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By Joy Barish

In this same letter he described a mischievous music box which began playing "Happy Days are Here Again" just like that and OB believed it can only be activated by turning a tiny button which isn't the easiest thing to do, he says. A spirit, a fairy, an alien? Well aliens and fairies, as well as angels are the same to me -- so it goes.

OB has had many way out - out of the ordinary dreams. I won't broach on them now but they are far out even by my standards. I thought I had pretty unusual dreams! In a recent one he felt he was hanging from a cliff -- as if over the Grand Canyon and he heard a voice saying "Let it go." He looked down and saw tiny rivers, roads and tops of mesas. He then said in the dream something which sounds quite silly now, he admits "If you're so sure, you drop first, and then I'll follow you." He calls this dream "terrifying."

Was it a result of the alien encounter I'm slowly but surely working my way towards or just part of his total psychic, spiritual, structure, loose astral, and perhaps, a loose etheric vehicle, also or/and something to do with past lives or maybe all of them. When we are dealing with so many phenomena in someone's life it's hard to pin it down and say this is it -- this is why dogmatically, so all we can do is make suggestions not ourselves and others, that sound plausible and possible. OB's horoscope may play a part here. I'm sure it does, but this will have to wait for the moment.

The dream (above) is simple compared to others he's described to me over the years, but this will have to do for now at least!

He said not too long ago he was once working at another mill somewhere else in North Carolina when he saw what appeared to be an "elderly man at the side of bridge that spanned an interstate highway." He drew up closer (he was accompanied by a young man, a coworker at the time) and as he did so the "man" began to 'swing his cane back and forth' and he pulled up two car lengths beyond the spot where the elderly hitchhiker stood and when he looked back the elderly man was gone. He walked up and down the road - he was gone that's all! He claims his brother-in-laws mother always avoided this road. I should ask him some time - why? Did she see the elderly man also? I have not come to the prime hitchhiker yet, this is the frosting before the cake - so to speak.

Now my friends, I come to my piece' de resistance. A few years ago he once aw a "fellow" standing by the side of the road out of Salisbury, VA, wearing what appeared to be a thin topcoat and thinking that "he" was on the verge of freezing, immediately drew aside to pick him up and take him wherever her was going. This fellow complained about the heat of OB's "van" as if he hadn't even been cold (OB's comment).

Everything seemed very "normal" he said but he kept "complaining" about the heat so OB suggested that he unbutton his coat which he did. Then OB noted he wore no shirt and then the blond young man opened his coat all the way and guess what - he was totally nude! OB asked him from where he came and thought he said "Venice." OB asked (naturally) then, "California?" and he said, "Yes, California!"

(Have any of you seen the Saturday night show a few years ago - re. playing the CONEHEADs from Mars or Venus, and when anyone asked where they were from, they would say in unison, "Oh, France!" They had strange, huge, cones on their heads. Just thinking of that now is not really relevant, yet huge "cones on the head" and a nude passenger wearing only a topcoat in freezing weather in a way, come to think of it, may be the odd attire is a bit relevant or should I say, unattire on OBs passenger.)

OB claims the voice wasn't deep or high. It was hard to describe. These are OBs words. The blond young man began to say something about government siding with industry against the common people in order to purposefully cause financial collapse and he made various political prophecies. This is not your ordinary hitchhiker (nude or not) and certainly from what he told me, which I'm relating to you, 100%, now this is not some wayward homosexual wandering a bit far from the nearest gay bar. He made no suggestive advances (physical or verbal) to my friend who is a happily married heterosexual male 1000%, by the way!

The road was quite icy he said yet he felt, "compelled to memorize the face of my passenger". It was an unusual face, yet normal - with uncommonly large eyes. (How many times have we read that UFO accounts, fairies, elves have abnormally large eyes and many of them by the way, have been seen "frolicking" about in the buff.

In FATE a few years ago there was an article by Jerome Clark about a long ago contactee called the First Contactee by him, I think, who in the 1800s came upon an elysian scene in the woods up in the northwest, I think. They were all lovely blond people - males and females in the nude. All about 3 to 4 feet tall and they told this illiterate woodsman contactee that they were "Venusians!"

Through the ages people, especially in the Celtic countries have attempted to make/buy clothes to clothe the "Good People" (fairies) and sometimes in doing so, have lost the good will of their usually unseen neighbors, and favors they've gotten from them have stopped abruptly. Their luck changes from excellent, miraculous, to disasterous. OB had some problems I can't go into after this encounter so there is a clue here. Nothing fatal but minor, domestic things. This is not unusual in UFO encounters.

OB thinks the eyes were bright, bright blue and the blond hair which looked too fine to hold the regular waves in them ran all the way down to the back of his neck. The overall complexion was totally fair but not pallid. No accent in the voice. OB calls him a "UFOnaut fairy or unique Earthling!"

OB, as in hundreds of UFO cases, was warned not to say anything and not to tell anybody what he had been told. When he first told me that he had some fairly serious (and some not so serious) problems after telling me I felt a bit guilty. In a way I'm glad he confided this to me, as this encounter has no UFO attached to it.

The strange blond, young man by the side of the road certainly falls into the category of a UFO type. More like Adamski's people than the usual dwarfs or robots or dancing tin cans in one incident that happened up in Minnesota years ago to a radio personality up there that I faintly remember.

I am an amateur astrologer and its interesting that OB has a Pisces Sun (March 18, 1934), which makes him acutely sensitive to other people's feelings, and probably intricate detail down to the smallest detail. I should say he is inventive, i.e., cars, trucks, electrical gadgets, etc. He is always devising new things for his daily life. A music lover says my stars tell (and he is a bluegrass musician) also a "devoted husband." It could be with Scorpio rising and that very mysterious dream like, Pisces Sun. Betty and Barney Hill, well known UFO contactees both had horoscopes with Pisces emphasis. Pisces are apt to have "divine protection" more than any other sign.

This is a brief story about my pen friend. He has no definite conclusions and as I have already said, he ascribes the "ALIEN" hitchhiker to an alien fairy or unique earthling. As I have also said he encountered his nude friend (so to speak) again, but this time he was accompanied by his wife in November, 1982. He was on the same stretch of road at the same spot outside of Salisbury, but this time the Adamski clone wore a silvery white suit. As I said, he wisely (probably) whizzed right by, determined not to go through all of that again.

He says his wife seemed upset acting in a way she never acted before (the next day) but she soon recovered and was quite amiable.

In answer to a question I asked him; OB told me that about that time a couple claimed they were abducted by a flying saucer on FAIRGROUND ROAD. This was the road the blond "man" went to after leaving OB. Trivia (a female penfriend of mine in another state than OB) about this same time mentioned PLAYGROUND ROAD to me in a letter. Synchronicity again?

I mentioned Budd Hopkins before, the author of Missing Time, and a contactee friend that appeared on the Larry King's TV show from Washington, D.C. King who seemed to be so well prepared for other guests on other segments showed such total ignorance by saying to this "contactee" after the interview with him, "Don't all your friends think you are crazy?" and then the stunner, "if they're real, why don't they (UFOs) land on the White House lawn?" Great preparation - right? This after a brilliant UFO tale (details of which unfortunately, are now missing in my Missing Time Hopkin's book at the moment). Surely, he could have done better than this but this is typical when you read nothing in this field, as apparently he has done - read nothing I mean. He advertises himself (on TV) as one who listens to what his guests have to say with great dedication and concentration (or words to that effect) but I'm afraid if the guests don't fit in with his predisposed prejudices they get the old "loony tunes" questions such as you would get from a five year old or JAMES RANDI!!

Signing off now, if any of you out there have any comments on OB's experiences, please write to Sunshine and tell her about your thoughts on this most intriguing series of events in my friend's life and the Alien Hitchhiker's life startling conclusion that he's not topped yet!

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