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Author Unknown

1940, Japan:

While flying over Japan, Wing Commander D.J. Blakeslee sighted an object he described as having red, green and white lights. The craft moved rapidly to escape detection. Blakeslee was guided by ground radar. He was reported to be stable and reliable. The Air Force officially ruled the sighting to be Jupiter, although it was tracked by radar.

1941, USA:

Disk craft crashed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

1942, USA:

Whitehouse buzzed by UFOs.

1942, USA:

Navy begins experiments in invisibility via Project Rainbow. Nicolai Tesla finds out that the high electromagnetic fields will cause biophysical damage to sailors. He sabotages a test on a 1500 ton ship and resigns his position in the Philadephia Project. Tesla wanted to go public with the info that the Navy was killing sailors with this experiment. Al Bielek thinks this is why Tesla was killed in January 1943.

1942, Solomon Islands:

Sergeant Stephen Brickner of the US Marine Corps witnessed an extraordinary UFO formation. He estimated the number to around 150 craft all arranged in a rectangle. The formation was 15 craft long and 10 deep. Formation sightings have been reported before but the rectangle shape is unique.


In February of 1942, UFO's were reported flying near Los Angeles, California. Paul T. Collins was one of the main reporting witnesses who had seen these UFO's. He described them as lights moving in a strange manner. There were also reports from other witnesses stating that they had seen extremely large UFO's around the same times as Mr. Collins. AAA shoots at the UFOs.


Pilots on both sides of the war report seeing Foo Fighters, unexplained flying objects, while flying war missions.

1943, USA:

US military Rainbow Project tests faster than light travel in Philadelphia harbor. Dr. Von Neumann then took over. A test on Jul 22, 1943, had the ship disappear for 20 seconds. After this the crew above deck were nauseous and disoriented. And the test on the USS Eldridge was done on Aug 12 1943. This is the test where Al and the ship were teleported to Montauk, Long Island to 1983. An older Von Neumann said Bielek and his brother must destroy the equipment to turn the field generators off. They did so, and the fields collapsed out of sync. When they returned 4 hours later, 4 crew were dead from being embedded in the hull, and one had his hand embedded in the hull, but survived. Another brother of Bielek was embedded in the hull. Only his head and shoulders were above the hull. He died eventually. In late Oct 1943, 10:00pm, they did another test, without crew. The ship appeared in Norfolk harbor, VA for 10-15 minutes. When it returned, they found a generator was missing, 2 transmitter cabinets, and the control room was a smoking ruins. (This is the opinion of the writer and not your editor.)

1943, USA:

Tesla dies when he is hit by a car in New York City. Al Bielek states some agents held the rest of the people back, while letting Tesla cross the street. Tesla was then hit by a cab that sped up to hit him.

1945, USA:

Alleged assassination (suicide) of James Forrestal at Bethesda Hospital Neurological Ward, after his attempt to warn Roosevelt of some plot. Roosevelt dies, Truman becomes president.

1945, Pacific:

An Air Force plane's engines fail over Iwo Jima as foo-fighters maneuver around it.

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