Thursday, January 10, 2008


Author Unknown

1528, at the Siege of Utrecht in Holland:

A cruel and strange sight was seen in the sky, which terrified the townspeople and made the enemy think he would get the city. It was the form of a Burgundian cross right over the city, high in the sky, yellow in color, and fearful to behold.

1554, March 10, France:

There appeared between 6 and 8 PM, about the moon, a burning fire, emitting a great noise, what seemed to be the point of a lance, turning form side to side, from east to west, casting out flames on all sides.

1561, Nurnberg, Germany:

An aerial battle occured and has been pictured.

1566, Basle, Switzerland:

A vast flock of circular black ufos is spotted by Basel inhabitants and has been pictured.

1643, March 11, England, from the diarist John Evelyn:

I must not forget what amazed us exceedingly the night before, namely, a shining cloud in the air in a shape resembling a sword, the point reaching to the north. It was as bright as the moon, the rest of the sky being very serene. It began about 11 at night and vanished not till about one, being seen by all the south of England.


illustrated observation of two "glowing wheels".

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