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It has been published that a UFO crashed on the May 20, 1953 near the desert town of Kingman, Arizona. One witness signed an affidavit.


The earliest reference of a crash near Kingman has been made to MUFON researcher Richard Hall in April 1964. He was told the story by a future Vietnam commander. The case of the Kingman UFO retrieval was then brought to the public attention by Raymond Fowler, a respected UFO researcher, in June 1973. It involved an engineer who took preliminary measurements to assess the momentum of a crashing craft, measurements useful to any reverse engineering efforts. The engineer who brought this story to light was Arthur G. Stancil (previously known by the pseudonym "Fritz Werner"). Stancil graduated from Ohio University in 1949 and was first employed by Air Material Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as a mechanical engineer on testing Air Force aircraft engines. Dr. Eric Wang who was suspected of leading a reverse engineering team on alien craft headed the Installations Division within the Office of Special Studies where Arthur worked.

Stancil signed a legal affidavit couching to the honesty of his testimony, who that was released by Raymond Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.

Stancil told that he was loaned out to the Atomic Energy Commission and was designated as a project engineer on some atomic bomb tests referred to as "Operation Upshot Knothole." The location of these tests were at Frenchman's Flats at the southern end of the Nevada Test Site. The test director was a Dr. Ed Doll.

On May 21, 1953 Stancil was called away by his boss and told to report for a special assignment at the Indian Springs Air Force Base where he was joined by 15 other specialists. They were flown by military plane to Phoenix where they boarded a bus with blacked-out windows and rode for an estimated four hours. When they arrived at their destination somewhere southeast of Kingman in one of the washes of the Hulapi Mountains, they were met and briefed by an Air Force Colonel who told them they were to investigate the crash of a super-secret test vehicle. He and the others on the bus were told not to speak to each other under any circumstances. Stancil's job was to determine the forward and vertical velocities of th vehicle when it impacted in the sand.

Stancil was escorted to the site by military police. Two military arc-lights illuminated the saucer, which appeared to be two convex oval plates inverted over each other approximately 30 feet in diameter. The saucer was embedded in the sand about 20 inches.From this Stancil had determined that the saucer crashed at a velocity of 100 knots yet it had no dents, marks, or scratches on its burnished aluminum surface. It was constructed of dull silver metal like brushed aluminum.

Another specialist had gotten a look inside the craft as a 1.5 x 3.5 foot hatch was open revealing an oval interior cabin with two swivel seats and many instruments. Stancil saw one body recovered from the crash. It was humanoid, about 4 feet tall, with brown skin and wearing a silver-metallic flight suit.

While they were back on the bus and being taken back they were made to sign the 'Official Secrets' act and were told never to tell anyone about this incident. Stancil also claims to have seen the body of a small creature about 4ft tall inside a small medical tent. The creature was wearing a skull-cap and a silver one-piece suit.Fowler made several checks as to the integrity of Stancil and everyone who knew him said that he was a man of considerable integrity and scientific ability.

Another story supporting the crash near Kingman came to UFO researcher Len Stringfield in 1977. A man who was in the National Guard at Wright Patterson claimed that he was witness to a delivery from a 'crash site in Arizona' in 1953. He said that three bodies had been recovered and were packed in dry ice, 4ft tall, large heads and brownish skin. Since then several other witnesses have come forward, but I do not have detailed information yet.

An almost identical story was reported to researcher Charles Wilhelm in 1966 by a man who said that his father had told him the story as a death-bed confession.

In 1995 a man who went by the code name of Jarod-2 contacted the Internet publication The Groom Lake Desert Rat ( and told them he had worked for the USAF on a secret project that was an attempt to build a flying saucer simulator. The project had started at the end of the 1940s and had collected material from the crash sites at Roswell and Kingman.


Stancil worked for Raytheon in Sudbury, Massachusetts in the early seventies on avionics systems. It is unknown as to whether he had further involvement with alien technology, especially since it is likely that he worked for Dr. Wang at some point. Dr. Wang was an Austrian-born graduate of the Vienna Technical Institute, and close associate of Victor Schauberger who had according to the legend developed a concept of a flying disc and allegedly worked on the German flying disc program as early as 1941. Wang taught structural an metallurgical engineering at the University of Cincinnati from 1943 to 1952. Dr. Wang supposedly examined some of the recovered crashed discs and compare them to the vehicals tested in the alleged German V-7 program, but found the retrieved craft to be different in nature. In 1949, he became Director of the Department of Special Studies at Wright-Patterson where he worked long hours in cooperation with scientists from the Office Naval Research and with Dr. Vannevar Bush and others from the "Research and Development Board." Dr. Wang relocate his research from Wright-Patterson to Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Wang passed away on December 4, 1960.

Curiously, Leonard Stringfield who reopened the case for crash-retrievals, mentioned testimony he had gotten from a Naval Intelligence Officer who had seen bodies from a crash that occurred in the Arizona desert in 1953. He viewed the bodies at Wright-Patterson when the craftes arrived at night aboard a DC-7. There were five crates in all, three of which contained little humanoids about four feet tall. Their heads were hairless and disproportionatly large with skin that looked brown under the hangar lights. They were wearing tight-fitting dark suits. It has been suggested by some researchers that these bodies could have come from the crash mentioned by Stancil.


"Strange as it seems it was during the 1950s that various aircraft companies started research projects on the control of gravity and electro-gravitational propulsion. It is possible that these projects constituted some of the first reverse engineering projects on extraterrestrial propulsion system."

But we have seen no positive results. Of course Air Intelligence had to try reverse engineering, and maybe promoted such research projects, but it was bound to fail; to understand such advanced flying machines would require a full understanding of the physics, and technology to manufacture the parts. If you had provided the Space Shuttle to Orville and Wilbur Wright, they would have learned nothing useful from it. Unless... you would have explained the physics and provided the technology also. Something to think about.

The last statement I do not agree with. In the 1980's a round craft was seen with an Air Force logo on it being escorted up river by two helicopters near Strawberry, Arizona. A while later it was seen coming down the river - by itself! Wendelle Stevens was the researcher on this and it was reported in The Arizona Highways magazine. - Sunshine

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