Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Reverse engineering extraterrestrial UFO space-time manipulation - the ultimate military weapon

India Daily Technology Team
Jan. 27, 2008

Many Air forces in the world are trying compete in the cyber attack areas. What they really mean is to reach the target and take it out at the speed of light. It may seem a dream with our current Type Zero technologies. But in reality many military scientists and engineers are looking at it with a determination to create ultimate offensive weapon systems.

One may wonder how the extraterrestrial UFOs travel across the Universes over the Hyperspace and reach the earth. They do it though bending time and space mesh. Gravity wave is the key. Gravity waves in higher dimensions can easily manipulate the space-time configuration of the 3-D universe.

It is similar to the taking a piece of paper and making two opposite corner meet each other through bending the paper. Once the two opposite corners meet, the travel time is instantaneous.

The advanced extraterrestrial UFOs use these technology all the time. The Type III or Type IV civilizations in the Hyperspace use the central galactic black hole highways to enter our universe. But their travel path is manipulated all the time through the space-time manipulation techniques.

Traveling through a massive black hole at the center of galaxy may seem impossible. But in reality the singularity and limit cycle effects are eliminated with the help of intense gravity waves in the higher dimension. A black hole looks like a river from the higher dimension. The Universe looks like a dam that constraints the river to some extent.

Classified Particle Collider experiments provide the first scientific clue to gravity waves in higher dimensions and virtual particles. It is possible to create an attack machine that can deliver a devastating bomb in less than a second across thousands of miles with this technology.

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