Thursday, December 6, 2007


By David Wright

For seven years Christine Bryant was haunted by the knowledge that five hours were mysteriously missing from her life - but now she's sure she was abducted by alien creatures during those missing hours.

Incredibly, under hypnosis she remembered being taken with her 4-year-old daughter aboard a UFO and forced to undergo a physical examination.

Her astounding story was backed up by her daughter Terri, who also recalled the terrifying kidnapping when she too was regressed under hypnosis by hypnotherapist Jackson Morris.

I was amazed when I found out how I spent those five missing hours, Christine, 36, a San Antonio office manager, told the Enquirer. I just thank God I know the truth at last.

Christine said her close encounter occurred the night of May 21, 1976, as she was driving through New Mexico, en route from Phoenix, AZ to Lubbock, TX.

Suddenly she and her daughter saw four lights in the sky, which kept changing color. They watched the lights for about an hour as they drove along.

"Suddenly the lights vanished. And just as suddenly I realized we are off the main highway, on a country road," Christine remembered. We were wondering how we'd gotten off the highway when we rounded a bend and saw a car with its front smashed in at the side of the road.

Next to it was a policeman holding a clipboard. He had blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a tan uniform that seemed to have too many badges on it and shoulder braids, as if he was dressed for a parade.

Christine stopped. The policeman gave her directions back to the highway and she drove on.

A half hour later she pulled into a truck stop - and was astounded to see that it was 3 am. She distinctly remembered hearing on the radio the time was only 9:30 p.m. just before she saw the policeman.

"What happened to the other five hours?", she asked herself.

"I just couldn't get it out of my mind," she explained.

In 1983, she told a friend about it, and the friend suggested she contact Bob Morgan, director of investigations for MUFON in San Antonio. Morgan suggested she undergo hypnotic regression.

And under hypnosis, Bryant told a far different story. The policeman, she said, took her by the hand when she stopped her car, and led her to a dull silver craft shaped like a coolie hat. He said his name was Oran. She entered the craft, and found herself in a white room with a button-filled console on one wall. Oran pushed some buttons and the craft took off. She saw her daughter asleep in the room, and noticed three aliens, with sharp chins, tiny noses and almond-shaped eyes.

Another alien was wearing a white coat and head covering.

"He's putting his hand over my face... he wants me to go to sleep," Bryant said under hypnosis, according to the transcript of the session.

"They've got a little knife and they're scraping my arm...taking dead skin off my arm.

Bryant said this alien prodded her, measured her, shot a needle into her leg and back, drew fluids out and scraped mucus from her eye with a small sharp blade.

At that point in her regression she almost became hysterical, sobbing: "I've got to be real still or he's going to blind me!"

Christine said she then fell asleep, woke up and was given a yellow and syprupy" liquid to drink. Then the UFO landed again, near her parked car.

Terri was also questioned under hypnosis, and :"she confirmed everything her mother had said - everything she would have recalled when she wasn't asleep," said Morris. "I am satisfied Christine was telling me of an experience that happened to her."

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