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By Diesha

Early in the spring of 1982 I was invited to spend some time in the mountains of northern Idaho with some friends who were trappers. They lived in a teepee and lived in total balance with mother/father/nature. My friends are people who have shunned the world of selfish man and have removed themselves from contamination from him and his fears and hatreds, only coming to town when it was time to sell their furs.

During this time was when I first met them. It was like a giant energy pulled us together, I represented all they wanted to avoid by living in town and they, just by their strange rugged appearance were not someone I would go out of my way to want to meet much less be seen talking to. But here we both were, talking to each other as if we had known each other for always and had very little time to tell each other what had happened in our lives.

Time began to have little meaning in this our first physical meeting. A oneness began long ago was once more sealed in time. An important door had been opened to me, how important I was not to know until I accepted their invitation to stay with them in the high mountains in the cold and snow.

First, you need to know a few things about me. I love comfort. I dislike cold and snow so much that I often wonder that guidance sent me to live in Northern Idaho and if ever any one suggests anything to do with having to exert physical energy, I will disappear into the background as fast as possible hoping no one will suggest I participate.

Here I was agreeing to this visit knowing all I disliked most in the world would confront me at once. To get to their place you had to use a 4 x 4 for about 12 miles up into the mountains on fire trails, then walk a few more miles through the snow to their camp.

From the moment we were about 6 miles into the mountains I began to have feelings, and saw visions of the area being other than it now appeared in my reality. I felt people calling me and welcoming me. All the way up, I kept thinking, this is really dumb! I am only scared and am having a reaction to this fear brought on by being in a very strange situation. Even with these thoughts, I could still feel all these people. I finally told my friends and they said they also heard them and that they were spiritual guidance and the spirits of all that I was beginning to balance with.

We continued our trip by 4 x 4 as far as we could and began to walk packing in supplies. Each step that I took closer to their camp further altered my reality and seemed to open me to another reality. By the time we got to the meadow right below their camp I was seeing another time and place from where I was. After we arrived at the teepee and unloaded our packs, they asked me to walk forward from the front of their teepee and tell them what I felt. In truth I felt nothing. It's what I saw and was a part of that is the true story.

As I walked forward further into the clearing I saw a beautiful Lady coming toward me dressed in a flowing linen dress with intricate bead work on the hem, neck line, and sleeves. She introduced herself and said that her name was Starla and I was her sister and I was the first of many who would find the answer to their search for home. She said each would be guided to the place where spirit could transcend time/space to complete the cycle of search.

Starla continued to tell me that the area that held the teepee 300 years before had been the spiritual place for the women of her people. The young girls came here to talk to spirit for guidance on the directions of their lives of whether they would marry or be one with the god like of their people.

This area was also a spiritual temple of healing for all the women of the tribe. She showed me one of the herbs that they used for healing. It was a curly fern that they dried and used in many different ways to heal the body.

As I looked round me I saw the area filled with the soft green grass and moss, clear flowing streams flowing on either side of the area, coming from a rock outgrowth of rock that protected the south side of the area from intruders of all kinds. From the center of this sheer rock face spouted forth a great stream of water, clear and sweet tasting. Between the two streams were two smaller dome shaped white, with black criss-crossed patterned, huts. Between these two was a giant one that she said was the temple of healing.

Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful women with golden skin, green or blue eyes and they all had light blond to reddish hair, tall, slender and beautiful. Very graceful, as if each step was taken to music, that only they heard.

Starla turned me around. Stretched before me in the meadow I had just recently climbed through, was a village of about 3000 people going about their daily lives. Some dressed as Starla and some dressed in animal hides, that were soft like velvet - all decorated with different designs. All the houses were a repeat of what was in the clearing behind me.

Starla told me that this was not her real name but in translation into English it was as close as she could come, as I would find it impossible to be able to repeat her name in my limited language.

Starla began to tell me the history of my people and where they came from, all of which I will not tell at this time as it would take a book to fulfill that purpose. We came at the birth of the trees, grass and animals, upon this planet, to bring man into this world from a blue planet, two planet systems to the northwest of this planet grouping with the same galaxy or star system.

All that she was telling me answered the questions I had had since early childhood about a continuous dream about a dress I had until my first encounter with a UFO at age 12. From that point on the dream diminished until I had it no longer, it being replaced with contact with these beings, either through physical contact or hearing them speak to me in my head. Here was my dream being explained to me.

We settled in the area that mankind now calls an imaginary place where centuries later the great civilization of Atlantis once stood. As we did not, until after the end of the Atlantean period begin to experience physical death upon this planet, we had stayed and interacted, and directed, budding man groups upon this planet; always from a distance as we could not live among them being so very different in all ways. They began in their childish ways to consider us gods and we allowed this to become their reality. Our stories are still a part of your history, handed down as the stories of the gods of the skies and earth.

Great peace reigned upon this planet until three centuries into the Atlantean period when wanting to become more as they thought we were the people began to want power for control. Conceit, hate, lies and distrust of each other began to grow and from this, the first of many great wars, the likes of which mankind has yet to see in this time, appeared among man of this planet. All the instruments of goodness and plenty that we had given man he turned into tools of his own destruction, finally destroying the great empire of Atlantis and the four islands that lay close to Atlantis. Those who stayed faithful to the laws of the one creator and lived love and gentleness, we gathered in our great ships and relocated to safe areas all around your planet. The energy that was placed in your air from the release of man's and nature's anger filled the air with poisons that began to change our genetic pattern and we began to experience physical death.

Those among us that were left had a great decision to make, mankind still needed guidance, but not as freely as it was given before. So a decision was made. Some of the younger of the group would stay and help mankind upon the planet, others would rise far above the planet and live there in ships replacing those upon the planet with set time limits so that they would escape physical death. Another group of us left for our home planet to bring news of our great experiment and its results and to gather more volunteers as we had lost many of our people to becoming more a part of this planet's life history than we had thought could happen and others were so filled with the poisons of the air, died a physical death upon your planet. With a heavy heart for all that they had learned upon this planet, the small group left for home 25,000 years away in time/space, knowing that once more they would return within 25,000 years to once more help mankind.

Those who remained still to this day guide and help mankind awaiting their brother and sisters return very soon. Starla's group became physically bound to life upon this planet - their lives lived with very extended life expectancy compared to man upon this planet. They as all the other groups slowly removed themselves to areas apart from man of the planet and only interacted with him when there was a need to be filled. Some moved to underground areas, other into the mountains, always to a safe and remote place far from man...to further assure their physical safety, they began stories about certain places being sacred or taboo, whichever would best fall in line with the beliefs of the people who lived close enough to that area who might become curious. Starla and my people had lived a very peaceful life for many, many, centuries undisturbed by man or his anger. Then one day a great green cloud filled with golden dust came over their area and began to fall upon the people. Death came upon them quickly turning the insides of their throats into a thick swollen purple sore that closed off their life's breath. We were only able to bury according to beliefs, only a small part of our people. I, at this time, was a priest in the temple and was one who did not survive.

Before I died the priests gathered together and told the people who remained to gather together and move to the south and the southeast. As they moved along their journey they were to join with the many tribes of people who would welcome them into their villages.

This movement took many years and those who didn't join with other groups along the way finally settled in the area that is now the swamps of Florida. As it was no longer safe for these people to expose all the abilities that they possessed they became visionaries and healer for the people they joined. Within time they, and their children, began to forget the true history of who they were. They decided it would be better to allow that what once was great, to become only a legend. Yet still among the peoples of this planet, as here in the United States, there are groups who know, and remember, that which is more than a legend.

Starla asked me to perform a sacred ceremony for the dead to release the spirit. After the ceremony was completed I knew all was the truth and I was free to once more be who I chose to be.

While all this exchange of information was happening between Starla and me, my friends could see a heavy gold glow surrounding me. This whole event only took 1/2 hour of our time. They said during the whole time I never moved a muscle.

The story continues from this ending to another beginning of which I have no idea where it will lead. Within weeks of this adventure I began having an old (300 years or older) medicine man coming into my dreams and meditation.

He lived, or lives, I am not sure how to class him, in the mountains northwest of Taos, New Mexico. I feel that I am not to say all that happened right now.

Originally this was published in the Missing Link magazine.

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