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By Marge Ludeman (Deceased)

In 1968 I stood looking up at a small star wondering if there was intelligent life on it. I was suddenly enclosed in a narrow dim light from it which turned my life and eventually, my belief patterns, topsy-turvy. At that time I was happily painting in oil and water color. Now I am writing daily for our friends from beyond our planet. But are they all friends who are visiting our planet? Are they like us? Can they understand us based on their own environmental backgrounds?

Since 1976, Capt. Hilarion, of the Space Ship Jilstron (Voyageur), has been supplying me with some answers. He uses this name because he was caught on this planet a few hundred years ago as a walk in. The body was that of a dying youth named Hilarion. He used it to try to help some of the people whom he had heard crying out for help while he was on his ship. He had improved the health of the body but its former owner had slipped into the astral and the body seemed to hold him captive. He was a long time getting back to his ship.

The first time I wrote for Hilarion was a letter to Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut. It took all day to receive it. The following is an excerpt from the letter which explains a little of what they had been doing to me.

"We have taken her step by step from physically projected phenomena to astral visioning of those who have passed over and she is now in our frequency vibration. We will bring her yet into another frequency vibration having to do with color."

Yesterday I was one of the speakers at a UFO meeting of mostly people who had seen or been contacted by a UFO. We each told of our experiences. One man said that the government had notified all hospitals to look for devices implanted in people when taking x-rays. I then told them that an implant had been made above the junction of each ear 16 years ago. It was when I started channeling in 1975 that they told me the implant was a micro size device for sending and receiving. I immediately knew something had been done to me by the odd kind of light I had stood under because immediately after I began to feel an itching above each ear and discovered large lumps. The next day a woman looked at them and said they looked like burns with pinhead scabs in the center. For a long time I felt like a guinea pig being experimented on. I had no fear.

Several nights later I saw what appeared to be a metallic, or glass, globe about 4 ft in diameter hovering a foot above the roof of my 27 ft. travel trailer. As I went towards it, it silently rose straight up, and quickly disappeared without a sound.

Late afternoon a few days later I was relaxing outside, unfortunately wearing a large brimmed hat, when to my amazement, I saw a projection of a man wearing a white gown such as one sees in Jesus' pictures standing on a small round platform. Attached to the base on either side of the figure were two rods extending up into a curve, then into a point where two others joined it from in back of the figure. It was a monochrome from dark blue to bluish white and slightly out of focus. Another one followed it which I barely saw because I had kept my eyes glued on the first one till it was flicked off to my left. I would have seen more if I hadn't had the hat on. Later I told a minister and he said I had had a vision. My artist trained eyes did not agree.

During this period I was reading everything I could lay my hands on about UFOs. By 1970 I became concerned about what I was involved in and decided to find someone else who had been contacted. I had read Dan Fry's "the White Sands Incident" and found where he lived in Merlin, Oregon. I bought a Volkswagon van that I could live in and drove to Merlin and met Dan and his lovely wife Tahalita and was absorbed into a big UFO meeting. This was the last of June in 1970.

I stayed 12 days and then drove North to Washington, eventually camping at North Head Light on the beach near Fort Canby. As usual, I was seeing lights in clusters at times in the sky. I tried to snap color slides of them. It was a month before I had them developed. On one was Hilarion's ship. (I have a copy of that photograph.)

I saw my first UFO when sitting with my friend Peg Lusman high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was evening and suddenly a bright light shot out from the north over the ocean at a terrific speed. South of us in Mexico it made an abrupt right angled turn inland without slowing down. Incidentally, it was Peg who first told me about UFOs.

Later in my yard I saw a small star above me to the southwest, turn reddish and slowly move into a position S.E. of my home and become stationary.

Another time, a little to the North I saw one again turn reddish and shoot north at great speed.

I have found if I focus on any light, or star, they start seeming to move erratically. Don't let yourself be fooled by this. There is a medical name for this which I've forgotten.

In 1975 I started channeling and writing in verse. Before this I was constantly seeing shadowy people walking along shadowy paths. There seemed to be an overlay landscape a few hundred feet above the mountains South of my home.

I wonder what other abilities the micro implants may have that were placed in a very mentally sensitive part of my anatomy? I wonder how much earth's governments are aware of?

I met a famous author, a fine man, who after some things I told him said, "You know I'm a Catholic." I said, I had been and in 1928 had left the religion for good. Now I will soon be 84 and have never regretted it. The reason I mentioned this is because I wonder how much religious beliefs limit truths from being brought into common knowledge. I remember all the wrong beliefs we had in the 1920s and 1930s which later were proved wrong.

It is beginning to be my belief that the prophets in the Bible were hearing the voice of someone calling himself a god in a UFO. I don't think a true good god would tell people to worship him by killing anything, much less rubbing ones fingers in the blood and smearing it on a wooden altar overlaid with gold. Jesus' prayer might have originally been "MY FATHER IN HEAVEN," which need not refer to Moses' god.

Incidentally, one of the first things Hilarion asked me was "would I make a blood sacrifice in worship of my God?" I was both angry and shocked that anyone would ask me such a question. I indignantly said NO. What kind of people are you to ask such a question. The word God is a translation from the Hebrew word Elohim which is a plural word.

I am being reminded of the time they took me into the vibration of color, and here comes Capt. Hilarion.

We took her up to a special ship -- which did on the vibrations of color exist. Rose was the color they bathed themselves in -- just as on their planet a rose color they lived in.

We floated Marge down through the halls of this ship -- she saw some of its people as by open doors she slipped.

She noted the rose colored lights from the walls -- as she traversed the ship with its intersecting halls.

We took her to their home planet with the speed of a thought -- she saw a little of what on this planet nature had wrought.

She saw the rose colored sky making water seem red -- and a dark green grown which over its mountains and valleys like a carpet spread.

She saw a dirt road which went underground -- yet the rose colored light seemed to be all around.

She saw many buses much like yours - waiting to be used in a place obviously secure.

She saw no habitation of any kind -- but to take her underground we had no time. With the speed of a thought she was back in her chair -- not realizing the many light years she'd traveled while her body stayed there.

The people she saw weren't built quite like you -- they had evolved from pigeon-like animals which all over their planet moved.

Instead of wings they have arms like yours -- their lives are sedate and they're loving and secure.

Their laws are simple and easy to obey -- they are highly intelligent in no particular way.

They understand all about color and how its vibrations can be used -- they've used it to make their great ships through space move.

They liquify color in a way not known to man -- from the air which does their whole planet enspan.

Each color has a fragrance especially its own -- some colors like flowers in a pot can be grown. Colors grow wild like transparent plants.

And they have no bugs like your insects and ants.

Water planets also abound -- and new kinds of planets can sometimes be found.

The above had happened so long ago I had almost forgotten it. The mountains I saw were not as large and sprawling as ours but seemed close together with deep gorges separating them. The rose colored sky seemed to emphasize the dark green color of the tree grown covering the tops of the mountains to the streams in the gorges.

The glimpse I caught through the half open door was of people dancing together in a dignified way. The men I saw did remind me of pouter pigeons wearing bright red long tailed coats similar to those worn in an earlier period of our time on earth. (See the article on the truckers in The "birds" that followed them had guard birds in red coats.)

Something Hilarion didn't mention was the decorative Island in the center of the junction where two corridors crossed. Geometric shapes made of different colored glass enclosed something I couldn't see. Suddenly a pink, naked, very fat, man dashed out and ran across the corridor in front of me. He had something in his hand.

The women I saw dancing with the men seemed to have extremely large busts and were wearing very low cut gowns which seemed almost painted on their bodies. There was a bird-like look about their small heads.

During the early 1970s I was constantly being given visual experiences, which needed explaining, which has been done recently. Some of them I seemed to actually be living through when I was seeing with closed eyes. I also see with open eyes those in the astral. I think this is what happens to those who go through the earth's inner Akashic records or memories. Here comes Hilarion....

As your world revolves on its axis a fabric it weaves... containing each day's activities. Layer upon layer this fabric it wraps itself in...
As around its sun it constantly spins.

It remains in earth's aura for the space of one year... then it's compressed into earth's astral leaving space above clear for a new overlay which increases a planet's size... but so infinitesimally it can't be seen by human eyes.

Each time Hilarion gives me messages like the above he always add a bit more than in other messages similar to it which have been given before and also they are worded differently but mean the same thing.

Recently a woman brought me a book to read. She seemed under a kind of compulsion to bring it to me, which she herself stated. The title of the book was 'UFO Contact from Planet Iarga," by Stefen Denaerde who lives in Holland. His yacht, with his family aboard, ran up on top of a submerged space ship. The race of being son the submerged space ship had evolved from otters to a human level of intelligence. There was a portrait of one which for me seemed imbued with a strange magnetic quality, which seemed to establish an instant rapport with a fine gentle mentality who was aware of me as I him. I knew this book was based on truth, and more, I was having an out of body contact with one of the space visitors. Later I phoned Wendelle Stevens, co-author, and spoke to his daughter CeCe, telling her of the affect the book, especially the picture, had on me, and later sent her what Capt. Hilarion had written about the Iargans. I asked if others had had the same kind of experience when reading the book as I. Here comes Hilarion...

It's easy to attach a mental thought seed... through every painted portrait which will a contact breed.

Which can then attach themselves to a reader's mind... and with the person portrayed make a mental combine.

However it is dependent on the readers ability to receive... these sub micro mentalities. The Iargan's planet is quite similar to earth... and so is the way its people think and work.

The essence in the message Hilarion gave me was that the Iargans had overpopulated their own planet with its limited land space and were looking for another to colonize. However, they are not an aggressive people so were content merely to get to know some of us. I am very curious to know if there are others who reacted to this book as I did.

The above was written in 1984 for the Missing Link magazine. I have a HUGE 3 ring binder with all the writings Marge sent me. I have thought of writing a book about her in the future.

Some of the things she said then seemed so outlandish but we can see today that they have now become known or invented. The book about the Iargans I have written to you about already and how it affected one of the members of my original organization to the point where he fell over backwards into the closet when he saw it. It had the picture or painting on the front that Marge referred to of the Iargan like this man had seen in California.


Donna said...

Is there anyone channeling Hilarion now that Marge is deceased? Anyone know of a friend of Marges named Ralph?

Jilsron said...


I know Ralph. Marge was our friend. If you would like to contact me, go to my web site