

This what I remember. I was bored that night and was watching TV. The movie ICE STATION ZEBRA was on. My roommates were in that night too. I decided that I had seen the movie enough times and got dressed and went for a walk. I felt safe walking by myself on base. I walked from the barracks to the USATC&S school. To my left was the Officers' Quarters across the street, from where I was standing the flag pole was near me.

Looking across the field I noticed a light coming above the church (at the other end of the field). It definitely was a ship. It was oval and I could see individual colored lights revolving in a circular motion on the bottom. As it got nearer, I noticed three occupants. The center figure was standing and one sat on either side of that person. I saw the equipment surrounding them. Emblems on their clothing.

I got a message telepathically: "We know you are a SHADO operative. We do not have time to contact you further at this time. We will contact you or another person later." The next thing I remembered was waking up to my alarm clock and getting dressed for work. To give you some background: I belonged to a science fiction club SHADO USCC based in California. It was an off-shoot from a British TV series (UFO). I had grown up liking science-fiction programs, movies, books, etc.

My twin and I had seen a few UFOs in Columbus, GA while we were going to high school. When we reported them to the police and air force they said that nothing of theirs were in the area. I no longer belong to that club (I think I let the membership run out in 1976).

A few days after my encounter I went away for the weekend and when I returned some friends of mine said that two men in black were asking for me. I never saw or heard from those men in black.

I left Fort Devens in 1976 and went to language training in Monterrey, CA. I saw some UFOs while I was on the beach with some friends. I graduated from language school and went to Goodfellow AFB, TX for intelligence school. I saw two sets of UFOs there. The first set I reported to the Air Police on base. Nothing of ours was flying nor any civilian aircraft. They made me feel ridiculous for reporting it. Needless to say that when I saw the second set of UFOs I did not report it.

I would like to find out what happened from the moment they talked to me and when I woke up in the barracks.

I also would like to know why I cannot reproduce that picture. My friend had reproduced it for me that night in class and I tried an experiment with it. I put tracing paper (carbon) underneath and traced the picture. Nothing came out on the bottom sheet but yet when I wrote my name diagonally across the picture that showed up on the bottom sheet of paper. I had a bad feeling about holding on to that picture and destroyed it a few nights later. Now I wish I hadn't.

I didn't talk about this too much while I was in the military because of the ridicule.

Maria Elena M......

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