Saturday, December 8, 2007


By John Pinkney
The Pinkney Report
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia

A massive mystery craft - "longer than an ocean liner" - emerged from a shower of shooting stars to hover directly above the heads of two astonished young travelers.

Steve Gourlay of Dianella, WA, says: "It happened at about 1:30 in the morning. My mate Grant and I were heading home from visiting friends when we stopped off at Vladim's Landing to have a look at Rottnest Island lighthouse.

"The sky was clear except for a lot of shooting stars around the island. Suddenly we noticed what looked like a star hovering above the lighthouse. But it was no star. As it headed towards us, it grew larger - and we realized it was a flying craft with a huge, cylindrical body and four lights at each end.

"We just stood there, watching in amazement. Then a bright, rectangular space (a kind of hatch) opened in the craft's base - and through this came a new shooting star, which plunged straight into the ocean below.

"I asked Grant: 'Did you see that?' He just said: 'Shut up, I'm trying to watch this bloody thing.'

"By now, the main UFO had turned end-on to us. It looked like a gigantic plane with two sets of wings and a bright yellow star between them.

"By the time the craft was about a kilometer from us, we could hear a droning noise. It sounded like the engines of a passenger liner.

"We weren't scared. We were ecstatic to be seeing such a sight. I was jumping up and down on the spot and shouting things like, 'Beam me up, Scotty,' and 'Wow!' and 'This must be the best sighting ever.'

"When the UFO was almost overhead, at a height of about 150 meters, and broadside-on to us I estimated that it was longer than the ocean liner, France, which I'd recently seen.

"Its main body, shaped like a giant inner tube, seemed to be made up of lots of cubes of different sizes, in black and shades of gray.

"As it moved over us and out of sight, I had the weirdest feeling. I now believe there is life on other planets."

Most people are fearful when they have a close encounter with a UFO. It's refreshing to read about Steve's sense of elation. His emotion possibly stemmed from a realization that there are superior life forms in the universe, so advanced technologically and spiritually that they'd be incapable of harming less enlightened beings.

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