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1742, December 16, from an account by a Fellow of the Royal Society, England:

I was crossing St James park when a light rose from behind the trees and houses, from the south and west, which at first I thought was a rocket of large size. But when it rose 20 degrees, it moved parallel to the horizon, but waved like this (the speaker drew an undulating line) and went on in the direction of north-by-east. It seemed very near. Its motion was very slow. I had it for about half a mile in view. A light flame was turned backwards by the resistance the air made to it. From one of burning charcoal. That end was a frame like bars of iron, and quite opaque in my sight. At one point on the longitudinal frame, or cylinder, it issued a train in the shape of a tail of light more bright at one point on the rod or cylinder; so that it was transparent for more than half of its length. The head of this strange object seemed about a half a degree in diameter and the tail near three degrees in length.

1700, United States, Indians:

In the US, there is an 18th century Indian legend about luminous humanoid beings who paralyzed people with a small tube. In variations of these tales, Indian women were even said to have married a couple of these "star people".

1783, Windsor Castle, England:

Members of the Royal Academy reported and illustrated the UFO they witnessed.

France, 1790, Police Inspector Liabeuf:

During the summer, Police Inspector Liabeuf witnessed and investigated a large red globe as it flew over farmland. The globe landed and a man came out and spoke in a language none understood. The globe then exploded and the man disappeared. The event was witnessed by many and is well documented. (Except that the documentation was hoaxed by a dishonest ufologist.)

1870, from the log account of a ship’s captain, F. W. Banner:

The sailors saw a remarkable object or cloud in the sky. It was a cloud of circular form, with an included semi-circle divided into four parts, the central dividing shaft beginning at the center of the circle and extending far outward, and then curving backward. The thing traveled from a point 20 degrees above the horizon to a point about 80 degrees above. Then it settled down to the northeast, having appeared from the south, southeast. It came up obliquely against the wind, and finally settled down in the wind’s eye. For half an hour this form was visible, then it finally did disappear.

1878, flying saucers:

The term saucer was used by a Texan farmer to describe an object seen over his farm. The term was popularized in 1948 when Kenneth Arnold saw a formation of objects over the Cascade Mountains of Washington State and described them as moving like a saucer would if you skipped it across water. This image inspired a local reporter to coin the term 'flying saucer'.

1880, Persian Gulf:

Members of the crew of the British India Company's steamship 'Patna' witnessed two large luminous wheels each estimated to be 500 to 600 meters in diameter. The wheels were spinning, one on each side of the ship, and the spokes touching the ship. The sighting lasted 20 minutes and was witnessed by Captain Avern, third officer Manning, and Lee Fort Brace.

1880, USA:

Nicolai Tesla invents the A/C current system.

1883, Mexico:

This sighting is the first photographed UFO sighting. At the Zacatecas Observatory, Jose A. Y. Bonilla sighted several hundred discs like objects crossing the sun. Similar sightings occurred the following day. The general opinion was that th objects were merely a flock of birds.

1886, USA, Colorado:

Nicolai Tesla tests a death ray in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA and all electrical apparatus of a Colorado fuel company were rendered useless.

1893, North China Sea:

In February of 1893, the ship, H.M.S. Carolina was sailing in the North China Sea, when a report from an officer of unusual light activity in the sky came to the attention of Captain J.N. Norcross. The officer told Captain Norcross that the lights appeared sometimes in a huge mass, others spread out in unusual patterns. He said that they resembled Chinese lanterns set between the masts of a ship. The next night these strange lights reappeared but with a reddish glow and emitting small amounts of smoke.

1896, USA:

First "flap year" for UFOs: wave of sightings of unidentified airships in U.S.

1897, Sworn statement from Alexander Hamilton, at his farm in LeRoy Kansas:

"Last night about 10:30 we were awakened by a noise among the cattle. I arose, thinking that perhaps my bulldog was performing his pranks, but upon going to the door saw to my utter astonishment that an airship was slowly descending upon my cow lot, about 40 rods from the house"

Hamilton also described it as a cigar shaped portion, about 300 feet long with a carriage underneath. The carriage was of some transparent material. It was brightly lighted within. It contained six of the strangest beings he had ever seen.

1897, USA:

A small cigar-shaped blimp was seen from San Francisco to Chicago this spring by many people. In April blimp-shaped craft crashed into Judge J. F. Proctor's windmill in Aurora, Texas. People found a tiny non-human pilot and a log written in an unknown language. The being is still buried in the Aurora cemetery.

1899, USA:

Nicolai Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can produce electricity; reports receiving signals from another planet.

1900, USA:

Tesla suggests alien beings might be living "in the very midst of us". Tesla tests his wireless transmission of energy in Colorado Springs. Dynamos of a Colorado electricity company were disabled 6 miles away.

1908, June 30, USSR, Siberia:

An explosion occurs over Tunguska (in Siberia), Russia, which is heard for 620 miles around. Some speculate this could have been a test of Tesla's energy weapon, in Tesla's last attempt to get some more funding for his planet-wide wireless power transmission system. Some say it was a meteor or UFO crashing, but there was no crater. It flattened 500,000 acres of trees for miles around. It was equivalent to 10-15 megatons of TNT. Whole nomad villages disappeared.

1908, June 30, England, London:

This week, 3 letters in the London Times reported that from about 12 midnight to 2am, the northern sky glowed a reddish color. It was so bright that people could read by it. Some scientists attributed it to disturbances in the sun's prominences, some to the Aurora Borealis. On Jun 30 (Tuesday) there was a marked disturbance in magnets. However, the glow was just as bright Wed night, but magnets were not disturbed. Perhaps this was due to the Tunguska, Siberia explosion on Jun 30, 1908.

1915, France, Hill 60:

During World War I, a regiment of the British Army, the 1st 4th Norfolk, disappeared in an attempt to take Hill 60 at Suvla Bay near Gallipoli. In front of 22 witnesses, the regiment --- over 800 men --- marched into a strange formation of lenticular clouds hovering over Hill 60 and were never seen again. Posted as missing, the regiment was thought to have been captured. After the war, Britain demanded the return of the regiment, but the Turks denied any knowledge of the regiment's existence. No trace of the regiment has ever been found.

1917, Portugal, Fatima:

I was researching the Secrets of Fatima and the supposed Marian apparition that appeared in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 when I happened across something that surprised me greatly. A UFO sighting had taken place before a crowd of somewhere between 50,000 - 100,000 people! The story given was that a silver disc appeared just as "the rain stopped and the clouds rolled back, the sun dimmed out and everything took on a gray, opaque appearance". The disc then dove in an erratic, zig-zag pattern at the crowd, stopped just above their heads and then slowly maneuvered back into the sky. As it faded from view, the sun brightened and began to shine again normally. Most importantly, a photo was taken of the disc by a local reporter! After looking at the disc in the photo I could see striking similarities to numerous other UFO images. How likely is it that a UFO sighting involving 50,000+ people (and the photo) were a carefully planned UFO hoax... in 1917 ???

1919, Western World

League of Nations founded at Paris Peace Conference. Meeting at the Majestic Hotel, Paris, between Wilsonian intellectuals (House, Dulles and Dulles, etc.) and "like-minded Englishmen" to discuss forming an organization "for the study of international affairs." Royal Institute of International Affairs founded. Freud draws attention to Austrian neurologist Poetzl's experiments with the tachistroscope, an early device for studying subliminal perception. Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned published.

1920, Western Europe

Development of modern advertising techniques emphasizing manipulation rather than information.


Townsend Brown begins anti-gravity experiments and makes "a 15 inch metal plate which can lift itself".

1923, USA:

Nicolai Tesla makes a press release in which he claims he is in frequent contact with ET's via radio.

1928, USSR:

Soviet produced film shows conditioned reflex experiments on humans.

1930, USSR:

Pavlov begins applying knowledge of conditioned reflex to human psychosis.

1934, SWEDEN:

First unexplained ghost fliers broadcasts in Sweden.

1938, USA:

Orson Welles' dramatization of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds scares American radio listeners.

1938, China:

A team of archeologists, led by Professor Chi Pu Tei of Beijing University, was conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of caves of Balan Kara-Ula where they discovered very frail skeletons with large heads. They called themselves the Dropas. They are still around, the tallest is only 4 feet tall.

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