Friday, January 4, 2008


Deer Hunting recently took place in Wisconsin where I live. It is a big deal here with hunters pictures on the front page of the paper and the poor old deer with his tongue hanging out being displayed in color as a trophy! There was a report that around 750 deer had been killed this hunting season. So much meat that it was donated to the poor at the food banks. I guess that was a good thing but I am not into hunting. The following story from the Fate Magazine, December 2007, True Mystic Experiences took place in Wisconsin.


The following true story happened some time ago in May 1989.

I was walking through the woods one night to get home and it was dark. I began to hear something moving in the tall grass behind me, so I looked back to see what it was. There was a deer following me, so I turned around to face it. Then I sat down and the deer sat down too. The deer and I sat in the grass looking at each other for about ten minutes, and when I got up the deer got up too.

I started for home again, and the deer headed off into the woods in the opposite direction.

I slept better than usual that night, and in the morning I woke up and my dad called me to the front door.

"Look son," he said, "There have never been deer in our yard before!"

I saw for myself there were three does standing on our lawn. The deer from the night before had come to my house from more than six blocks away, and brought two others with her. It was as if they wanted me to come out and join them. I'll never know how she found my house from the middle of that woods!

That's the story of my deer friend.

Mike Schank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This reminds me of a contactee that had property in Mendocino County California. He would go up there periodically to check on his property. One time he saw a group of deer laying down sunning themselves. Then one of them started to talk to him! Under hypnosis he realized those "deer" were aliens. He was at my house and saw the book, "UFO Contact From Iarga" published by Wendelle Stevens. When he saw the picture on the front he fell right over into the closet behind him! It was the same beings he saw that sunny afternoon in northern California.

Another case you can find in is about an abductee that was experimented on by the aliens when he was abducted. In the same place were cages and in the cages were two girls. After the experiment didn't work on him they took one of the girls out of the cage and sat her in the chair they had placed him in. They put this helmet type thing like an old fashioned hair dryer on her head. They had done the same to him but he had a titanium plate in his head from a motorcycle accident which stopped them from what they were doing to him. They then brought in a fish in a tank. They hooked the girl up to some machinery connected to the helmet. They then transferred the fish into her and her into the fish. It was horrible to the witness. More humans were transferred into things but you read it, I hate to even think it.

The reason I bring that up is who knows, maybe that deer had something like that happen to it and that is why it sat and looked into his eyes when he sat down. So many unusual things happen that we are not aware of.


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