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Alien Abduction Or An Entity Caught On Film (Footage)

United States Reports Posted: August 5, 2007

HBCC UFO Research Note: The fellow wrote a long follow up as you will read below. There are also links to the video clips at the end of this follow up. Important ! - I am still waiting on the footage to be lightened which will eventually be posted to YouTube. I will provide links to the footage when all is done. The fellow who is doing the lighting of the footage does work, and has a busy life, so he is getting to it when he has some spare time. I appreciate all of his help. Also when you download the clips, 4 of them. Please view the David's reenactment footage first, this will give you a much better idea of what you will see in the film. Also after downloading and you are going to bring the clips up for viewing, best maybe to use Windows Media Player as you can "brighten" the clips up.

The original report which I posted a while ago.

Brian Vike June 26, 2007

HBCC UFO Research Note: The gentleman who sent me the report on what could be the most amazing bit of footage to come along in years sat on the film for over two months. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, or share such an fascinating look into something many have tried to capture over the years, but with no luck at all. In telephone interviews and what this man has sent me in the past, over the UFO sightings he has experienced, which included some of the best footage of a UFO event I have personally received. I am very excited to be receiving the film of what I am being told is of the fellows alien abduction caught on video tape which was taken in his bedroom while he slept.

Once the video footage is received at HBCC UFO Research and another call to the man who provided the footage, we will go from there with getting the footage released, along with an full interview on his ongoing experiences. So stayed tuned over the next couple of weeks. The footage left the United States on June 20, 2007 in route to me at HBCC UFO Research.

With a lot of unusual events taking place to this one fellow in Dickinson, North Dakota, I am looking for others from the area who may have been witness to unknown craft/objects over the last few years. If you have seen something, please do drop Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research a note explaining what you have witnessed.

Also while I am here, I would like to point out that Ontario, Canada is still going through a wave of UFO sightings, especially in June things picked up dramatically. I haven't checked the count on reports coming out of Ontario, but they are certainly high in count. Also something else I found very unusual, on June 19, 2007 UFO reports came flooding in from all parts of North America. Many different types of lights/craft were witnessed and folks were kind enough to file their reports.

The below report gives you a small look into what the footage holds from the man from Dickinson, North Dakota.

Brian. I will be sending the film today on Wednesday (June 20, 2007), but all my work that was typed up on my computer got lost because I just minimized it and told my wife about it but she still found a way to lose it for me! I will have to do everything all over again and I am drained right now! I will get you a draft on explaining the film this week on e-mail and the story I would like to tell will come in time! When you view the film you may have to adjust your TV settings! Just the brightness should do the trick. The film starts out at a certain point from the original tape! It runs for about 15 minutes with just one strange thing happening when there is a sudden movement inside my blankets and I do some strange moaning!

Just noticed that yesterday! After15 minutes my blankets go down and you will see lying on the top of my blankets on the right side a very strange entity lying there with a funnel like spiraling end to it! It just molds itself on top as my blankets come down! I don't know why the blankets are so high except for maybe if my legs are up in the air, but that is not the way I would normally sleep! The strange moaning I do with a sudden jerk in the blankets is about 11 minutes in! After 15 minutes or so the blankets come down and the first entity is revealed and then about 70 seconds or so after the blankets lower you will hear two clicks, a pause and then a third click and from my head a entity jumps from my head directly into this spiraling thing laying on my bed! I think then after about two minutes you see this thing move as it appears to swallow this thing down right into the next room.

Another couple minutes pass and this entity suddenly gets up and with a thump, proving it is something at least partially physical backs out of the room and then is immediately replaced by a spinning globe like, devious spinning light and a narrower like arm going to my nightstand area and then it just sits there until the film runs out! Remember to turn up the volume a bit to hear the sounds because that is very important that the sounds goes' along with each thing that happens! It is in night shot but once you get your adjustments right you will be amazed! For a long time I have been thinking that the intelligence I have been dealing with is not humanoid at all and just uses the EBE'S as a way of dealing with us so at least we can relate to it in some way! I will get into more of that later but for now it is just important to get you the film and try to help me to get this to the right people where it can come out to the public and not be hidden and covered up! My original tape is in a safety deposit box so I am determined to get this out! However I just don't think it will work on a computer screen unless there is a way to enhance it because it is just to dark! I am very lucky to of gotten what I got because my nightlight must of been efficient enough to get these amazing images only in night shot and not super night shot! Sure wish though it would of been in super night shot.

Also I rewind and record over a couple times to help see the motion better. so it does not show how the film ended because I forgot to leave the pause when I recorded onto VCR! I tried to get it on DVD but failed! I just don't know how to do that yet! I will be giving you more but right now I am just mad as hell for my wife losing what was a lot of typing and time and got to do everything all over again! I am going to send this now and go to the post office and get it into the mail before I run into more bad luck !

Thank you to the gentleman for everything, this is going to be some event when released. On a side note, these things happen when it comes to computers, it has happened to me and will happen again. Just sorry to hear all his work was lost. But we will get everything done up.

Follow Up By Witness For The Dickinson, North Dakota Video Footage (Video Clips)

This is a follow up on the film footage I caught in my bedroom that Brian has listed on his website in June of 2007 titled Alien abduction caught on film in Dickinson, North Dakota. Because I caught some sort of intelligent entities and maybe some technology at work I feel I have an obligation to try to get it out there so the researchers can study this reality that many of us seem to be dealing with. None of this is easy to talk about and it hasn’t been fun and wish this whole thing wasn’t in my life at all, but it is! As anyone who has been through this they know how frustrating it is to try to convince someone who has not had there own experiences. Even though I have had these night visits now since 2002 and two experiences about ten years earlier and have tried to convince people that these experiences are real I really don’t feel anyone has believed me except my 16 year old daughter who has witnessed a UFO sighting with me and some other high strangeness that goes along with it. My wife really tried hard to believe me but her answer was perhaps I should see a Psychiatrists. My mother a Priest. My sister just looked at me and probably was wondering what the heck happened to my brother. Well I think you get the idea without having to go into to much detail. Needless to say there attitude changed a lot after I came to them one day and said: {you remember the experiences I told you about that you scoffed at? Well now I can prove it} After viewing the film I got well, I didn’t say I didn’t believe you, I just wasn’t interested. Oh well.

Now I want to make a few things absolutely clear. The film, without a doubt defiantly shows some type of entity at work while I am sleeping it does not prove alien abduction. For one thing the film only runs an hour and a half and then the film runs out and the camera quits. The spinning light and what looks like a right arm or something is still there when the camera runs out. At that point if they hadn’t noticed the camera but then they surely would of heard the camera quit as it always makes a beeping noise. On that particular night I was not aware of anything happening to me so I suspect that they aborted! It is also possible they already did what they came for because I suspect one isn’t always aware of them being there at all. Do arrive at a conclusion like that you almost have to go through five years of the experiences as I have. I will get more into that as I describe some of my experiences. Another point I want to make clear is that this reality is exactly that. It is real. Sorry Susan Clancy simply put your wrong.

Susie is a Harvard researcher who is supposed to represent a very good school. I have to agree with Doctor David Jacobs on his analysis of her study another researcher who I give a lot of credit to, but don’t necessarily agree with all of his results. Of course he has been looking into this a long time with many different people and I only have my own experiences to go by. I just don’t believe at this point that they are always physical abductions and may very well be spiritual abductions and once your spirit body, or your soul, or just your consciousness is in there hands they can probably make everything look very real to that person and it might be just illusion. However I do believe that there is physical contact because I know it has happened to me. I’m just not sure where I was. When you are under there grasp you feel a strange atmosphere around you and you are no longer in your reality, but in there little world in which in my case they don’t let me see, just feel and I don’t get to remember much either. There really are no words for what this feels like because we have no reference to it in our reality. This is just so strange and very terrifying. Every thing I got to see that was physical and remember happened right in my room. I guess to understand what I am trying to get at is you need to first understand that in the research with the abduction phenomena and the UFO reality there are two sides of the coin to consider. That is that either we are dealing with an alien intelligence from other worlds or dimensions or we are experiencing the demonic forces that are talked about in the Bible. Could it be both. I don’t know and if there is someone out there who has the answers, boy would I like to meet you.

For the people who would like to do there own research in these area’s I only know of Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs and of course John Mack who was somehow driven over by some dorky drunk and sadly killed. These guys have had to endure a lot and thank God for them for giving credibility to something that is affecting a lot of people! Hope they don’t mind me mentioning there names and of course there are others. Thanks for them too! Now there are many web sights on the spiritual aspects but I would just recommend a couple and some of this can be found on Google video. That would be guys like Guy Malone and I believe Michael Heiser. Just a good place to start. There are many on both sides of this coin and I have been researching this for 15 years now since I started having my sightings.

I am not new to this and for a little in my background on my sightings I have a story and also film on Brian’s sight if you go to top ten stories you will find ranked number two or three a story again from Dickinson, North Dakota and also on Jeff Rense you will find me on his radio show as a guest of Brian in the archives on May 20th 2005 on hour one and two and again as Brian’s guest on hour three on April 21”st 2006 on my last sighting which occurred on Holy Friday exactly at 9:00 PM. Although I had three major sightings before the big wave that started in 1996 I surely did not expect to latterly have an interaction with these beings flying these amazing craft. I am not going to get into that aspect because I already did that in the past and it would take tons of writing to explain these sightings and the interaction but I did a documentary on it and gave it to Brian. I just think it is important to explain how this escalated into what it is today.

Before the bedroom visits started I just started living very strange things happening in my life. Impossible coincidences and strange synchronicities were happening on a regular basis. Phone calls with people at the other end doing surveys on what I just got talking about on the way home with my daughter. Then the phone calls where at the other end it always sounded completely dead and that was happening to the whole family. Then playful poltergeist activity and the coincidences. The number three is big with this intelligence. It seemed like the more I dove into the UFO research the stranger it got. John Keel has a book Why UFO’S written I think in 1967. He found the same thing I did when he did his research and almost everything he describes happened to me too. In my opinion John Keel has a very good handle on this phenomena as far as UFO’S go.

Ok, as I previously stated on the Jeff Rense show in the summer of 2002 I again was out in my back yard and there was a giant flash in the North East sky. Well I had seen these flashes before and knew right away that they were back and started moving towards my deck and about ten feet before I got to the deck I saw something coming in right in front of my trees and slightly above my house moving very fast and 90 degrees to me, straight in front of me, right above the house a black cube stopped on a dime and sat there for about two seconds and then took off again at bullet speed straight West. It had come in on a straight line path from the East. This time it scared me as I realized it was just getting to personal and other for the fact I put myself out there to specifically observe these craft I suddenly just felt panic and ran into the house and started praying and swearing I would not go out to observe anymore. That is exactly what I did. I did not have another sighting until 2006 and that was at 9; PM so sometimes it just can’t be avoided. So in 2002 I figured my UFO days were over and started going to bed early and rising early.

This is when more strangeness started happening when all of a sudden I would be woken up in the dead of night with a voice calling my name loudly in my head. This voice did not come in through my ears but was quite clearly inside my head. The big kicker is that is was the voice of my dad who had died at least five years earlier. That happened about three times and then it was someone’s else’s voices and then muttered sentences I couldn’t make out and then still inside my head I was hearing like I was in a busy gymnasium with a thousand people all talking at the same time! This went on for about 6 months and still happens from time to time. Of course the skeptics and know it alls out there would say oh my God, He’s scherzo. Well I’m not and at least then I would have a rational explanation. In doing some research I stumbled on to something that could have a rational explanation for it. That would be mind control by some government using microwave technology that could make a person hear voices inside the head! Who knows. I don’t rule out anything these days.

Ok, now it is time to get into the hard core stuff! It isn’t pretty but I assure you it is 100 percent true. My first three experiences were unbelievable. I learned what the word terror meant and couldn’t even imagine anything like this if I tried to write a book on terror. I wake up and hear something in the room and feel something I never felt before. I suddenly realize I can’t move. My mind and my eyes are working fine and I’m trying to figure out what is going on and who is in the room, then I saw it. It is a hairy dog like creature with four legs and it’s moving towards the bed. If that isn’t bad enough it suddenly jumps up onto the bed and immediately decides to lie on my chest across wise. So I am no longer looking at the head but the middle of his body and then it just sits there and I start feeling like a ton of bricks are sitting on me with every second more pressure. Then I feel like it is trying to access my soul. This is when I know longer doubted having a soul because I felt it that night. So I found myself in what I now perceive as a spiritual struggle. All the while I was telling myself to move and start somewhere. I thought of first trying to move my fingers and go from there. All the while I want to scream and yell for help but can’t open the mouth. After what seemed like an eternity but probably around a minute or two this thing gets off on the other side and I watch it go right into the wall and disappear. Shortly after that I find myself able to move that little finger I was desperately trying to move just a second ago.

As soon as I moved that finger I started moving more and then I just rolled over making sure I could now move. There I was in the middle of the night contemplating what the hell just happened. This was one hell of an awakening and who is going to believe this. Over the next year and a half this happened two more times about 6 months apart. Each time it was a dog like creature but always slightly different, but always very hairy. This is about the time I stumbled upon the sleep paralysis theory and the study done by Susan Clancy called the old Hag syndrome. Well this was no old hag and not humanoid at all. So there is no way she can use the excuse that I was influenced by what I read. This all happened before I was even aware of any of this information. Going on to my fourth experience! By this time for some stupid reason I figured I would go to bed with a couple old fashioned weapons. One being a good old Louisville slugger baseball bat to protect me from any unexpected visitors. Big mistake. Although the bat is still there to this day I quickly learned that it won’t do me much good. I again woke up and not coming from any dream state I somehow already knew what was going on.

This is really bad! I knew there were two entities’ by my bed with maybe a third in the back ground! They had the baseball bat in the air and I was convinced they were going to kill me with this bat! I knew they were there and just doing it in a joking matter like a couple of deranged clowns! I had already convinced myself I was about to die! Of course I again was completely paralyzed, however the second I awoke and came to all of these assumptions, which I have no doubt I was right about, I could feel them backing off at the same time! I started trying to convince myself that maybe Susan Clancy might be partially right about the sleep paralysis and this is just the phenomena it creates! It was the very second I started thinking that when these two guys who apparently read my mind made two loud bangs against something in the furnace room which is right off the room I sleep in! Immediately I knew I was dealing with something 100 percent real and with that I knew they left and my body functions came back and I was really shook up this time! However I got my first indication that they had a direct line to my consciousness! There first mistake! I now knew something about this and I could find reason for all the impossible coincidences! They probably were able to put thoughts in my head and I would be thinking something and then they could make the coincidence happen! Especially if they were tapped into some of our technology and the media! So many times I would be talking about something and then it would appear on the TV! So at least I was getting some clues on there intelligence which to me seems God like! It still does! Were just not on the same page.

After my fourth experience I had several more things where I could feel them walking on my bed and sometimes pressure on different parts of my body! Sometimes just one part of my body would vibrate, like every molecule in that body part was just vibrating and coming apart! I did not know if this was the beginning of abduction or the end! I was always paralyzed and then I don’t know if I passed out and awoke or what! Every time though I would awake and the feeling of pure terror was always there! Plain fear and something just not right about where I am! It is impossible to find the words for this feeling, so in 2006 starting in March I started documenting each experience and what I could remember! So if you bare with me through a little more of my testament I will describe what happens and there are a few coming up that really opened my mind up to this reality! In my wildest imagination folks I could not make this up or would even want to! I was just like most folks thinking something must be wrong with these people or our government is pulling out some pretty disturbing mind control experiments! In the beginning I thought at the most there might be a few legitimate cases but I now know better.

Here goes March 22nd-entity walking on my bed on my left side by my leg! You can literally feel the bed sinking down with each step! I was again unable to move anything! It was a half moon that night and it was the night before a doctor appointment in which I made up my mind I was going to tell my doctor about these visits! Imagine that! So on Wednesday I told him! March 24th- Apparently they did not like me telling my doctor so they decided to do a little doctor work themselves that night! This was the first time since the dog like creatures that I got to see something physical and really feel it to! The same as always, you wake up and know the presence is already in my room! Although I could not move my eyes always work fine and I saw something coming straight down from the ceiling! It was black and resembled a pole and then at then in the next moment something starts to clamp around my crotch and just like some kind of molding it clamps around everything down there and starts to squeeze down just like a blood pressure machine would do to your arm! It was gentle and did not hurt and then it released and I could feel it loosen up and slip off and then it was over and everything in the next second it seems is back to normal! I just don’t know if I pass out and then reawake! This was on a Friday! Then on the 25th third attack in four days which is very rare it was the annunciation of the lord that day and here is what happened! I woke up with very heavy, intense vibration in my back while laying on my right side! It felt like I was being scanned by something! Just so strange and intense that this is really getting to me.

Forgot to write down the time again!! Nothing now until April 8th! Again I awake with the same fearful conditions and you already know something is going on when again by my left leg two steps were taken and there was some sort of pressure on my leg! Again can’t move an inch! I don’t tell my wife about very many of these because she really can’t deal with it but I told my wife about this one and told her it happened at exactly 11:35 PM! The next day comes and about 7:00 PM I start getting this heavy, heavy feeling, similar to the type of telepathy that was used on me when I was having a lot of UFO sightings! It was a feeling of just knowing they were in the area! It is very hard to describe because you just know it consciously that they are here! I had the feeling so bad that they would be back that night I came upstairs and even told my wife that they would be coming that night! I literally broke down crying and in total fear before I went to bed! However bedtime came and I knew there was nothing I could do but ignore this feeling and hope I was wrong.

This was April 9th, Psalm Sunday! My fears were justified as I woke to a very intense vibration going through my whole body this time with the most intensity through my back! The vibration just grew to a steady intensity and about the time I thought my whole body was going to fly apart I suddenly felt me being propelled across the room at a tremendous speed! I also heard a gushing of wind! I was lying on my left side when it was over and looked at the clock and it said 11:35 PM just like the night before! Again I started to realize that they were aware of me talking about it to people so as to prove a point they chose 11:35 because I had told my wife about the time the night before! I began to realize that every time I talked about it with someone they attacked more viciously then before! Believe me, as I type this up and having the intentions of getting this story out I am quite aware of the percussions of what might happen to me! However I am more equipped now to fight these entities and I think I know how to get rid of them, but I will never just assume that! More on that later.

These cases I am talking about all happened to me in 2006, and 2007! Many other ones happened between the first four experiences I had and the ones I am talking about now! The last experience I talked about reminds me of what Jim Sparks has to say with the methods they use to abduct people! He is a man who says he has been one of there victims for 17 years and now he is in there program for so long he says that they let him remember his abductions with total recall! He has a book out called the Keepers! He can be found on Jerry Pippins web sight if you know where to look under the category of researches and experiencers! He says there are two methods they use! The gentle way and the violent way! Well I can relate to that 100 percent because that is the way it seems to work with me! That was the only time however I felt like I was physically abducted because I really felt like I flew across the room very fast and that would have taken me right through my dresser and a couple walls! Just incredible! This is one of the reasons people have such a hard time believing this reality because the stories just sound too fantastic! This is also why I said we are not on the same page or intelligence level as these boys! Yea I call them the boys! Jim calls them the keepers! You’ll have to do your own research to find out why.

April 14th comes along which happens to be Holy Friday or Good Friday of the lord’s passion! My sister who lives out of town came to visit my mom and we all get together for supper! After supper we are all sitting down at the table and I start telling everyone there about my experiences with seeing all the UFO’s and then the abductions! Man they just did not know what to think of me as I watched there faces looking like they were in total shock! Well I only lived about one minute from my mothers house and came home and with my binoculars I sat down outside by my deck! It was about five minutes to nine PM. I hadn’t had a sighting now for about four years. I was in the mood for having one I think and I struck up an imaginary conversation with my sister asking me how I have these sightings! In my imaginary conversation I was telling her how it comes about and exactly at 9:00 PM while scanning the sky with my binoculars Two white glowing cylindrical objects came flying through my view going at a very fast speed at least around 20,000 feet! That is just a guess! This is how weird it gets! Another story that sounds too fantastic but I assure you that is exactly how it happened! Again I was a guest of Brian’s on Jeff Rense and there was more to the sighting but I was really trying hard to describe the intelligence of these guys and more about the politics and philosophy of the phenomena so I talked more about that because for me the UFO’s are just a fact and my own interest has been more to do with the intelligence because I have seen it at work first hand! I don’t even have an interest in sightings anymore! If a logical person would just take an honest look at the evidence in a court of law you just couldn’t honestly say they don’t exist.

April 20th- Thursday- Attacked-Paralyzed again! I wrote unconscious but don’t remember what that meant! April 30th- Sunday 1::00PM voices again in my head-very strange-not coming in through the ears, but already in my head! Here is where I have my most profound experience yet! Sept 15th Friday again. I woke up paralyzed and already sensed the entities and that fearful feeling but heard something in the room and I was hoping it was my dog. I then heard more noise which sounded like loose change rattling! I am still lying there trying to figure out what is going on and still unable to move, when suddenly something crashes hard into my bed! In that instant the presence I was feeling left the room immediately! I was released from my paralysis right away and was lying on my side facing the wall! I rolled over and looked up and saw a being, just the head! I completely panicked and tried to find the lamp by the wall but crashed into the wall and could not find the lamp which really puzzled me! I again turned around and looked and the being was still there and I really panicked and again crashed into the wall trying desperately to find the lamp! I finally pulled myself up further in the bed and found the lamp and then rolled over and looked and the being was gone! I jumped out of bed and checked every room downstairs and then ran upstairs and quickly looked around and then outside to see if there was a craft! Didn’t find anything! It is hard to describe this being and very strange this was! It was no gray.

As of today I have never seen what they call a gray! The immediate impression I got was the being was female and the eyes were black and rather long extending pretty much to the side of the head but very similar to our own eyes! I could even see them blinking! Something appeared to be wrapped around the head under the eyes giving it a wrinkled look! A cardboard like color, pretty much covering the nose and mouth area! Now it gets even weirder! You know how the saints are portrayed in many pictures with the hallow thing around the whole head! Well this entity had a device around the head very similar to that giving it a three dimensional look to a person who is in a panicked stage! The thing around the head though only started in the middle of the head and up around the head! This being looked very peaceful! Now when this event was all over I started thinking about what had happened and I first came up with the idea of the change rattling was the change I had on my dresser! As for the entity crashing into my bed I figured something went wrong with there abduction plans! It was three days later when I was crawling into bed that I learned what the rattling was! I was sleeping with a sleeping bag at the time and when I crawled into bed I heard the zipper rattling and that was exactly what I heard! They were in the process of trying to get to me. The next night I crawled into bed it suddenly dawned on me what had really happened.

The bad boys trying to do there thing that night got stopped by a good being! Maybe an angel. I don’t know but I have no doubt about that being a rescue that night! I figured my praying was paying off. Other than what I had seen in a lot of Lucid dreams that I have not talked about this was the first time I saw a being that was completely physical and right in my room. There is absolutely no doubt this really happened! It doesn’t get any more profound than thought. I thought! This just so happened to be our lady of sorrows that day. Could it be I had her in my very room! That is just too much to think about but I know I was looking at a female. The eyes gave that away and just knowing. Just another big wow. At this point you start seeing a pattern how things escalate.

December 7th-still 2006-Pearl Harbor day and ST. Ambrose-Attacked again! I went to bed at 8:00 PM that night which was a long day for me! I woke up at 9:45 with what I thought was a bad dream with the entities! I was transported back in time to when I was a teenager living in our old house with my parents and the room I was in I think was suppose to resemble my old bedroom and bed I was on! The brown color of the room was right with brown paneling without the posters! This was an upstairs bedroom made from an attic so the walls were slanted, but in the dream the room was domed! I had these entities all around me but I could not see them but I know I was in a hell of a struggle with them I couldn’t move and was desperately trying to yell to my mom for help and I remember her being there at the bottom of the steps but could not come up! In this dream I was completely overcome with pure terror and could not move! All of a sudden in my dream or whatever it was I could free my arm and I took my hand to my mouth to open it to ask for help from Jesus! In this dream they even had it so I could not get anything out of my mouth but finally managed to yell for Jesus and immediately after I got that out I woke up and there I was in my bed extremely shook up! I am 49 years old and never in my life did I have dreams like these over the last four years where it left me shook up! I got out of bed and came upstairs to kind of shake it off for about ten minutes to see if my wife was home from work yet! She wasn’t so I decided to go back to bed and was ready to crawl into bed when I saw blood all over the pillow with three big spots and a bunch of little ones.

I did not know I was bleeding but was shocked to see the blood so I ran upstairs and my daughter who was still up saw that there was blood all over my neck and my right earlobe on the bottom had been cut real thin like a paper cut! The ear was still bleeding, but the blood on my neck was dry! We went downstairs and checked the pillow and the blood was also dry! It had soaked through the pillow case, through the pillow liner and right into the pillow itself! All dry! This did not make sense and I had just changed the pillow case that day! In an hour and 45 minutes I went through this experience so how could the blood be dry and my ear still bleeding! It is simple because they can transcend time, manipulate matter and God knows what else they can do! It seems like they always bring me back to when the event first starts to happen so I never have missing time! Only once I suspect missing time and that was with a sighting I had with my girlfriend with a UFO right over us! Well my daughter cleaned up my cut and I returned to bed not worried because I have never had more than one thing happen at a time! Same with the sightings! Also what may be important is this about the time I was being treated for sleep appnea wearing a mask that shoves air up the nose to keep the nasal way clear! Did they rip off the mask that night cutting me? I don’t know but it was on when I woke and it was on right making it impossible to cut my lower earlobe.

January 9th 2007. All I wrote was first week in ordinary time! Checked clock after event and it said 12:15 Am so it would have then been the 10th! I wrote don’t know for sure when the event started but it seemed like an hour or two went by! I thought when I awoke it should have been about 11:00 PM and was shocked to see it was 12:15! I don’t know what the event was because I forgot to write it thinking probably I would remember and must have been in a hurry that day! I am really good at guessing the time, though when I wake up so this is why I must have been so surprised! Just a few left now! Hope I am not boring you to death! Some may find this interesting and others will be saying what a nut! That is OK with me for I just want to get this out there hoping it will help other people deal with this and know they are far from being alone.

This is a real big event here coming up for me! Jan 9th and tenth! I woke up from a deep sleep! Absolutely no recall from a dream! Already know what is going on! As I believe I am lying in bed I start having the weirdest experience yet! I have my sleep appnea mask on so I am sure I am still in bed! That is my body anyway but I don’t seem to be there! I have a total coincidence memory of being somewhere else but could not see where it was and also the feeling other people were present! I was totally paralyzed again wherever I was! I could hear myself in my coincidence memory where the first thing I said was Oh God! I’m afraid there coming for me again! As if I was talking to someone! I remember feeling the terror! Also the second I said that I felt this wave of energy sweep in from North to South and felt something walking on my right side of bed by the wall! I also felt anger in this very moment and turned my fear into pure rage! The very next thing I can clearly hear in my mind is me yelling at the top of my voice, {who are you? What do you want from me?}I could hear this clearly in my mind, but to me I was still lying there paralyzed with my brain conscious and eyes still working, but it just felt like I was somewhere else! After I had said that there was a short pause and then I yelled out again: {I’m going to kick your ass with all the intensity and pure anger I could muster! Here is what I wrote though while it was still fresh in my mind! What is so confusing is I feel what I am saying is in my mind because at the time it seemed I could not use my mouth Upon further reflection it seems like I was really yelling it almost as what I am experiencing now in bed is the memory of it the residue so to speak.

Very weird! After I shouted I’m going to kick your ass there was a moment of pure fear and anxiety and I knew I was in big trouble! About the time I was asking Jesus for help, and I remember I suddenly found even my mind blocked and not able to get anything out I looked up and right in front of me, no more than a inch from my face I found myself face to face eyeball to eyeball with a perfect looking reptilian being! He was so close to my face that I could not see any features below his eyes, but from the eyes up I could see him very clearly! Yes, he had the big black almond eyes which stuck out of his head! No visible bone structure around the eyes! He had brown and green quarter inch scales perfectly layered and right in the middle of his forehead from his eyes to the top of his perfectly round head was a constant aqua blue flashing and making him to appear to be changing colors right in front of my face! I was totally subdued except one thought! Get as much detail as you can! I honestly can’t say how long we were locked in that position but it seemed like about 20 seconds and then I don’t know if I passed out or what because I can’t consciously remember him leaving! All I know is when I looked again he was gone! I wrote upon reflection I think this reptilian did this to calm me down and it is so amazing because one second I am ready to rumble and then looking at him I was totally subdued, calm and relaxed! How did he do that just by looking at me! I was not even afraid and I should have been loosing it! I wrote this was the first time I didn’t completely panic but got mad instead! It seemed like this entity used a certain mode of consciousness to communicate or to be able to come from there dimension, there reality into my reality. Just so very, very strange.

I had the feeling this little dino man broke protocol just to calm me down and maybe was not suppose to do that! I now, as strange as it sounds feel like I have a connection with this reptile that maybe is not so bad! Oh God, what am I saying? Have you ever heard of the serpent and are you aware of all the serpent symbolism the ancient world has left us! Well I met one, and it was just like looking at any person in broad daylight face to face! Of course it could have been a disguise. As a matter of fact looking at those big eyes made me think that there was technology there because when you think of evolution, even just the adaptation process it did not make sense to me the eyes would be sticking out like that because it would be so easy to get stabbed by a tree branch for example.

I was listening to Dream Land on the internet that is Whitley Strieber’s show and Linda Moulton Howe was interviewing another lady from North Dakota who also met a Reptilian being but her description differed somewhat from what I have seen and I heard other descriptions to so I have reason to believe, just like us they to have different species of Reptile.

Now this last experience was the one I was now completely convinced that they had a direct line to my mind somehow! I think this whole thing has to do with consciousness! Some people thinks that they use implants and that has been pretty much proven that it does happen! You can find information on that through Dr. Roger Leir. Also he can now be found on an interview with Jerry Pippin on the 2007 Roswell conference! You see, that very day before this happened that evening, I was listening to a new recording that had just come out at the end of 2006, but didn’t stumble upon it until that day! I believe it was titled Alien abductions explained: UFO’s & the Bible in history and in prophecy featuring Dr. David Jacobs who is a very good researcher on abductions and does have some pretty good books out well worth the time to read! Also Dr. Barry Downing from the first Presbyterian church from Itaca NY. And Sigong John Peelzi another church leader! Anyway to make a long story short it got towards the end of the video and David Jacobs was explaining how these entities sometimes get right in your face as a method it seems to calm one down and sometimes download thoughts and possible screen memories and also to read your mind! Well after hearing that I said to myself, gee all the experiences I have had, not once do I ever remember an entity in my face.

I remember pondering on that and also on how good the video was done! I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in this because it does a good job of covering both sides of the coin! Anyway I go to bed that night and it happens! Just like when I was reading John Keel’s book- Why UFOs and the things in that book would happen to me before I read IT AND SOMETIMES AFTER I READ IT AND I READ THAT BOOK IN ONE WEEK SO THESE THINGS HAPPENED ALMOST IMMEDIATELY! Oops! Just like when I met with Richard Moss, a MUFON investigator out of Minnesota who I met in Bismarck, North Dakota one afternoon and came home and after talking about the pyramid of Giza on how a lot of people who were having these experiences always seem to be interested in that darn pyramid and very true in my case! But he was the one that brought it up out of the blue! I get home and that first night a little after 9:00 PM I stepped of my deck and looked up and immediately a small flash of light went blink and then the flash jumped to another part of the sky and flashed and then jumped again and flashed, all in about 6 seconds and then that was it! Coincidences like that are just common place when this intelligence picks you out for a subject.

Ok, I know I am getting long winded so I will tell you now how I think I managed to at least get something on film! It was almost like playing chess with them! When I first learned the game of chess, my friend who taught me beat me every time, until after about a year I beat him and then he could not beat me anymore! I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but that is how I looked at the problem! I was so frustrated when I was telling people about this and saw there reactions, which still didn’t deter me because I knew what the truth was. I still felt I would have to prove it and although I tried using my camera a couple times before I had no success! There was a weekend coming up when my wife was to travel to Fargo and take my daughter with her! I knew I would be alone and got the idea that maybe if I play my cards right I could get these guys on film! About a week before they were to leave and knowing they could read my consciousness I started playing a double standard in my head! Consciously I was thinking oh my God I bet these guys are going to come for sure if they find out I will be alone and it is on a weekend and always seem to have these experiences towards the end of the week! I started thinking to myself on how careful I will be to give them no indication I would be alone! I will try my best to keep the thought of them leaving and even make sure I don’t say good-by when they leave.

The time came for them to leave and I was doing my best to think of other things but also knowing it really can’t be done 100 percent without having it still in the back of your mind but went on pretending to do my best to block the thought out! I didn’t even say good-by. After they left I went to take a nap so I could really try to get it out of mind! I was really doing my best to trick them! Friday night I set up the camera, which is black and placed it on top of a black boom box in the corner of my room between the bed and wall and tried not to think about the camera and plugging it in and all! I made sure the indicator light was off so you could not see if the camera was running! I also plugged it in not wanting to depend on the battery! Did my best to hide the chord, but the camera itself was out in the open but blended in with the boom box quite well! I just figured they wouldn’t think I would have the camera right in the open like that.

Well I went to bed and an hour and a half later I was still awake enough to hear the camera come to the end and shut off! I was then too tired to get up, rewind and start over so I just left it and don’t think I even checked the film because I knew nothing happened to me! Saturday night I did the same thing, set it in the corner and had super night shot set and the same thing happened! However this time I was still sure that they would make there arrival! I got up and rewound it and started the film again! However I thought I hit the little button for super night shot but apparently missed it so it was filming only in night shot which turned out to be very disappointing! I did have enough light though coming from my statue of Jesus with a hat over it to get these amazing images on film! However to see it good you usually need to change your TV setting to a brighter position! I don’t know at this point if Brian and his helper will be able to lighten it up enough to work on a computer screen! I hope so, but even if he can’t I still know it is good enough for the researchers to see it on there equipment and that is what is important to me! Also remember to turn up the volume because my Sony has a very good microphone and the sound goes with each thing that happens! Indicating some sort of technology was being used in that room that night! When I first saw the film I did not expect to see anything unusual because I was not aware of anything that happened! I do know I had finally fallen asleep because I did not hear the camera quit the second time.

Folks, I’m still freaked out by what my camera captured that night! I have only watched it a couple times and have showed very few people! I struggled with even wanting to get this out because I knew what I captured people just aren’t ready to deal with yet! It isn’t what the researchers would expect to see I don’t think although some do believe there is an element to this that could involve our very souls or our spirit body’s! Astral projection if you will. I am not going to try to interpret what it is we are seeing but will leave that up to each individual to deal with in there own way.

I do know one thing that has seemed to work for me and I am 100 percent positive it works! Having faith in Jesus Christ has helped me stop the experience in its tracks! Every time I asked for help from Jesus I would remember that as the last thing that happened in the experience! From what I understand from the researchers are they think that it’s that way because that is the last thing the abductors let you remember for some reason! I say fooie! Besides to me it is irrelevant because even if that is the case every time I next wake up and it is over with! I don’t need to remember any more terror that night! I think maybe the Holy Spirit is at work in a strange way doing it’s best to wake us up! We are spiritual beings in which I have no doubt about now! I know what it is like to feel the soul! Maybe sometimes to see the good we must see the evil first! I’ve had four more short experiences with the boys since I got the film! They just wanted to let me know that they know about the film! They knew how much pain I could take one night when they took me to my limit before if I could of I would have just started screaming when they stopped the pain! That was the only time I experienced pain.

I do have a scoop mark on my back on the upper part directly on my spine! They put a triangle on my right arm on the inside of my elbow which lasted for three months! Blood in my bed twice! Scratch marks three times and always three scratch marks that last a long time! That seems to happen when I am with my wife at night or at a hotel and experience one of them very lucid dreams! That’s about it folks! I could write for a week and not cover all the area’s I would like to. The UFO issue covers a lot more than just seeing UFO’s! It is now called XOPOLITICS! We are talking about free energy! I’ve seen it demonstrated right in front of my face! They call it zero point energy or unified field propulsion! It involves the secret government possible set up by President Eisenhower which has defiantly gotten out of hand! Disclosure Project- Immunity needed! Abductions! Physical or Spiritual or both.

Above all the potential for deception, misdirection and illusion are running rampant in the world right now! Doing the research you also run into the Illuminati, The Free Masons, The Bilderbergers, The Rothschild’s, The Trilateral Commission and etc. Also you make some amazing new discoveries, such as Sacred Geometry, New math-Marko Rodin can tell you about that! I feel it is very relevant to our time! Also the coral castle code but can’t remember who made that great discovery which also makes the number three relevant, Just like Sacred Geometry, The tree of life, The flower of life, and the egg of life.

I believe the last card that will be played soon by the secret government will be the alien threat so they can push there agenda forward for putting weapons in space! That will be in my opinion a totally insane thing to do but I think its coming! Pay attention! After dealing with the intelligence I have dealt with it would be futile and just cause big time problems for the factions on earth now! There already is propaganda out there who are trying to say that we are almost caught up with there technology now.

know some of what I wrote is going to raise a few feathers and people are going to want to ridicule me where they can! Where I speculate: That is just what it is! Where I tell you about my experiences that is 100 percent true and I would be happy to swear in front of God and on the bible that it is the truth and we have a new reality to deal with! I will go to my grave someday not recanting one word! I have told the truth and not exaggerated or stretched the truth or have gone by what I have already heard from other people! Some researchers may be upset that I have spoken in detail as much as I have because it always makes it harder to believe the next person that comes along with the same story! However I believe the game is up and we need to learn from everyone! Everyone will have slightly different experiences and other recall from someone else so we need to put the puzzle together and not just leave it to a few people who have been doing the hard work and taking the ridicule! In the end this is going to involve just the individual so it’s important to know or not know as much about it as possible! If we didn’t have such a flaw in our genetic makeup as telling the simple truth this would all be out in the open and even MSNBC would be talking about the sightings and abductions on a daily basis because I know the sightings are happening world wide on a nightly basis! Just do the homework! Thank God for Brian, Peter, and Ed and Mufon and a lot of others who do the work! Ignored by our free media! What a joke! I always tell people when disclosure happens things are going to happen fast so don’t be caught off guard.

Also if a UFO was to land in Washington tomorrow they will have a story to tell and with all the deception already even I will not know for sure what to believe! It will come down to the individual and I recommend having Jesus Christ with you.

To wrap this up then I just want people to realize we have been sending out, advertising basically, radio signals and other signals throughout the Milky Way galaxy and these signals have already crossed paths with over 100,000 stars! Could be one reason we have so many visitors these days! This modern wave seems to correspond to the beginning and end of world war two and the splitting of the atom! It has been escalating ever since! I tell people a good place to start if you want to understand this reality is the bible! Remember a couple fundamental truths about the bible! Ask and you shall receive! Seek and you shall find! Those with ears will hear, those with eyes shall see! Just don’t be asking for material things, but maybe wisdom and understanding. It may work! Of course just be careful you are ready for what you may receive! Also you need to understand as much as you can about the universe! You than will realize it would almost be impossible for life only to exist on this rock! God gave us a big clue with all the diversity of life we find today and then go back 400 million years to the present and just look at all the different life forms! Big hint in my opinion.

When the Hubble looks back and sees what it looked like 14 million years ago! It does not look like that now, for that is how long the light took to get here! Most folks probably know that but I would be willing to admit there is a few that don’t! Also the latest in Physics where suddenly they say we don’t live in a four dimensional world with time as the fourth, but with string theory we now have 11 dimensions! Also the possibility of alternative realities! Also that it is probably a multiverse and our universe may be just a bubble in an ocean of Universes! Then there are those mysterious Black Holes! The possibility of bending space time, worm holes there is a physicist with the last name Sereda I believe that has come up with a new theory based on the UFO footage NASA couldn’t hide with the Satellite Tether experiment when the Tether broke and hundreds of UFO’s showed up and some were as much as three miles in circumference! I once saw 40 to 50 big disc’s with my binoculars flying in a J formation! That is when I got really concerned and reported to MUFON! OK so there is a lot to study if you are interested in this at all! I will close now for if I talk about much more that I think I know I may have problems with more than just the aliens! Oh don’t forget about the book of Enoch to help you understand who the watchers are.

From the book of John Chapter 10 verse 14 to 16: I am the good Sheppard. I know my sheep and my sheep know me. In the same way that the father knows me and I know my father; for these sheep I will give my life. I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. I must lead them too. And they shall hear my voice.There shall be one flock then, one Sheppard.

Well right now we have just a handful of Sheppard's, The corporate elite and us sheep are willingly being led down into huge debt and all in there data bases just waiting for the day our economic system crumbles and then those of us in debt just may be in line to take the mark of the beast to buy or sell to just survive! I think it is in the making so we need to wake up! I believe we are reaching critical mass with all the players now in the picture! It will be up to the individual soul to make the right decisions if and when any of the end time scenarios come to pass! One more thing out of the bible about Elijah. The dramatic 9th century B.C. prophet who fought against the idolatry in Israel during the reign of the wicked King Ahab. He worked many wonders and was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot. Jesus said that John the Baptist resembled Elijah in spirit and power! Just one more example from the bible on what could easily be interpreted as a modern day UFO event! There are plenty of others as many people know. I don’t think we really have to look to far out in the universe for other examples of another realm or intelligence when we already have good evidence for it written down in the greatest book of all time! To do so would we not be hypocrites’.

Clip 1 - Watch First as this is David's reenactment of the events that took place.*Alien Abduction Or Entity Clip Reenactment*

Clip 2 - First clip of David sleeping in bed. *Alien Abduction Or Entity Clip Reenactment*

Clip 3 - Second clip of David sleeping in bed. *Alien Abduction Or Entity Clip Reenactment*

Clip 4 - Third clip of David sleeping in bed. *Alien Abduction Or Entity Clip Reenactment*

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