Friday, November 23, 2007


Allow me to relate a most amazing incident that occurred here in Puerto Rico in which a small boy disappeared in the vicinity of El Yunque -- a large rain forest located near Fayardo. This area has become infamous for the mysterious disappearances that have plagued it.

It seems that in the latest of these disappearances the missing child is telepathically communicating with his father.

I have a close friend who lives near a relative of the family involved who decided to inquire about the incident. One day after a long chat over coffee, talking about family and local gossip, my friend came out and asked her about the matter. Reluctantly she related the following account.

One night her cousin (the missing boys' father) was tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep with worry about his son. He was oppressed by the unshakable feeling that something was about to happen.

Suddenly he heard a very faint voice calling him saying, "Father, Father, it's me."

The man feared he was losing his mind because he recognized the voice as his sons.

He was also upset for he suspected that someone was playing tricks on him.

This calling continued for days until the man couldn't stand it any longer. He dressed, got into his car, and started driving, seemingly without a destination -- or so he thought. Before long he found himself on the road to El Yunque. When he reached the place where the child had disappeared he was overcome by an inner sense of peace. His son had again begun to speak to him.

Through telepathic communication his son told him not to worry. He was safe and comfortable on another planet. The "beings" were good to him. They were preparing him for a future generation. Things were fine.

The father continues to go to El Yunque to talk with his son. He refused to speak to strangers except, of course, in the strictest confidence, and even then with a great reluctance as if a careless word or slight impropriety might well disturb that delicate world both he and his son inhabit.

Ely Aponte
Puerto Rico

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