Thursday, January 24, 2008


A young man who received a very special gift at the age of 18, after he was abducted in Northern Michigan while fishing at a small lake, Patrick Richards, has been using his gift of second sight to give "spiritual counseling" to those who need it.

His gift works much like that of television's "Medium" character Allison Dubois and his abilities to accurately predict future events, see past events in his dreams, locate missing persons, and speak to those who have passed is remarkable. He is also a gifted healer who only needs a picture of the person to be healed to accomplish a healing.

If any of you know who David Wilcock is (the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce) then you will recognize that Patrick has the same abilities.

His only website to date in on MySpace and is located at but don't let his lack of exposure deter you. He is new to the world of the internet and is destined to become well known in the future. Patrick asks only for a $10.00 donation to offset his living expenses. E-mail to schedule a private online chat with him.

I can attest to Patrick's abilities. Without telling him one thing he told me about my childhood and things no one would know. He also told me about my past life which confirmed something I had been told before and he had no way to know that.

He is phenomenal and I am surprised he hasn't been discovered before this! I believe in the future you will hear a lot about him like "Adam, the young healer" in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

It is a sorry thing when he offered his services to the police and they wrote him off as a "quack!" How unfortunate for them. He definitely has the gift of second sight.


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